Everyone was either pissed off, or sulking.  So basically, Cloud thought, nothing different to usual.  And it was raining as well, which meant everyone was stuck in the house. Well, he had tried to suggest that Cid and Barret go for a swim in the ocean, but they ignored him.  Now, why didn't he listen to that little voice when it said to NOT invite everyone to live with him in the Villa after they saved the world? WHY, DAMMIT?  Cloud hit himself for that stupid decision for about the 50th time that day as he trudged in the front door.  The small balcony was slightly more peaceful than the inside of the house, but it was in direct contact with the rain.  Oh well, maybe, just maybe things had settled down in there, Cloud hoped.  Desperately hoped.  For his own sanity.

Something smashed.  Uh oh...

Cloud raced through the house, past his other little quiet spot, Tifa's garden, leaving a watery trail that she was going to kill him for.  He'd completely forgotten he was drenched, but kept that thought for later as he entered the living room.

"What're you on about?  It's totally the guy's fault!" Cait Sith was bouncing on his moogle, yelling at the TV and Cid and Barret.  Tifa's favourite vase lay in pieces on the floor.

"She was sleeping with 3 &#%@ other guys!" Cid retorted angrily, poking the moogle in defiance.

"But he was gay, foo!" Barret chimed in.  He pounded the couch arm, denting it even further.

Cloud sighed as a furious argument began.  Hopefully they wouldn't take out weapons this time.  Usually Barret and Cid didn't actually aim for any furniture, but that was the third TV this month.  No, it was when Cait Sith took out his megaphone when people from near, and far away homes began to complain.  About the noise.  He took a peek at what they were watching so furiously.  Jerry Springer.  Cloud sighed.  He'd better tell Tifa about the vase...

"Hey guys, can we keep it down?" he asked.  No response.  "Guys...guys? GUYS!?"

Cait whipped out his megaphone. "THE GUY IS GAY CID!  SO SHUT UP!"

Uh oh.  It's begun; Cloud made a hasty retreat, seeing Cid get out the Venus Gospel.  Running into the kitchen, where it was slightly sound proofed, he stopped. 'Damn, I can't even keep my own villa in order...'

"Hi Cloud." Tifa smiled, saving her best smile just for him.

"Hey Cloud, you see what's happenin' on Jerry?" Yuffie added with a cheeky grin.  Cloud glared     good-naturally.  These two, as well as Vincent, were okay.  They didn't fight, or scream or break his villa.  Mostly.  'I really should tell Tifa about her vase...'

"What're you doing?" he asked.

"Checking out this makeup!" Yuffie exclaimed, holding up a tube of bright pink lipstick. "Want some?"

"Yeah, Cloudy, get in touch with your feminine side." Tifa paused. "No, wait, you've already done that..."

"Really?" Yuffie screeched. "Tell tell!"

Cloud groaned. "Where's Vincent?" At least that guy was quiet.

"I dunno. Try the cellar." Tifa shrugged.

"He's sooo gloomy," Yuffie groaned. "I keep trying to cheer him up, but he always goes on about his 'demons' or something." She opened and closed the lipstick tube, eying Cloud evilly.

"Yeah, that's because he has demons, remember?" Tifa said, head tilted on one side. "I really feel sorry for him."


Tifa and Yuffie halted their conversation, looking at Cloud. "What's going on there?"


"That was Cait Sith." Yuffie said wisely.

A smash.

"That'd better not be my vase!" Tifa cried. "That's a family treasure!"

"Uh, speaking of that Tif..." Cloud muttered.

Seconds later...

"I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!!" Tifa stormed into the living room.

Cloud sighed.  Yuffie grinned. "How about trying some make up?"

At dinner that night, Cid, Barret and Cait Sith sat quietly, occasionally glancing at Tifa, then away.  Tifa was in a good mood again, cheerfully serving sausages.  Cloud sighed in relief, the pain killers were beginning to take effect.  Yuffie was pestering Vincent, who was quiet, as usual.

"Here Cloud, have some." Tifa beamed his way.  Cid edged his chair away from her.  Cloud took the plate.

Tifa smiled, not nastily, but to anyone with an imagination, it was the scariest thing they'd ever seen.  "Oh, you've run out Barret, let me cut some more." She took up her sharp, sharp carving knife.  Slice. Slice.  On the long, meaty object. Strong, downwards cutting movements.

Barret and Cid screamed and fled into the night.  Cloud scratched the back of his head blankly.  Vincent took another bite.

