The redhead sat brooding over a cup of tea as his mind was plagued with the same issue it had been since his existence of a shinigami. What was he exactly? A man or a woman…? Since the first time that question had entered his mind, the response "woman" seemed unquestionably correct.

However, over the last couple weeks, certain comments had made Grell start to question the answer. He was sure he was meant to be a woman and he had always lived his life as a shinigami out as one, but lately the comments that he usually ignored, began to really hit him. Like any individual following their beliefs, after so many contrasting comments, the redhead began to wonder himself if maybe his belief was worth doubting.

"Is something wrong my dear?" a melodious voice cut into Grell's thoughts, making his eyes rise from his now cold tea, to meet the face of the friendly mortician. "O-Oh… um… it's nothing" Grell lied, sipping the almost ice-cold liquid and wincing. Undertaker chuckled gently "I know you better than that my dear friend, so why don't you come clean?"

Grell sighed gently sitting back. Ever since that day at the library he and the mortician had become very close. However each shinigami's view of one another differed slightly, as did their motives behind their constant visits to one another (actually… it was very seldom the retiree left the shop, so Grell just came to see him).

Grell, predictably, had a romantic interest in the mortician. He found him incredibly handsome and mysterious; he was worldly and gentlemanly (for the most part). As if that wasn't enough to get Grell head-over-heels for the man, the mortician's eccentric and sadistic nature seemed to fit with Grell's perfectly.

Alas, Grell assumed… no… he iknew/i that the man's interest in him was purely one of friendship… even though there were frequent times he would treat him like a real lady. He took comfort in the fact that the male would constantly comment his appearance, treat him with extreme kindness, and would never raise a hand to him, except maybe to give him a little affectionate touch here and there. He was just doing those things out of kindness, wasn't he?

If there was any time to ask that sort of question, the redhead supposed it would be now.

"Actually… Undertaker… I wanted to ask you a question…" The redhead began, placing his tea aside. The mortician smiled gently resting his head on his hand, a glimmer of interest in his shrouded eyes. "Of course dear, ask away~" he stated moving the teapot and his urn full of cookies to the side, clearing the space on the coffin in front of them.

"Well… I was wondering…" the redhead bit his lip. "What is it… you see me as?" he blushed gently, looking up just in time to catch the confusion on the embalmer's face. "I… don't quite follow" Undertaker smiled unsurely leaning back a bit.

"Please… explain~"

Grell sighed gently before locking eyes (as far as he could tell) with the funeral director. "Do you see me as a man, or as a woman?" He clarified, his eyes cast down and off to the side as he awaited the funeral director's answer. The grey-haired man blinked before smiling gently, leaning forward on the makeshift tea table.

"What do iyou/i see yourself as?" He challenged gently, reaching across the table and tipping the crimson shinigami's chin up, making him look at him. Said reaper flushed leaning into the touch a bit. "I… don't know anymore…" He blinked looking off to the side again "that's why I asked you, dear gentleman ~" he added purring gently, attempting to make himself seem a little less solemn for the joker in front of him.

The elder chuckled "Fair enough~" He giggled before clasping his hand and resting his chin on them, leaning forward as a bit of his eye shone through his silver locks. "Allow me to rephrase… which do you iwant/i to be seen as?" he asked catching Grell off guard. "W-well… isn't it obvious?" he asked puffing out his chest a bit.

"I want to be seen as a lady! Why else would I go to such extreme lengths to look like this each morning?" He scoffed, flipping his hair over his shoulder. The retiree laughed at the redhead's haughtiness "then you have your answer!" he jeered. "H-Hold on! That wasn't the question!" The red reaper stuttered leaning forward suddenly.

"Oh? Then what iwasi the question?" Undertaker asked, tapping the toe of his boots against the side of the coffin. "What I want to know is…" Grell sighed playing with a spoon on the surface of the darkly stained coffin lid. "Is… if what I see myself as… is accurate. You see… I have always seen myself as a woman, and I've stuck by that belief since I was a trainee at the dispatch... but now… well…I'm just not so sure if the traits of me that give me that impression are actually… valid. If what I use to identify myself as a lady count for anything… whether I actually iam/i a lady or if I'm just under the impression… no… just wishing I was…" He sighed uncrossing his legs primly, back in deep thought again.

