I said at the end of 'Mischief Managed' chapter 14 that I'd written the ending to this fic and I had. But after rereading it and rethinking the plot a little I decided to take the first third [Harry's POV] and expand on it to form the beginning of the fic. The fic is told via third-person but is from Harry's perspective and so everything will be biased by his views, opinions etc. I hope you like it. Don't think I have anything else to add so, on with the show!

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XX 12 Grimmauld Place XX

Harry watches Lily absorb everything he'd told her. He watches as she weighs the evidence, her mind making arguments for and against him being who he claims to be. And he sees something he did not expect, hope! She want it to be true, why? She'd never shown any sign that she even remembered his existence. Realising how rude, not to mention unsettling, his scrutiny must appear Harry began to re-button his shirt. Her eyes flicker to him, she almost meets his gaze before he looks away. He'd told her of his skills in Legilimency and didn't want her to think he was attempting to use them. He finishes and returns to the high backed armchair he'd chosen when they had first entered the library.

As he slouches into the throne like chair Harry ideally wondered how he appeared to others like this. Kain had spent centuries perfecting it to radiate just the right amount of power and confidence. But Harry lacked Kain's divine fa├žade, so did he still appear confident or merely arrogant? The silence is dragging on. Lily seems unwilling, or unable, to break it but Harry is not willing to risk this. She needs to accept or reject what he's told her for herself. In the silence Harry hears the creaking of a floor board. Ordinarily he'd ignore it as the house settling but today Harry had set filters to block out such noises, they'd been giving him a headache lately. But the wards had not sounded, meaning whoever entered knew what they were doing. As he rose there was a small crash as Lily knocked her cup off the small table. Eyes darting to her for a second Harry saw palmed, and mostly hidden by her sleeve, but ready to use was Lily's wand. Before he could wonder when she'd drawn it the double doors exploded inwards and Sirius, leading the rest of Dumbledore's little army, burst in with his wand levelled on Harry.

Harry turned to Lily, intending to have her call of the fool, when he realised she was standing, with her wand drawn and had it levelled on him as well with a curse forming on her lips. In a fraction of a second thousands of thoughts travelled through Harry's mind, but only one stood out: Betrayal. A trap, she had only listened so that the others could breach his home's defences. To barge in with their wands drawn like that meant they planned to kill, well fine. Harry would show them that facing him without The Great Dumbledore was a mistake, a fatal one. Harry yanked his own wand free and prepared to attack, laws be damned, when a powerful Cutting Curse sliced into his flank forcing him to adjust his stance. But almost instantaneously a Blasting Curse impacted his left shoulder and rendered the whole arm worthless. The force of the impact shooting his wand from his hand. A detached part of Harry's mind noted that the Cutting Curse probably saved his life. The scent of blood and burning flesh invaded Harry's nostrils as a roaring inferno erupted in front of him. The Order seemed stunned for a second and Harry used this to prepare and lunge at his bastard of an adopted brother, but before he could a voice called out from the flame.

"Master... Run!" It was Kreacher. He'd thrown himself in the way of an incendiary spell to save Harry. "Master... Please... Run!" Harry's legs gave out under him as he watch his oldest, and only true, friend be reduced to ashes.

"No, no NOOOOO!" the last was less a word and more a bestial scream as Harry lashed out with Kain's power, using telekinesis to toss them around like leaves on the wind and shatter the large windows behind him. Harry turned and moved towards it, hoping to escape. Not because he wanted to, no he wanted to make them all beg for him to hand them over to Voldemort and Bellatrix simply so that they could know the mercy of death, or die attempting it. But Kreacher gave his life so Harry could try and escape, so he did. Calling on Kain's shapeshifting abilities Harry willed his body to dissolve into a colony of bats. As he flew out the shattered window he heard someone, Lily perhaps, scream something. He couldn't make out what it was but he could tell it was an agonised scream and that was enough.

XX Gringotts XX

"I don't care." Harry growled at the goblin before him. "Get me somewhere to live. And make a paper trail saying I've gone somewhere else. I'll pay triple what you want and let you raid my vaults for anything goblin made. JUST DO IT."

"v-Very well Lord Black." Gornuk said as he slowly edged away from Harry. "Do you wish us to get you a healer while we wait for your Portkey?"

"No." Harry snarled before draining the goblet he held in his good hand. "Just get me more blood. And remember Gornuk that I've done a lot for the goblins over the years, you especially. I don't want anyone from this wretched society finding me."

"Don't worry. The Ministry only deals with the Americans when they have to... And even then the American Ministry only controls the old colonies. This Portkey will will take you outside Wizarding jurisdiction." Gornuk told him. "You've caused quite a panic you know. Taking most of your fortune out of the country... Not quite how I'd hoped to be noticed upstairs."

"Maybe. But it's all going to boost your cousins, what that saying, 'Across the pond' isn't it?" Harry joked as he offered his goblet to be refilled. "Thank you. And you're leaving just enough to warrant the security measures already there right?"

"We are." Gornuk told him. "And I guess your injuries must be incredibly painful. That's the first time you've been polite so far. Now before you go, what of the genealogy tests? I still have the originals you had done."

"If Potter comes snooping, show them to her." Harry told the goblin as he attempted to fix a cloak clasp one-handed. "Don't give her anything else. If it even appears like someone else could see them then burn them. Understood?"