"Maybe they've got inner demons too." Yuffie shrugged with a small snigger.

"Maybe they don't." Vincent replied.  He didn't take it personally.

"What's on TV tonight?" Cloud asked.  Tifa set aside her carving knife and sat down. "I dunno.  But if it's Jerry Springer..." she glared at Cait, who cowered.

"How bout some monopoly?" he offered.

"No way!" Cloud protested.  "Not after what happened last time." Last time. Cloud shuddered.  Seven hours of it.  Non stop.  Cait Sith and Cid stealing Barret's money, Barret attacking the board, thinking it had it in for him.

"Besides, we haven't got a board anymore." Tifa pointed out.

"Poker?" Vincent suggested.  Of course, he'd rather just mope and dwell on his sins all night, but poker was....special.  And he had a killer poker-face that no one could equal.

"None of us can afford to play against you, Vincent." Cait grumbled. "You're too good."

Vincent shrugged. "True enough."

Cloud thought.  Moments passed in silence. Finally, "I think there's a football game on tonight."

"Yuffie!" Tifa turned to her friend, who had been silent all this time. "You normally have an opinion on what to do."

"Pity it's raining, so she can't go steal from someone on the street." Cait muttered.  Yuffie kicked him.

"I'm reading, actually." She said angrily. "And I think we should have an exorcism."

"WHAT?!" Tifa and Cloud exclaimed in shock.

Yuffie just shrugged nonchalantly. "Yeah, why not?  I mean, Vinnie here-"

"Don't call me that." Vincent interrupted.

"-Has plenty of demons for us to exorcise." She finished.

There was a small silence as everyone considered.

"Well, it does sound like fun..." Cait admitted.

Vincent had a rather hunted expression on his face. "You can't do that." He protested.

Tifa was disagreeing. "Well, you do need to lighten up a little..." she mused.

"Do you even know how to do that, Yuffie?" Cloud asked.  The idea scared him, but he had to admit, exorcising Vincent sounded like a good enough way to pass an evening.

Yuffie waved around the book she was reading. "Look, see?  'A beginners guide to excorsizing demons.'  It was in the pub, so I just picked it up."

Tifa and Cait exchanged interested glances.

"But..." Vincent sounded horrified. "Don't I get any say in this?"

"Geez Vinnie-"

"Don't call me that."

"-We're doing this for you!"

Tifa said, "Cait, can you find Barret and Cid?  I'm sure they'll want to see this."

Cloud was a little unsure about what the hell could happen, but let Cait's moogle bounce him in the hallway for a torch.

Tifa whispered something to Yuffie, and raced down into the basement.

"Where's she going?" Cloud asked her quietly. Vincent looked like he was about to make a break for it at any second.

Yuffie hissed back, "Setting up downstairs."

"Ooohhh..." Cloud nodded.

Vincent stood. "I'm out of here."

Yuffie leapt up, blocking his path. "Stop him Cloud!"

Cloud sighed, grabbing his friend's clawed arm, saying to him as Yuffie dragged the poor guy into the basement, "Sorry man, but we've gotta have something to do.  You understand, right?"

"No." Vincent stated bluntly.

"Hey, did we miss the show?" Barret and Cid had arrived.

They all filed into the basement.  The food on the table was ignored.  The TV was still on.  Cloud and Barret strapped Vincent down to the table.  Tifa pulled away his giant red jacket. "Might effect the process." She explained.

Vincent looked at his friends like they were all crazy. "My demons... you can't just let them out!" he sounded, almost, panicked.

"Don't see why not." Was the collective response.

Cait produced a video camera from somewhere. "This'll be a classic family moment." He sighed happily, pressing record. Vincent growled at him, flexing his claw angrily.

"That's good Vinnie-"

"Don't call me that!"

"Just let the anger build." Yuffie advised. "I think it'll make the process easier."

"Will it hurt him?" Tifa asked curiously.

Yuffie shrugged, still reading the book.

Cait zoomed in on Vincent's pale face. "So, Vincent, how dya feel about this?"

"What do you think?" Vincent grated. "I'm being exorcised."

"Isn't it great!?" Yuffie seemed thrilled.  Cid, Barret and Cloud seemed to be there only for the entertainment, and the possibility of meeting one of these weird demons.

"Wait," Cid held up a finger. "Won't doin this screw up his limit break?"

"Shut up foo!" Barret yelled.

Tifa tapped her foot impatiently. "Come on, let's get this done with."

"Take it easy!" Yuffie retorted, shutting the book with a snap. "It's a delicate process.  If I make a mistake or something, he might lose his soul, or something."