"So… you want to know the technicalities that make you a woman?" the other asked inquisitively, a small smile fighting to dominate his looks. The redhead crossed his arms letting the spoon clank down on the coffin lid. "I suppose you could put it that way" he answered curtly, looking about ready to give up on the entire debate.

The mortician couldn't hold back a loud laugh that made the walls rattle and the redhead glower at him almost hatefully. "What the hell are you laughing at?" Grell barked standing defensively, slamming his hands down on the wood of the "table" in front of them. "P-Pardon me dear Grell~" the mortician cleared his throat, a few chuckles still sounding here and there.

"I was just laughing because… well… you've come to the right person if you're looking for technicalities of the physical type! I am a sort of medical man, am I not?" He gave a friendly smile to the now blushing redhead. "I… I suppose so…" the younger muttered, blinking as the elder got up from his spot, walking up to him. "You isuppose/i so? Such a harsh choice of words you use my dear friend~!" Undertaker proclaimed in mock hurt before he placed a hand on the shorter man's shoulder.

"Nevertheless… I'll still hypothesize with you, your true gender~ I'll remove any doubts of you not being a lady once I'm through with you~" he vowed, cupping Grell's face. "I-Is that so?" The blushing reaper in question challenged, his mind whirring at the sudden contact. The mortician smiled gently before bringing his face closer to Grell's "now let's see…. womanlike characteristics… hmmm…"

The redhead blushed, glaring gently at the mortician in warning to stop the teasing. "Oh! I definitely see some my lovely lady~" he proclaimed stroking back the red tresses that hung in Grell's face. "See here? Beautiful red hair…" he moved his hand down the side of the redhead's face.

"Beautiful and soft skin…." He continued stroking the now rosy cheek of the male before him. "A maiden's blush~~" he teased running his cool fingers over the rose colored skin. The redhead swallowed hard blushing more, his lips parting slowly as his heart beat frantically against his ribcage.

"What else? Oh yes yes~" the madman mused running his thumb over the other shinigami's bottom lip. "That's right~~ full, petal-soft, and not to mention… kissable lips~" he remarked before leaning forward and brushing his cool thin lips against the redhead's.

Grell leaned forward suddenly, turning the teasing brush into a full-on kiss and his arms wrapped around the elder's neck. They stayed like that for a moment before the elder pulled away, licking his lips to taste the sweetness of Grell's on them. "Thank you my dear~ you have no idea how long I've wanted to taste the sweetness of your lips like that~" Undertaker breathed leaning forward and running his lips up the other's jaw.

The redhead gave a small sound of delight loosening his hold on the other a bit. "Really? I had no idea you had those feeling for me… I'm glad you seem to like me as much as I like you… shinigami legend~" Grell purred as the elder's hands traveled down his sides, making him shiver gently. "Of course~ who wouldn't like such a lovely rose such as yourself? Mmm… but my dear Grell… I believe I haven't quite removed all doubt from you yet, may I continue listing traits?" he asked moving his lips to the other's ear.

The younger shivered and smiled, knowing perfectly that what he really meant to say instead of "may I continue listing traits?" was "may I flatter you further?"

"By all means handsome~" He responded almost immediately, shivering as the man lowered his head to the redhead's neck. "Alright, alright~ let's see here…" he ran his cool fingers along Grell's neck. "A slender and tempting neck…" he breathed placing light kisses down it before biting gently, sucking the skin to leave a dark kiss mark. The redhead moaned as he did this, an unmistakably feminine sound.

"Mmm~ what else?" the silver shinigami backed off a bit keeping his hands on the other's hips. "A beautiful and melodious voice… a lithe body with delicate curve… not to mention delicate hands and feet…" He listed taking Grell's hand and kissing it. "Mmm… but I can't see much else with all this fabric in the way… may I remove some to get a better look?" the madman asked smiling slyly.

