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Chynas POV:

"Hey, Chyna!" Olive said walking towards me.

"Hey Olive! Did you know that Loci mo coci has its own perfume?" Olive shook her head.

"Me neither! I saw it on the kitchen table this morning and decided to try it on." I laughed.

"I think it smells a little funny. Maybe it's en vogue, in Paris these days. What do you think?"

I raised my arms up, Olive leant in and smelt my pits and the rest of my body. She shudder once and then answered.

"Uh Chyna? You reek! Pooh!"

I wanted to say something to her but then I noticed Jake walk towards us.

"Shh Olive" I put my finger on her lips to shut her up.

"Isn't he dreamy…?" Olive just nodded.

Jake was the new kid in the ANT Program.

He was Asian, tall, handsome, rich, fourteen, nice, clever, muscular but not too beefy, stylish and last but not least he was also talented. I was practically drooling all over myself and

Olive was probably doing the same.

"Hey Olive, Hey Chyna. I think I have science next but I just can't seem to find the right class." He asked looking as hot as always.

Olive and I just stood there staring at him looking like imbeciles that didn't understand the English language anymore.

"Um Chyna? Olive?" He waved at us.

Olive was the first one to turn normal again.

"Oh, science! That's our next class too maybe we could go together. Right, Chyna?" She rammed her elbow into my side. I squealed in pain. Jake stared at me in confusion.

"Yeahh. What a great idea, Olive!" He smiled oh and how he smiled! His extraordinary white teeth glistened in the light. Olive and I had to smile back automatically.

But then he wrinkled his nose and asked: "Did someone step in to dog poo or why does it smell so bad?" My face fell.

"Jake could you excuse us for a moment." I politely asked Jake as I dragged Olive to the girls bathroom.

"I totally forgot about the perfume! What should I do Olive help me!"

I was totally panicking. The hottest guy in the whole ANT Program, maybe even in the whole school, was waiting outside and I smelt like a horses behind!

We stood there for what seemed like forever till Olives head snapped up and she said "Fletcher!"

I swear I could have kissed that girl.

"Ok Olive this is what we will do. We only have ten minutes to complete this task.

You will sneak past Jake without getting caught and look for Fletcher." Olive nodded.

"You will tell him to get me his arts clothes or whatever he calls them I am exactly sure he has two of those outfits in his locker. So then you will bring the clothes here and we will change into them and we will look great." I said in my deep voice trying hard to keep from laughing.

Olive nodded but then she asked: "What are you going to be doing in the mean time?"

I sighed. "I am going to start scrubbing off the scent from my skin."

I pushed Olive out of the bathroom and started scrubbing my skin. Soon the hideous smell was off my skin but was still in my clothes.

I checked my watch five more minutes to go. Where is olive? I asked myself over and over again till someone barged in. I screamed in terror and then I cooled down because it was only Olive.

"Where were you and what did Fletcher say about me borrowing his clothes?" I asked hyper.

"He didn't say anything he just raised an eyebrow but then he gave me the clothes." She said slowly.

"Ok. Hurry and get dressed we don't have any time left." I shouted.

After we got dressed, we checked ourselves in the mirror. Wow this look really suited us.

Olive looked pretty cute in those black tights of hers and Fletchers really big shirt covered with paint splashes. Two diamond earrings sparkled in her ears.

"Olive you look really cute!" I exclaimed. Olive blushed.

"Thanks Chyna, but you look gorgeous!" Olive said taking another good look of me.

I wore Fletchers yellow jeans that fit me quite well… On top I wore Fletchers big shirt which he drew really cool doodles on. I tied Fletchers yellow bandana on my head and wore my yellow bracelets.

Our Outfits were fantastic! We used exactly ten minutes that must have been a record or something.

We walked out of the bathroom really cool. Like Charlie's Angels

"Ok Jake we just had to freshen up a little no we are ready to go." Olive said.

Jakes eyes were wide open and he stared at us incredulously.

I desperately tried to change the subject. "So Jake what's your talent again? Was it juggling? Or athletics or was it art?"

He shook his head once. "I am a dancer. I dance hip-hop, Jazz, classical. You name it!"

"Oh and I sing all those stuff like hip-hop, Jazz, classical. You name it!" I smiled and then laughed.

"And I know about all those stuff like hip-hop, jazz, classical. You name it!" Olive grinned.

Jake laughed. On the way to class noticed how Jake looked at Olive. He always stared at her. I felt a sting of jealousy but I was mostly happy for Olive. Jake obviously liked her and she liked him so what could possibly go wrong? So I decided to play matchmaker. At break I went over to Olive with my lunch and told her about my plans for the future- her future-. "Olive step one of my plan is for you to move your butt and go sit with him." I said in my serious voice.

Olive gulped aloud.

"Hey guys what are you talking about?" Fletcher took a seat right next to Chyna.

"We are talking about Olive's love life" I filled him in of all the things that he had missed.

"Olive has a love life?—OW! Chyna did you see that she hit me!" Fletcher rubbed his right arm.

"Yes I saw that." I replied cool.

"So? You won't do anything?" Fletcher asked in disbelief.

"Nope. Your fault. Next time you think before you talk." I patted Fletchers head.

He immediately calmed down. Fletcher was a weird dude. But I still loved him anyway.

As a brother I mean you know I don't have any feelings for him or so.

But to come to think of it Fletcher is somehow cute and also hot in an odd way.

I shook my head. Woah now that I'm fourteen I and my hormones must be completely going Gaga!

I turned back to Olive. "So? I'm waiting for you to move." I said impatiently.

"Ok Chyna, I'll go but you have to come with me." Olive begged as she stood up.

I also got off my chair and hugged her. "Of course." I whispered.

"Do I get to come to?" Fletcher asked exited. I nodded.

"Yay!" Fletcher exclaimed.

As Olive, Fletcher and I were walking towards Jake with our food balanced in our hands I could have sworn that I heard Olives heart beating…..

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