"Yeh have a soul Vince?" Barret asked, looking down at their test subject.

"Apparently." Vincent grumbled. "Look, Yuffie, can't you just give this idea up?"

"No way!  I'm beginning to like the sound of, Yuffie, exorcist extrodinare!" she proclaimed with a flourish.

"C'mon brat, the football's startin." Cid grumbled.  Cait swooped the camera his way.

"Do you have any hidden demons Cid?" he asked excitedly. "If so, Yuffie will gladly rid of them for you!"
"Hell no, #$&^ off!" Cid made a swipe at the camera, but Cait was already gone, hovering around Cloud.

"So Cloud," he began, but Cloud glared at him so fiercely that he gave up, focusing the camera on Vincent again.

"Maybe ye should exorcise dat monopoly board." Barret muttered. "Cheat with me, foo..."

Everyone looked at him oddly.

"Barret, you destroyed the monopoly board, remember?" Tifa reminded gently. "So SHUT IT AND WATCH THE SHOW!"

"I'm not a performing animal." Vincent grumbled.  He was feeling particularly stressed today.  The basement, which was once a cluttered, almost friendly looking place, was now dark, sinister, and only lit by a cluster of Yuffie's candles.  'For the ambience.' She had claimed. Yeah, the ambience you can get when you use hello kitty love and friendship candles, anyways, Vincent thought.  But still, even the idea of his demons being apart from him was unnerving.  He was used to them being inside him, you could almost say he even liked them there.  Almost, anyway.

Cid and Barret were getting bored.  Cloud kept sneezing.

"The hell's wrong with you, Spike?" Barret finally demanded. "You sick or something?"

"No," sneeze sneeze. "It's these damn *sneeze* candles. I must be *sneeze sneeze* allergic to them."

"Whatdya expect from Hello Kitty Love and Friendship candles anyway?" Cid snorted, leaning on his spear to stay standing up.  With one hand, he lit up a cigarette.

"Hey foo!  Dere's nothin wrong with them Hello Kitty candles." Barret said. "Marlene likes em."

"Where is Marlene?" Cloud asked curiously.  Barret was obscured by Cid's smoke, so he didn't see his reply.

"Get dis smoke outa my face foo!" Barret shrieked. "Smells!"

"You smell old man!" Cid retorted. "So-"

"SILENCE!" Yuffie boomed. Well, it was loud enough for everyone to shut up and look her way.

"I'm ready, kay?" she grinned evilly. "Say, you ready Vinnie?"


Yuffie sniggered. "I think he's all ready to go."  She opened her book, and began chanting some verses that it said. 

The room darkened, and a wind blew through the room, even though there were no windows.  Tifa shivered as the candles flickered violently, then settled.  There was a darkness in the centre of the room, above where Vincent was strapped down to the table.  It went around, around, and went down.  Came back up after that, and the wind vanished.  Into thin air, as it were.

Yuffie looked around expectantly. "Well?" she finally asked. "What happened?"

Tifa was slightly behind Cloud, who looked around a little nervously. Cid, Barret and Ciat Sith were surprised something actually happened, so they were silent.  Vincent was staring at the hello kitty candles.

"WELL?" Yuffie screeched. "I wanna see some exorcised demons already!" she stamped her foot in frustration.

"They summoned us...with Hello Kitty candles?" came an incredulous voice.  Everyone looked at the ceiling, as that was where the voice was coming from.

"It...worked?" Yuffie whispered.  She could see four figures.

Everyone did the math.  Four demons in Vincent.  Four demons in the air now.

"Uh, one, two..." Cloud counted on his fingers...

"I'd never've expected the brat to get something right." Cid muttered, still looking up in awe. Cait finally came to his senses, recording the demons.

"AAHHH! THE PAPARAZZI!!!" Galian beast wailed, cowering behind Hellmasker. Death Gigas just glared at him. Chaos, by far the most intelligent of the four demons, flew down to perch on the end of Vincent's table.  The other humans were shocked into silent staring.  Vincent just stared at him impassively. "Well?"

"Damn, Vince, this is nice." Chaos grinned. Well, as much as hellbeasts can grin, or even smile. "I've gotta say, being free is quite...nice." he looked at Yuffie. "Thanks kid."

"Uh..." Yuffie stammered. "Uh...anytime..."

"Wa-wait." Cloud held up his hands in a 'time out' move. "Whoa, time out here.  You're Chaos, right?"

