What's up? Been kinda busy for the last while and haven't really had the time to sit down and write more of this… I've been thinking about it, working out ways to expand or develop aspects of the story and how I could blend the worlds of Harry Potter, the Legacy of Kain and the third, currently unexplored, world this story crosses over with into a single semi-working place. Got one aspect, the relation between Nosgoth Vampires and Earth's own bloodsuckers, cleared up in my head and ready to introduce later on [maybe Third Year].

Over in Chaos in The Cosmos I posted an alternative version of Harry's train ride to Hogwarts and the Sorting, different person in the compartment leads to different conversations which lead to different thoughts which lead to the Hat making a different decision… You know, general 'Want Of A Nail' ripples. Idea being how would a Harry attending school in a 'Neutral House' which puts knowledge and discovery ahead of other things turn out in comparison to a Harry who was sorted into the 'Dark House' which values tradition, cunning and ambition.

This chapter contains [Parseltongue].

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XX Hogwarts Great Hall – Two Weeks Later XX

"Serpensortia!" Draco bellowed, causing the end of his wand to explode and fire a long black snake from it. The snake, as thick as Harry's arm and long enough for the school's Groundskeeper to use it as a scoff, hit the ground with a thump before rising up to strike at whoever amongst the crowd provoked it.

"Don't move, Potter." Professor Snape said lazily, clearly enjoying the sight of Potter terrified of the snake. "I'll get rid of it."

"Allow me!" Lockhart shouted as he levelled his wand at the snake, what followed was a loud bang and the snake sailing several feet into the air before falling back to the ground with a loud thud.

"Aargh, who did that?" Hissed the snake furiously before spotting the nearest human, Finch-Fletchley. "You, it was you wasn't it!?"

Rising up to strike the snake let out one more curse before lunging forward. Reacting on instinct, Harry grabbed Finch-Fletchley by the collar and pulled him back. As Finch-Fletchley fell on his ass the snake fell just short of him. Acting before the snake could try again, Harry drove the heel of his boot down onto the serpent's head and crushed its skull.

"Well done Black." Professor Snape said dryly as he vanished the snake and glared over at Lockhart. "You may have just saved a student's life, twenty points to Slytherin."

"T-Thanks." Finch-Fletchley stuttered as one of the other Hufflepuffs helped him to his feet. "I-I owe you big time."

"Forget it." Harry told him as he tried to keep himself under control, the smell of blood from the now gone snake's corpse affecting him.

"N-no really you heard Snape, that snake could have killed me." Finch-Fletchley went on, unaware how hard it was for Harry to keep himself under control. "I knew all the crap people say about Slytherins and how they don't and would stand back to laugh if we got hurt was just stereotyping…"

"You're muggleborn, right?" Harry asked, interrupting the Hufflypuff's blabbering. "So I guess no one's ever told you how things like this work… If someone from a family as old, as wealthy and as powerful as mine does you a good turn and says forget it... Forget it in case I decide you do owe me, got it?"

"S-Sorry." Finch-Fletchley gulped, backing away slightly from Harry.

"Idiot." Harry muttered before turning his back on the Hufflepuff and joining the small conversation his peers had begun.

"… Looked really angry…" Blaise was saying. "You see the way it was hissing and spitting before it lunged."

"It's a big snake, they hiss at everything." Tracy snorted. "Besides it was conjured by Draco, of course it'd attack a muggleborn."

"No it was angry at being blasted into the air." Harry said as he eyed that fool of a teacher Lockhart. "Not that I can blame it, if that joke of a wizard used magic on me I'd probably bite the first person I saw afterwards in rage."

"Oh and you speak snake do you?" Tracy snapped in defence of her crush. "It was a conjured snake that was meant to bite someone, it's not that big a shock it'd try and bite someone."

"What do you mean? You heard it…" Harry began before falling silent as he realised they hadn't heard the snake. "… I mean it was silent before Lockhart did anything and then it started hissing and spitting, it was obviously angered by his failed banishing."

"Forget it Harry, Tracy here will defend her precious Lockhart until we've all died from her yapping." Theodore said before pointing towards Professor Snape. "And you're wanted."

"Black, since our initial demonstration of the Shield Charm has gone awry why don't you come up here and show how it should be done." Professor Snape ordered before scanning the crowd. "Ah, Weasley, why don't you assist him?"

"A-Am I shielding or will he be, sir?" Harry gulped, remembering what he'd heard had been happening with Weasley's wand and suddenly very afraid he could end up shielding himself against a failed charm that'd turn him into a cat or something.

"Take turns." Professor Snape told him, a small cruel smile on his face.

"Fine." Harry sighed before turning to face the tall redheaded boy that always hung around Darren Potter. "Pay close attention Weasley and maybe you'll learn a spell that doesn't end with you spitting out slugs."

"Shut up Black." Weasley yelled before thrusting his wand forward and firing off a shower of violet sparks, which fell short of Harry be several feet.

"Huh, and here I was thinking that Potter's pitiful need for a professor to protect him from Draco's serpent was to be the low point of tonight's gathering." Harry drawled as he readied his own wand and took up a defensive stance, habits learned from Malinovsky's training are the kind of habits you always keep up. "In case you don't know, the basic Shield Charm is 'Protego' and the wand movement is a simple upward flick, as if you're knocking the other spell away."

"I-I knew that." Weasley yelled as though Harry's comments had offended him, although Harry noticed that he was muttering the incantation under his breath repeatedly as if trying to get the pronunciation right.