"Yes. Now let me do that." Gornuk answered as he reached up to do the clasp. "Well, I guess this is goodbye Lord Blac- Goodbye Harry. It has been... interesting doing business with you."

"Thank you Gornuk. For all your help and discretion." With that Harry took the Portkey, a simple Knut, and dropped it into his pocket. He took one last breath of British air and then he was gone, with no intention of ever coming back.

XX Los Angeles (One week later) XX

Harry eased himself gently into the booth near the back of the restaurant, the wounds had mostly healed but phantom pain remained. Checking that he's Disguise was holding Harry accepted the menu from the waitress and began to order. He stopped when he noticed how the girl wasn't paying attention.

"Something wrong?" Harry asked only to watch as the waitress just walked away in a daze. As he prepared to call after her Harry noticed another woman approaching him. Normally he wouldn't pay much attention to random people but her clothing, a violet mini-skirt and similarly coloured blouse, and facial tattoos caught his eyes. Their was only one person Harry knew of with markings like them and she'd died over two thousand years ago, in another dimension.

"Umah?" Harry gasped.

"Hello Kain." Umah cooed as she took a seat across from him. "You have changed so much since we last met."

"Harry." Harry corrected her. "My name is Harry. Kain was another life. And speaking of life, how are you here?"

"What a girl can't have secrets?" Umah joked. "Besides the why is far more important then the how. You have a destiny Kain, one far greater then you know."

"Perhaps, but doubtful." Harry snapped. "I know what I'm fated to do, but thankfully destiny's pull is far weaker here and I can chose to defy the stars. Now how are you alive?"

"I struck a deal Kain." Umah admitted. "Upon dying I was offered a chance to escape the wheel. To serve something greater then I ever imagined. I serve Higher Powers Kain,but that is all I can say."

"Higher Powers? Kain's experiences with 'Higher Powers' was more then enough for him and more then enough for me." Harry said, adjusting his position in case he needed to attack or flee. "Kain may have unwittingly danced to the tunes of others, Umah, but I will not."

"You don't understand Kain." Umah pleaded. "You could tip the balance."

"I care nothing for your balance." Harry told her, slamming his fist down onto the table for good measure. "I owe you nothing, I owe your masters nothing and I owe the humans nothing. All those involved in my 'fate' can go rot."

"You owe your existence to the one who sent me." Umah snarled before suddenly being horror struck. It seemed she had said more then she meant too.

"Owe my existence?" Harry repeated. "How exactly do I owe anyone?"

"Your soul. It was brought here to this dimension after you died." Umah told him after a moments silence. "You weren't meant to awaken. At least not yet."

"Not yet?" Harry asked.

"The plan had been to allow an incarnation or two." Umah admitted, she seemed very nervous and fidgeted about as she spoke. "Filter out the corruption that still tainted your mind and then hopefully direct you down the path of a hero. But something went wrong and your powers, not to mention your memories, returned somehow. What happened?"

"I died." Harry replied nonchalantly. "And like any of our kind returned once the cause of death was removed."

"How?" Umah pressed him. "How did you die? How did you reactivate your power? How did you hide yourself from the 'Powers' for so long?"

"Avoid your 'Powers'? No idea." Harry told her as he tried to catch the eye of a passing waiter. "As to your other questions... Why should I answers you?"

"I'm sorry Kain." Umah whispered. "I shouldn't have doubted you, I was wrong and you truly were our greatest hope."

"Stroking my ego won't work." Harry cut her off. "I don't care about it as much as he did. But I'll tell you what I know if you undo whatever you've done to stop me ordering."

"Fine." Umah laughed as she waved her hand. Not a moment later the same waitress from earlier returned and took his order.

"From what I've gathered, it began almost Fifteen years ago on Halloween." Harry began.

XX Gordric's Hollow ( Flashback to October '81) XX

There was yelling coming from downstairs. Harry didn't know what was being said by it sounded like James, and he sounded scared. Lily burst through into the room. She looked really scared and was trying to get Harry and Darren together.

"Stand aside." A cold, shrill voice spoke form the door.

"No, please not my children. Please not my children" Lily pleaded.

"Stand aside you silly girl." Snapped the man. "Stand aside now."

"Not them." Lily continued to plead. "Please no, take me, kill me instead."

"I shall not warn you again. Stand aside now." The man bellows.

"Not them! Please... Have mercy... Have mercy." Lily sobs.

"Enough of this." The man snarls and fires a burst of red light at Lily. As she hits the ground he turns his attention towards the two children. He spends a moment deciding which to kill first before casting.

"You first." He says as he levels his wand on the older of the twin boys. "Avada Kedavra."

XX Los Angeles (July '96) XX

"And that's what I remember." Harry finished. "A bright flash, then waking up alone and scared in a pine box buried six feet under. Kain's powers came to me over time. Now I've answered your questions to the best of my ability."

"But then what?" Umah asked. The waitress had delivered his order while he spoke and Umah had requested a bottle of wine for herself. "You were not even two at the time how did you survive until now."

"Do you really want to know?" Harry asked as his dishes were cleared to make way for the next course. "I'm make you a deal. I'll tell you the rest of my story and you tell me what these 'Powers' want from me, fair?"

"Yes." Umah answered quickly, eager to hear the rest of his tale.

"Fine." Harry paused to gather his thoughts before continuing. " In my panic after awakening I tapped into the magical talent I'd inherited. I teleported out of my grave and was found by the person who would become my mother. I was found by Walburga Black."


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