"He thinks!" Chaos replied. "Well done Cloud, no wonder you're the leader."

"How'd you know that?" Cid demanded.

Hellmasker landed on the ground, rolling his eyes, tapping his chainsaw against the ground. "Geez, what is wrong with these people?"

Death Gigas shrugged. "I got no idea." He made a little lightening bolt, flicking it from claw to claw.
"Hey, foo!" Barret exclaimed. "What make you know all bout us!"

It took everyone a few moments to try and understand that logic.

"Oh, I see." Chaos finally nodded his bestial head. "Barret, I'm sure someone can find you a good speech pathologist-"

"What was that foo?!" Barret demanded.

Vincent closed his eyes and sighed.  Tifa peeked out from behind Cloud's sword, asking, "How do you know about us?"

"Ohh, the one that's always going after Cloud," Hellmasker sneered at her.  Tifa blushed furiously.

"We know all about you peoples." Death Gigas said matter of factly, ignoring Galian beast, who was glaring at Cait Sith, or, more directly, his camera. "We just watch from Vince's eyes."

"Please don't call me that." Vincent said in his long-suffering-voice.  The demons just shrugged at him.

"Do you know," Cait said from behind his camera.  His voice was awed. "How absolutely weird this is?"

"Can you please turn off the camera?" Galian beast asked.  "I hate cameras."

"Just tell me what it's like to be inside a human first!" Yuffie exclaimed.  Everyone looked at her.  "What?  Why'dya think I was reading that book in the first place?"

"Oh, I suppose that makes sense." Chaos shrugged. "Now, I'm sure it'd be nice if someone'd untie my dear friend here..."

Vincent glared at him. "Shut up."

"Heey, do you deal with that everyday Vince?" Cid asked.

"Yes, and don't call me that."

"Hey," Tifa interrupted. "Does anyone want some tea?" Cid, of course agreed.  Barret and Cloud declined.  So Tifa and Yuffie hurried upstairs into the light.

"Well now...this is fine and dandy." Hellmasker remarked.  "Seeing all you pathetic humans in real life for the first time-"


"Well, I suppose you aren't really human anyways..." he replied with a sneer to Barret, who was fuming.

Cloud was untying Vincent, who was trying to imagine this whole thing was a dream.

"You didn't tell us." Cait Sith said from behind the camera. "About what it's like."

"Oh, yes." Chaos was still perched delicately on the edge of the table. "It's shit."

"Don't try it." Galian Beast recommended.  Death Gigas glared at him.

"You have no idea," it said. "How utterly boring it is to be trapped inside. Only allowed out when Vince-"

"It's VINCENT!!"

"-gets steamed."

Cloud and the others nodded agreement, even though most of this went over their heads.

Vincent regarded "his" demons. "What're you going to do now?"

They thought over it for a while. "Well, is there a chance we could stay here?" Galian offered. "I'm not going back inside Vince-"
Vincent threw the book at him.


"ShinRa's still operating, right?" Hellmasker asked curiously.

Cloud noted Death Gigas and Chaos nodding.  "Why?" he asked nervously.

"It is, right?" Chaos mused. "Well, it's the second best thing to getting revenge on Hojo."

Vincent groaned. 

"You gonna blow up ShinRA, foo?" Barret demanded.

Death Gigas eyeballed the hulking man. "You figured that out all on your own?"

"Hey, shut up about it already!" Cid yelled.

The demons ignored him, Hellmasker using his chainsaw to good use in the wall, and the four of them flew out.

"Shit!  They're gonna go destroy ShinRa!" Cloud exclaimed, already taking out his PHS to call Reeve.

Vincent smirked. "Forget ShinRa.  Those demons'll destroy Midgar for 'kicks'."

"Ahh!!  They can't get my Midgar!!!" Wailed Barret, thundering up the stairs.

Cid shrugged. "So now what?" he asked Cloud sarcastically. "Go stop them?"

"Uh... I guess." Cloud sighed. "Man, all I wanted was a quiet night."

As Vincent walked past him up the stairs, Cloud could've sworn he heard him laughing.

"WHA? They've gone?" Yuffie wailed. "And they didn't even tell me..."

Tifa turned around with cups of steaming hot tea. "Yeah Cloud, where'd they go?"

Barret wailed as he sprinted past them.

"They've gone to destroy ShinRa!" Cait cried. "I've gotta go save Reeve!"

They pondered that. "But doesn't Re-"

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Barret ran by again.

"Heh, I don't see why we should stop em." Cid smirked, leaning on his spear. "They destroyed my $&^#^$ rocket."