"O-Oh my! We just shared our first kiss and already you're trying to get my clothes off?" Grell teased a small nervous grin gracing his lips as he flushed. "Oh no, no, no~ my motives are strictly scientific let me assure you my dear." The mortician purred pulling Grell close. "Besides… I want to be sure I've completely convinced you of your womanhood" he purred sensually, making Grell shiver.

"A-Alright…" Grell agreed before having his lips claimed by the elder, whose hands began to strip him of his clothes. Before he knew it Grell was laying on his back, his chest exposed to the cool air as the elder looked over him hungrily. His hands traced over the creamy skin before he bent and bit the red reaper's collarbone.

"A lithe chest with supple breasts, and peak like cute pink rose petals~" He muttered before licking over and sucking one of said peaks. Grell arched mewling as he did so, letting out a full and blossoming moan as he felt the man's teeth clamp down and scrape over the sensitive flesh. He shivered as he felt the elder's skilled fingers play with the twin before he moved on, showing affection to each inch of skin he passed over in his way to Grell's pants.

The mortician decided to free Grell's feet of his shoes and socks before he tugged off his pants, kissing up his legs, lifting each delicately as the reaper sat atop a coffin. "See this now? Soft and smooth legs with curves only women possess… not to mention dainty feet graced with ruby colored pedicured nails to match the manicured ones on your delicate hands~" Undertaker remarked nipping Grell's kneecap and rubbing the sole of his foot gently before coming up and smiling at his choice of underwear. He traced the lacy thing with a grin looking up at Grell making his blush deepen.

"Need I tell you how feminine your delicates are my darling?" he asked, Grell almost paling with embarrassment now. As the red reaper felt him playing with the waistband of the garments he bit his lip almost asking him to stop. He suddenly found himself lying inside a coffin, and it wasn't long after that realization that the mortician had his panties pulled off and the rest of him exposed to the harsh air.

Grell blushed and closed his eyes, hiding his face off to the side. "You see? I… I'm not feminine at all now am I?" he whines gently as his aching member stood at attention, humiliatingly. The mortician blinked a bit take off guard before a warm smile was brought to his face.

"You mean this?" he mused pushing down on the tip of the organ with his finger. "This… my dear, changes nothing~" He remarked, rubbing the head circularly. Grell blushed hard as a moan caught in his throat.

"H-how?" Grell squeaked as he kept rubbing, wondering how he could make something so masculine, seem completely feminine. Undertaker smiled and made Grell turn over, stroking his full length so it leaked with precum. "Allow me to show you… and make you feel like the absolute goddess you are~" he remarked, biting Grell's shoulder gently.

The redhead moaned and thought about it. He certainly knew what his elder was thinking but at the same time he didn't want to be hurt again. However, the undertaker seemed much different than anyone he had ever been with.

He turned his head to look at the other and nodded, eyes glowing lustfully. The man smiled and parted his bangs giving Grell a glance at his eyes. Grell gasped at what he saw in the depths of them, no one had ever given him such a genuine look of iadoration/i before.

He found himself being caught in a kiss by the mortician, the skill of his tongue and lips making the redhead's mind blank. When it finally ended and the redhead finally gathered his thoughts, he found himself completely vulnerable with the mortician completely stripped of his clothing, caging him with his body. The redhead blushed and took in the welcome sight, getting more aroused by liking over the man's body.

This moment of admiration for his elder was cut short as the man opened his legs, smiling at his entrance. "Mmm, that's a welcome sight!" he mused borrowing some precum from the other and using it as makeshift lubrication. The redhead felt the mortician's digits by his entrance, making him shudder* y-you can't be serious" he gasped shivering gently.

"Oh what, are you worried about my nails? Don't worry love, you're in good hands, I promise I won't hurt you with these… just relax~" he licked up Grell's spine before slipping in the first digit, it slit in easily and Grell couldn't feel the talons brushing his walls at all.

