Summary: Arctic Fox notices that Kenshin spends a lot of time with a white-haired mage. He isn't jealous. Really.

Contains Arctic Fox/Kenshin? One-sided Arctic Fox/Kenshin? Read it however you want to. :) Also has some Sunshine/Fairsky.

Set before chapter 50.

Written for the anon on my Prompt Post. :) Thanks for this!

Written before I'd read manhua chapter 55, in case that makes a difference.

Oh, *snerk* When first typing this up, I didn't have a title, so I just put in the shorthand of the pairing. What did it end up being? 'AFK' XDDDD


By Dark Ice Dragon

Arctic Fox crouched on the roof, Bloodthirst ready in his grasp, waiting for Kenshin to pass by. He had seen a flash of Kenshin's distinctive red hair a few moments ago, but had lost sight of him when a team of dragon beasts wandered in front of him. Kenshin wasn't one to dither or change his mind once he had decided on something, so if he had been going in one direction the last time Arctic Fox had seen him, he would still be going in the same direction the next time Arctic Fox saw him. There was only one exception to this rule, and that was if-

And that was if Prince or that white-haired mage was with him. This time, it was the white-haired mage. Arctic Fox could understand why Kenshin spent time with Prince (because of his job if nothing else), but for the mage, he wasn't so sure.

As he watched, the mage chatted at Kenshin, a smile on his face as he literally dragged him place to place. And Kenshin let him, like he always did. With any other player, Kenshin wouldn't have allowed it -even Prince- so who was the mage to Kenshin? Someone he knew in real life? Or...

Arctic Fox only realised he was frowning, his hand aching from the tight grip on Bloodthirst, when the mage left Kenshin's side, waving in goodbye. And got a nod in return.

The two never sparred, with either words or weapons, so what had the mage done for the acknowledgement of the best fighter Arctic Fox had ever met?

Breathing out slowly, Arctic Fox dismissed Bloodthirst. Fighting Kenshin while distracted would mean a certain loss.

But maybe he could spend the time tailing the mage instead, and see why exactly Kenshin willingly spent time with him...


There didn't seem to be a good reason. Not from what Arctic Fox could see anyway. He wasn't sure if the mage had any particular destination in mind, just wandering from one thing that caught his eye to another, even if that meant going around in a circle. Arctic Fox wasn't sure if the mage even realised it. He didn't visit any of the weapon or clothing shops nearby, or the book stores, so he wasn't trying to improve his fighting ability either.

All the mage did was talk. Talk with anyone in hearing distance, anyone willing to stop for a few minutes, and it didn't matter if the other person was a player or an NPC. The mage seemed to talk or ask about anything that came to mind: the weather, what the other person was holding or selling, what the other person was going to do for the day. It wasn't information gathering, but just wanting to interact with someone. Even when he was brushed off, the mage accepted it with an easy smile and moved on to the next person or followed the next thing that caught his interest.

Why was Kenshin friends (or more?) with him? They were the opposite from each other. But then, maybe that was why...? But no, Arctic Fox had seen other players more talkative than the mage who didn't get the same responsiveness when trying to interact with Kenshin.

Arctic Fox was about to give up for the day when there was a yell.

"Sunshine! There you are!"

It made both he and the mage (and nearly everyone else in hearing distance) turn around at the call, but only Arctic Fox and the mage continued to look (and he only because the mage did). A woman came barrelling out of the crowd and ran straight for the mage, who was smiling broadly at her. Automatically, Arctic Fox catalogued her gear (leather and cloth for speed, also chosen to match each other) and her build (she was fast, helped by her gear, and she wasn't winded). He guessed she was either an assassin or a thief, leaning more towards the thief class, since stealth was not her strong point.

Arctic Fox's thoughts halted when the thief didn't stop and simply threw herself at Sunshine, the mage catching her (though he staggered back a few steps). And then they kissed. Passionately.

So, either Kenshin was part of a threesome, Sunshine was cheating on him, or...there was nothing between him and Sunshine, apart from friendship.

As Arctic Fox continued to watch as he tried to make sense of the situation, he saw the pair break apart and then hold hands, Fairsky tugging Sunshine in the direction that she had come from, the two barely a step away from each other as Sunshine ducked his head a little to talk with her, his smile soft and unlike any of the other smiles he had directed towards anyone else Arctic Fox had seen so far.

Sunshine hadn't acted like that with anyone else, including Kenshin.

Satisfied, Arctic Fox turned away and left the two alone.


Arctic Fox found Kenshin in one of the parks near where he had last seen him, gazing out across a pond, watching the fish that sometimes jumped out of it.

He had barely summoned Bloodthirst when Kenshin turned towards him, and Arctic Fox paused at his slightly raised eyebrow.

"Where have you been?"

Arctic Fox stared at him. "You noticed?"

Kenshin nodded, his other eyebrow raising saying, 'Of course.'

Huh. Maybe Kenshin wasn't as uninterested as he thought...

While he waited for Kenshin to unsheathe his katana (and for the other players to clear the area once they realised what was happening) Arctic Fox wondered if he should confess to Kenshin and ask him out, before someone else did before him.

For someone who's central to the plot of this fic, Kenshin really doesn't spend that much time in this. :P