"SHUT UP CID!" Tifa threw a cup of tea at him.  The boiling liquid covered his face with the sound of burning skin.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Cid screeched, running away.

"Uh, Tifa..." Cloud scratched his head.

"Hey, so my exorcism worked!" Yuffie beamed. "I knew I was a genius!  Hey, Vinnie-"

"Tifa, can I have that other cup of tea?" Vincent said with a malicious little smile.

Yuffie cringed. "VinCENT, then... so, are you less gloomy now or what?"


"$&%*# YOU TIFFAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!"

Cid and Barret ran past again.

Vincent pondered. "Yeah, I don't have demons, but now they're running around destroying the world." He shrugged. "But that would be your fault, right?" He glared at her.

"...Um yes." Yuffie beamed. "But who cares?"

"Everyone in Midgar who is going to die perhaps?" Vincent replied archly.

"Too much angst..." Yuffie groaned.  Tifa nodded. "Who wants some more tea?" she held out the cup.



"Maybe we should go stop the demons first?" Cloud offered.  The others, the ones not running around like headless chickens, nodded.

"To the Highwind!" Cait cried.

"SHUT UP!" Tifa yelled for no apparent reason, throwing the other cup of tea at him.

"HAHA!!! IT CAN'T HURT ME!!!" Cait yelled through his microphone. "I AM INVINCIBLE!!! MWAHAHAAHHA...ha...guys?"

The house was empty. "Aw man!!"

"Doo, doo doo DOO doo..." Cid sang, trying not to move the left side of his face, which was covered in burns. "Doo doo doo doo-"

"SHUT THE ^&#% UP FOO!" Barret yelled from his place at the front of the Highwind. "We hear that EVERY time we go on da damned Highwind."

"That's because it's the damn THEME!" Cid yelled back, and went back to singing.

Cloud sighed.  Tifa was in her own little world, and he wasn't too keen on interrupting her, seeing what she did to Cid's face.

Midgar seemed suddenly so far away.  He could hear Yuffie's retching in the background, which made him want to throw up himself.

"Hey, hey!  You wanna know your future?!"

Cloud turned.  Cait Sith was bothering the pilots, again.

"We're busy right now." One responded, trying to be polite.

"Oh, come on!  It's free!  I'll make it a good one for you!"

"Not now."

"Come ON!"


The plane swerved. 


"Cid, mind your blood pressure." Tifa reminded sternly.

"Yes m'am."

Cait Sith sulked and stomped into the pit.  Vincent began amusing himself by slicing up the moogle's soft covering with his claw.  Cait sulked on, oblivious.

Not a good sign, Cloud thought worriedly. Come one Midgar, please be still in one piece...

"Hey! It's Midgar!" Cid exclaimed, lighting a cigarette to celebrate. "Fly towards the ShinRa building."

The pilot (Lv16) "All right!  Whoo hoo!"

"Wrong game, foo." Barret reminded.

The Highwind sped over the outskirts of Midgar.  It all looked intact.  Then they got to the ShinRa building.

"Uh oh." Cloud said. "They destroyed the top of the building." He pointed out most observingly.

"Well, what's the good of a chainsaw if you don't put it to good use." Vincent replied, as they all stared at what was once the Helipad.

"Aw, I liked that helipad." Tifa sighed mournfully.

"Did you ever use it?" Yuffie asked, having ran upstairs while no one was looking.

"What does THAT have to do with anything?"

"Um, let's land here.  We can go up the elevator and kindly ask these demons to kindly stop destroying this fine building." Cloud proclaimed.

"That's worse than 'lets mosey'." Cid grumbled. "You do not live in a B-grade movie, so stop talking like that."

"Watch it Cid, or you'll be meeting my voodoo." Tifa warned.

"You don't own a-"


"Um, let's just land the plane guys!" Cait Sith interrupted.

The street was deserted.  The group ran into the empty building.

"It's not working hours, right?" Cloud asked.

"It's night time." Vincent reminded. "All the little workers go beddy byes."

"Hey!  Are you being sarcastic?" Cloud retorted.  He took a few bold steps into reception.  Everyone else headed up the stairs.

"It looks like everyone went home.  A pity." Tifa cracked her knuckles.  Everyone took a few paces away from her.

"First Floor: Clear!" Cloud reported, taking the lead again.

"Stop talking *wheeze* like you're in the god-damn army *wheeze*." Barret wheezed, leaning on the wall for support.  The walls trembled.

