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Puck was going to fight at a fight club tonight. Finn was going along to make sure Puck didn't get beat too badly. "You sure you want to come?" Puck was giving Finn the out if he wanted it.

"I'm not afraid of the fight club. You know I held my own when I had to fight, though it would have been nice of you to tell me I had to fight if it was my first time at the fight club."

"Sorry about that Finn. I really didn't know all the rules then. I was so angry the first night I went there, I pretty much walked in with my cousin and said 'find me someone to punch' and that was it." Puck didn't tell him that he was mad because Quinn was pregnant and let Finn believe it was his kid. It was old history that didn't need to be brought back up.

"Why are you doing this again?"

"I need some money. I want to try to make things work with Quinn and you know how she is about needing to be wined and dined. I'm going to walk in there and piss someone off and bet them to fight me. I need you to have my back. Quinn wants to have another kid and I am not going to do this wrong, even if it means fighting."

Kurt was in his room. The holidays were approaching and November in Ohio was absolutely drab. Everyone was talking about Christmas coming soon and visiting family. There were discussions about Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas plans with boyfriends or girlfriends. This was foreign to him. His last crush was on a bleached blonde guy and before that his soon to be brother. Kurt was depressed and he was angry and even more than that, he was lonely. So lonely. The only people at school that knew he existed were the glee club and the football players that made it their priority to make his life living hell.

Kurt had been withdrawing from his friends and family lately. Dealing with the football players, one in particular had really gotten to him. He had bruises that were healing on his back and arms. He wanted to be loved like everyone else. Yes, his dad and friends loved him, but he wanted someone to love as a boyfriend. He wanted what everyone else could have but not him.

"What exactly is a fight club? Is it like the movie? It doesn't seem like anything I would like. It's like neanderthals beating each other up. Isn't it?" Kurt paused to think about it. "Though it would be nice to beat the crap out of some neanderthal." He said laughing.

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