He moaned as the mortician twisted inside him, finding his spot easily before adding another digit. "You're so cute my dear~" The mortician purred catching the look on Grell's face.

"And you're handling it marvellously, doesn't this cause you pain?"

Grell nodded but moaned "it's nicer when it hurts a little…" he smiled gently at the mortician. Undertaker smiled back, his eyes glowing softly as they peaked between his bangs, making Grell's heart melt. "I suppose you're ready then?" The mortician remarked withdrawing his fingers roughly making Grell gasp and whine at the loss.

The mortician chuckled and kissed him taking the reactions as a resounding "yes" and placing himself at the others entrance. Grell wrapped his arms around the other as they finally parted for air (even though they didn't always need it) and braced against the other. He gasped and bit his lip as he felt the head start entering him, sending searing pain up inside him as his grip tightened.

"H-hah… b-big…" he mewled before the elder kissed him gently making him quit biting his lip. "The worst part is almost over… h-hah… j-just let me…" The mortician muttered brokenly before sliding in the rest of the way and burying himself fully inside the tight reaper. Grell gave out a loud yell and clawed the satin lining the coffin, a beautiful red he noticed as his vision blurred even with his glasses still on.

The mortician chuckled at his mistake of not removing them "whoopsie~" he muttered taking them off and placing them safely aside before he gave a testing thrust. Grell moaned and shut his eyes a bit, the corners tearing as a wave of pleasure swept through him, via his targeted sweet-spot. *the mortician smirked and panted a bit, touching his forehead to Grell's, making his eyes open and stare at him lustily.

"You have beautiful eyes my lady" Undertaker remarked, making Grell's eyes flood with an emotion he hadn't seen in many years. "As are yours… the windows to your soul are extraordinary" the redhead commented, his voice coming out like silk. Each reaper's mouth engulfed the others as the silver retiree built up a pace for them, keeping their bodies close.

*before long each were emitting sounds of pleasure as they worked each other over. Undertaker scratched down Grell's sides, gripping his hips as he reached in deeper, still targeting the sweet-spot dead-on. Grell moaned and gave an excited bite to the silver shinigami's neck, making him laugh madly, the pleasure breaking the chuckle.

His pointed tongue caressed the bite cleaning it before he found himself being pinned by the chest to the floor of the coffin. He felt the thrusts get rougher and hit him harder as Undertaker used the palms of his hands to hold him still and let his fingertips pull and tweak Grell's twin peaks, earning him delighted gasps and moans from the younger shinigami.

"U-Undertaker… y-you're going to d-drive me-e crazy…" The red reaper panted between moans as he clawed the satin beneath him. The Mortician chuckled darkly and kissed his neck before biting sharply. "I'll be right behind you love." Undertaker promised wrapping his slender fingers around Grell's member and began pumping, helping him along.

The moans of the two became louder and grew closer together as both quickly found their limits, marked by Grell's cry. "U-UUUU-Under-takerrrr!" Grell screamed the man's name before he felt a particularly hard thrust to his prostate and he came all over the other's chest. The mortician laughed madly before the moan he was trying to hide showed through and mixed with Grell's as he too came, making the other overflow with him.

Both shinigami lay panting in the newly sullied coffin; both having given up their energy to each other. Finally Grell lifted his head and smiled, petting the mortician's hair. Undertaker chuckled and lifted his head, kissing the centre of Grell's chest.

"Any doubts my lady?"

"None~" Grell remarked before his lips were claimed in yet another loving kiss.

The mortician smiled and waved to the redhead, a wide grin on his face.

"Be sure to come back soon Miss. Sutcliff~" he purred smiling when the redhead turned and blew him a kiss.

"I will Unny dear!" The reaper promises, sending a wink his way as he headed back for the office, his skirt getting caught up in the wind. The mortician wiped at the saliva trailing from his mouth as he was given a more-than-acceptable look at Grell's derrière. He slipped back into the shop with a warm feeling in his stomach.

He couldn't wait to be reunited with his lady again, but more importantly…

He couldn't wait to hear how his "girlfriend" would spend the day driviving William crazy.