"Of course you did." Harry said condescendingly. Levelling his wand at the young Gryffindor Harry quickly thrust his wand forward and cast. "Stupefy."

The jet of red light that rocketed from Harry's wand struck and dropped Weasley before the other boy could even try to defend himself.

"At this rate we'll never get a proper demonstration." Snape muttered as he cast Rennervate on Weasley, preventing that fool Lockhart from sending another student to the Hospital Wing due to his incompetence.

XX The Entrance Hall XX

As Harry joined the throng of students that planned to return home for the Winter Holidays he noticed just how many had decided not to remain in the castle. From the look of things there would be less than two dozen students staying , the petrification of Justin Finch-Fletchley earlier that week having been the breaking point for just about every non-Slytherin. Even the Pure-Bloods in the other Houses seemed shaken, something Harry understood since he'd been a victim of whatever was causing the attacks.

"Yellow eyes." Harry muttered as he followed the crowd out towards the carriages that would take them to Hogsmeade station.

"You say something?" Theodore asked as he climbed into a carriage, frowning at the Threstals waiting pull it.

"… nothing important." Harry said after a second's silence. He couldn't mention what little he knew as people would want to know how he got this information and Harry wasn't willing to share the details of that night, at least not until he fully understood them. Dropping into one of the seats, and pulling his cloak tighter across his shoulders, Harry turned to his friends. "So, five galleons say we come back to three petrified students… Any takers?"

"Whoever's claiming to be the Heir of Slytherin is probably heading to Hogsmeade station just like we are." Blaise shrugged as he took a seat next to Theodore. "And if he's still in the castle trying anything would be too risky, not many people to hide among."

"How do you know it's a boy?" Tracy asked, her eyes narrowed in suspicion. "Anything you want to confess to?"

"I did call myself the 'Heir' of Slytherin and not the 'heiress', didn't I?" Blaise said with the upmost honesty in his voice, a testament to the boy's ability to lie really.

"It could be a girl who and she's saying 'heir' to cover for herself." Tracy mumbled as Harry and Theodore nodded in agreement with Blaise's point on the title.

"Nah, whoever is doing this wants the recognition. He's drawing on old legends and tales to build himself up." Theodore added sagely, a hint of approval for the so-called heir's tactics.

"Just like Voldemort before him, this 'Heir' is tying himself to a powerful symbol against muggleborns and their acceptance." Harry added, surprising the others by speaking You-Know-Who's name. "Clever, but risky."

"How's it risky?" Blaise asked. "You get the fear or respect linked to the symbol and can build on it from there. You go from strength to strength."

"If someone challenges your claim, and you can't back it up, then you lose everything." Harry pointed out as he watched the castle fade off into the distance. "That's why claiming a reputation, as opposed to making one, is a dangerous thing to do."

XX 12 Grimmauld Place – About A Week Later XX

"I'll be fine Kreacher so stop your fussing." Harry laughed as he slipped on his finest cloak. He'd been invited to Andromeda's for dinner that evening and he was rather looking forward to it, he liked interacting with Andromeda and Nymphadora while spending time in Ted's company was interesting and novel experience. It would also give him a break from his weeklong research into Nosgoth and why his dreams, now that he remembered them, featured it exclusively. The first thing he'd done upon returning home was to send Kreacher, in secret, to get copies of the texts he'd found in the Hogwarts Library featuring information on Nosgoth and vampiric myth.

So far the best explanation he'd come up with was that he was some kind of inter-dimensional seer who'd stumbled onto proof that the vampire myths were true, or at least had their origin in facts. Harry was rather happy with this theory since it let him ignore all the characteristics he shared, or had shared, with the creatures he'd read up on.

"Now is Master Harry sure he is not wanting Kreacher coming?" Kreacher asked as he handed Harry the small bundle of gifts he was taking to Andromeda's. "Master Harry shouldn't be going alone, not with mean old Master Sirius there."

"Kreacher, I'll be fine." Harry said, amusement and mild annoyance at Kreacher's protective nature in his voice. "You are dropping me at their door and I will call you when I plan to leave… Besides I doubt my brother will try anything with Andromeda there."

"Maybe… It just that Kreacher remembers mean Master Sirius." Kreacher mumbled as he gave the hallway one last look over to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything. Once he was satisfied the pair moved out onto the front porch, and outside of the Anti-Apparition and anti-Disapparition charms. "Master Sirius is mean and petty… Kreacher remembers him laughing about hurting nice Slytherins in school, playing nasty pranks and jokes on good little Pure-Blood children."

"I can think of a few Slytherins who could do with being strung up by their ankles." Harry muttered as he adjusted his grip on the presents so he could take Kreacher's hand. "So what are you going to do with your free time while I'm away?"

"Kreacher is planning on cleaning out pantry." The old elf said as the pair disappeared from Grimmauld Place and reappeared on the far side of London. "It dirty and smelly, Kreacher thinks some of Master Harry's blood is not stored right. Going bad back there while you is away."

"You do so love to clean." Harry laughed as he knocked on Andromeda's front door. "If you get a chance could you do me a favour Kreacher? I want you to pick up a snake, a live one… There's something I would to check out when I get home."


Short chapter but I'm gonna call it quits here… Mainly because I'd written out a rough draft of the meeting between Harry and Sirius earlier in the week and can't remember where I put it at the moment. Very little happening here, small demo of Harry's skill in duelling and the beginnings of his research into vampiric history and myth.

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