"Barret, haven't you been using that treadmill Cait and me got you for Christmas?!" Yuffie exclaimed. "You are like, so out of shape and FAT!"

"I am NOT FAT!"

"Fatty Barret, fatty Barret..."


"Heh heh... Ahem.  Cut it out, Yuffie." Cloud ordered, marching ever onward, cheacking for signs of chainsaw damage and/or hellfire.  Either or, actually.  But the first ten or so floors were devoid of life.

"Oooh!  Someone's growing some coffee mould!" Cait exclaimed in delight. "I love coffee mould."

They walked on, Cloud in front, the others trailing behind.

"Anyone noticed that there's nothing here?" Cid asked sarcastically. "I dunno why we don't just get on the $#^#$@ elevator."

"Are you questioning Cloud's orders?" Tifa asked, her voice deadly calm.

Cid swallowed. "No." He answered quickly.

"Good." She replied, catching up to Cloud.

Everyone else sighed in relief.

"Why is she acting like she has permanent PMS?" Vincent asked casually.

Jaws dropped.


"And the demons wouldn't just be hanging around here, drinking tea." Vincent continued. "I'd say they're still demolishing the upper floors, looking for potential victims."


"And don't say that.  That's my line." Vincent told them all.

"You don't seem to be using it much today." Yuffie quipped.

"Shut up, foo!" Barret suddenly wailed.

"What now, fatty?" Cid grumbled, absently rifling through a desk draw. "The monopoly board is gone, remember?"

"I know that!" Barret hissed. "I hear....clickin'."

Sweatdrops all round.

"Maybe it's your brain, Barret." Cait sniggered.  Yuffie took his cup of coffee mould. "HEY!"

He began chasing the young ninja around the staff room.

Vincent sighed, and sat in a desk chair. "Morons..."

"I still hear clickin!" Barret yelled. "So LISTEN, foo!"

"Hey, where'd Cloud and the crazy chick gone?" Cid asked curiously.  Then his face brightened and he smirked. "Gettin on in the #$&% changerooms."

"That's down in the Honey Bee Inn." Vincent pointed out, now logging in on the ShinRa mainframe. "They couldn't have gotten there so quickly."

Barret got distressed that no one was listening to him, and began running in circles. "The clicking!  AHH!"

"Give back... my mould...damn you!" Cait wheezed.  Yuffie danced on ahead of him, waving the cup around.

"You're getting nearly as fat as Barret, moogle!" she retorted, avoiding a bench.  But doing so, she fell over the chair.  The cup went flying.

It went in slow motion for Cait Sith.  The cup went head over tail, over and over, heading for the open window...

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" Cait screamed, running for the cup.

It went straight out the window, and the moogle followed.  Yuffie grinned, and closed the window.

"There goes another character." She said, returning to bother Cid and Barret some more.  Then she paused. "Hey, does anyone hear clicking?"

"I'VE BEEN TRYING TO TELL YOU THAT....FOO!!!" Barret yelled at her.

She recoiled. "You're MEAN!"

The elevator doors opened.  The sound of clicking intensified.  Barret cringed, and ducked under the table.

The figures in blue stepped out.

"Oh, that's what the noise was." Cid shrugged, and went back to filing through the draws.

"AHH!  Turks!" Yuffie wailed. "Oh wait, we're in your building, right."

Reno sweatdropped. "Hey, whatta you doin here?"

"Nothing much." Vincent shrugged. "Just, you know, looking for my four hellbeasts."

"Those four hellbeasts are tearing up this building right now!" Elena screeched at him.

"Oh, really?" Vincent replied with a smirk. "Oops."

Then Cid realized that the four Turks were holding weapons, and looked bloodied and exhausted. "You weren't tryin to fight them, were you?"

They shrugged. "Don't see why not." They responded.

"Oh.  Well, that's what we were gonna do too." Yuffie said. "Except we could it better that you could."

"Just shut up little girl." Tseng said bluntly.

"Hey, just go and die again, Tseng." Cid retorted. "HEY!  You should be dead now."

"Ever heard of a Phoenix down?" Rude asked.


"Hey, there's something under the table." Reno bent to look. "AHHH!" he recoiled. "Barret."

"Um, has anyone seen Cloud and Tifa?" Yuffie asked casually.

"Actually, yeah!" Elena replied. "They were going to the changerooms."

"Heh heh..." Cid snickered. "Looks like we'll have to do without them."

TBC peoples! Well, if everyone says they hate it, maybe not… *oh the insecurity!!*

Later dudes!