Authoress notes: AU, and inspired by watching the Lion King and Lion King 2 today. :D Plus the attitude of Firestar during the first book of the New Prophecy series strongly resembles Simba's attitude towards Kovu.

Claim: I own this idea and Jetpelt, who, for the sake of this story, is Brambleclaw's mother.

Disclaim: I don't own Warriors or Lion King.

Note: Don't point out things that don't fit with the original series, there's a reason this is Alternate Universe.

Pairing: Brambleclaw x Squirrelflight

Chapter One

Anxiety kept Firestar in motion as he paced back and forth in front of the nursery, having been forbidden from entering by Cinderpelt, the ThunderClan medicine cat. His mate, Sandstorm, was deep within the den, giving birth.

At long last, the soft gray head of Cinderpelt poked through the bracken that protected the den's entrance. "You can come in," she mewed to the anxious tom, and he pushed through, eyes landing upon his mate.

Sandstorm was laying on her side in a nest of soft moss, front paws curled underneath her. She looked to be fine, despite the exhaustion evident in her eyes. Once he was certain that the ginger queen was alright, his eyes slid to the form bundled against her belly.

It was a tiny she-cat with a darker pelt than her mother's, and she kneaded the queen's belly with small, soft paws. "Her name is Squirrelkit," mewed Sandstorm to a quiet Firestar.

The green eyed leader brushed his muzzle against the kit's soft fur before touching noses with Sandstorm, who purred in content.


Sliding out of the apprentices den with practiced ease, Squirrelpaw stretched and yawned before turning eager green eyes towards the entrance of the camp, ears flicking as she glanced around.

Now's my chance! she thought, bounding towards the gorse tunnel. She was a few tail lengths away from freedom when a larger body leapt in front of her, blocking her way. Unable to stop, she collided with a set of paws, landing in a heap on the sandy ground.

Green eyes glimmered as they observed her. "Where do you think you're going?"

"Firestar," protested Squirrelpaw, though her father waited until she answered. "I just wanted to promised!"

"I know," Firestar relented, "But it's dangerous out there. You could get hurt or"

"Attacked," finished Squirrelpaw, exasperation evident in the smaller she-cat's actions as her eyes focused upon the ground. The scent of her mother entered her scent glands as the warrior approached them, sitting beside Firestar.

"Mind Firestar, Squirrelpaw," chimed Sandstorm, and Squirrelflight's tail curled as she mewed,

"Yes, Sandstorm." She turned to her father. "Can I go now? Please?"

Firestar hesitated and then gave a brisk nod. "And stay inside the territory!" he called after his departing daughter.

"You know that isn't the way to handle her," mewed Sandstorm. "Besides, she's just like you were when you were an apprentice."

"Exactly," sighed Firestar. "I can't believe the trouble I used to get into."

Sandstorm purred, pressing her flank against her mate's. "Don't worry, Squirrelpaw can take care of herself."

Firestar nodded, though he turned as the warrior she-cat departed, and he approached Cloudtail and Graystripe. "I need you guys to follow Squirrelpaw. Make sure she doesn't get into any trouble."

The pair nodded, setting off after the ginger apprentice.


Breathless with laughter, Squirrelpaw leapt into the air, claws barely missing a butterfly as she dropped back down, paws pounding against the forest floor as she chased after her quarry. Losing track of it, the she-cat scrambled to a halt, unfamiliar scent entering her nose.

"ShadowClan," she whispered to herself, tail flicking. Her father had specifically stated not to go beyond the boarders of their Clan, though curiosity inticed her to step forward so that she was on the precipice of entering unfamiliar territory.


The dry snap of a twig underfoot made her turn, pelt bristling as her eyes locked with equally startled amber. Yowling in surprise, Squirrelpaw lost her footing on the fallen log and toppled, water droplets spraying everywhere.

"Squirrelpaw!" Graystripe was quick to follow the submerged apprentice, while Cloudtail rested upon the log.

"Great," he mewled, "how are we going to explain this to Firestar? Sorry, but your daughter drowned?"

The sound of gasping made him peer down at the two cats as they broke the surface, and the ThunderClan deputy dragged Squirrelpaw out of the moderately small pool of water. Shaking her pelt free of water droplets, Squirrelpaw's eyes narrowed upon the two toms.

"Firestar sent you, didn't he." It wasn't a question, the apprentice's tone flat. Graystripe avoided her gaze, while Cloudtail stared back, tail flicking.

"It was a good thing he did," the white warrior stated, "otherwise you would have drowned."

Squirrelpaw's ear flicked as she began licking her chest fu clean. "I'm not a kit, I can take care of myself."

"You're our leader's daughter," spoke Graystripe softly. "He just wants to keep you safe."

"From what?" hissed Squirrelpaw. "A rabbit? He won't let me do anything. Besides, I'm more than just his daughter."

"Anyway," spoke Cloudtail before the situation could escalate, "Let's find some food before we head back." The warrior leapt off the log and burst into the undergrowth, Graystripe following him swiftly.

Once the fronds of green had stopped rustling, Squirrelpaw crept away, bounding across the boarder and into ShadowClan territory. The ground was no different than that of ThunderClan's, though she found herself on edge, glancing around warily.

I don't see what's so bad about this place, she thought. No sooner had those words entered her mind than a shape burst from the shadows, flying towards her. Whirling, Squirrelpaw's eyes locked with blazing amber.

"What are you doing in our territory?"


Explanation for this setting: Firestar is still the leader of ThunderClan. Brokenstar is no longer leader of ShadowClan. His "mate" Jetpelt is the leader now, and mother to Brambleclaw. Thunderclan and Shadowclan boarder each other. Leafpool isn't in this. Anymore questions?