Title: The Bitter Step

Author: Bittasummer19

Summary: 2-parter. Just how did Jade get the shrimp into Tori's bra? Set during 'Prom Wrecker'. Begins right after Jade announces herself to Tori and Andre and then walks off. Part 1 of 2.

Pairing: Tori/Jade

Rated: M, just in case.

The minute Jade announced herself to Tori and Andre and then flitted off, Tori shoved the speakerphone and iPear-Pad into Andre's hands and marched off, in search of the dangerous black haired villain.

Tori ignored the urge to take off her heels and walk barefoot as she stormed down the corridors, determination written all over her face. There was no way Jade was here to just party. Oh no. She would be planning something alright. That's it. No more Ms-nice-sweet-innocent-Tori with the petite walk and the quaint smile. Oh no. Jade would well and truly endure the wrath of a Vega. Tori pushed her hair out of her face and continued down the hallway, scanning about.

From the moment Tori saw Jade, a sinking feeling had risen, ironically, in the pit of her gut. Jade had taunted her in the usual fashion and flitted off, probably to activate her evil manipulative plan, but Tori was making a pre-emptive strike. Hit while the iron's hot. Offence instead of defence. She would find Jade before she did any sabotaging and literally tie her to something if need be, just until the Prome was over. There was no way Tori was going to take the fall for ruining Hollywood Art's first and probably only Prom.

"Have you seen Jade West? 5'6, black hair, devil horns sticking out the top of her head?" Tori aggressively asked a fellow Prome passer-by. When Tori got nothing, she resisted the want to scream Jade's name at the top of her lungs and carried on, taking a corner with swift movement. Jade West was going to rue the day she ever threatened Tori Vega. Just once, Tori wanted something to go right and… Satan's mistress herself decided to show up.

Just as she passed the janitor's closet, the door open and a hand reached out and snagged Tori by the wrist. In a flash, Tori was pulled inside the janitor's small closet, leaving her in total darkness. She heard the door slam shut behind her and just as she was about to open her mouth and ask what the hell was going on, the lights suddenly flickered and Tori narrowed her eyes into slits at the sight of Jade, leaning on the door, blocking Tori's way out, with a calculated smirk.

"Jade" Tori growled, completely missing the predatory look and the wanting lean of Jade's body. "Jade West, from the bottom of my rage to the part where your heart was clearly removed, I demand you leave this Prome and abandon your little twisted devious plan, because I know you have one and if Beck wasn't all the way in Canada, I can assure you, he wouldn't let you do this either, how selfish can you be? I mean, I know you're selfish on mass proportions but this has to be one of the most meanest things you could mess with, do you even realise how much time I spent and I didn't even have that long-".

The sound of the lock turning made Tori abruptly stop. Panic crept into her chest as she watched Jade removed a pair of scissors from her dress, hidden and tucked away in the inside of the waist band. Tori gulped and took a step backwards. Jade had always been mean, but she had never been… evil. Sometimes she was very mean.

"What's wrong, Tori?" Jade put the scissors down on the bin's lid, "I just wanted a bit of room to breathe, plus the metal had gone warm now and I only like it against my skin when it's cold" she stepped towards Tori with a flirtatious tilt of her head, "You didn't really think I was going to hurt you, did you?" there was something else in Jade's eyes, between the cruelty and the mocking. It was… hurt? Tori dismissed this thought completely; there would be no way Jade would be hurt about Tori's fear. It was completely justified.

"Why did you lock the door?" Tori found her voice again, letting the anger drown out the current fading fear. She noticed Jade take another step closer, leaving them inches away from each other. Jade smelled like… fresh earth and old spices and Tori momentarily felt her breathing hitch. Everything in her body was telling her to move forwards, push Jade out the way and escape, possibly taking the scissors with her.

"Because even though Beck's in Canada, I can't have anyone telling him what they might see if they walk in here" Jade's husky voice coursed with emotion and lust. Because Tori had frozen in the spot she was in, Jade reached out and picked up Tori's hand, slowly pulling off her fancy long glove. When Tori's bare skin met Jade's, she intertwined their fingers and moved her free hand over to take off Tori's other long glove.

"What are you talking about?" Tori blinked. What the hell was going on? Was this some kind of mind trick? Was Jade seriously trying to seduce Tori into letting her evil plan happen? Was Tori seriously falling for it? Tori felt her weak eyes flutter shut against the feel of Jade's fingertips run up her arm, electrifying every skin cell she had, sending hot vibrations to her lower abdomen. Jade moved slowly around Tori and smiled seductively as she pushed her front into Tori's back.

Tori's eyes widened at the feel of Jade's every inch pressed into hers. She had never, ever felt this way. Tori let out a loose moan when Jade lowered her head and kissed the crook of Tori's neck. She let her teeth graze the Latina's smooth skin, revelling in the smell, sound and taste of the taller girl. Jade slid one hand from the back of Tori's bare leg around her thigh as Tori's weight leaned into Jade instinctively, giving the stylish goth more access to her neck.

Jade's free hand slid round Tori's waist and they both stumbled backwards a bit, thumping into the wall, which was muffled by Tori's vibrated moan as Jade's fingers crept closely up Tori's thigh towards her underwear. Tori wondered briefly what the hell was going on. A moment ago, she had been intent on being so angry at Jade she may possibly have slapped her and now… Now Jade was the one making Tori moan, in a sexual way. The only way Tori assumed Jade would make her moan would be out of pain.

So many reasons not to let Jade continue screamed into her head; one being that they both hated each other, another being that they were certainly not compatible and the last, most important reason, was that Jade was going out with Beck, and had been for two years. Tori bit the inside of her cheek. Beck was such a good person and an even better friend, how could Tori do this to him? How the hell could Jade? As Jade's nails scraped along the top of Tori's black underwear, Tori's knees buckled and she felt herself swooning. Swooning? She never swooned.

"Stop this now" Tori commanded suddenly, pulling herself out of Jade's grip. She turned around and faced the other girl with a fierce look in her eyes, "This isn't funny Jade, this isn't some kind of practical joke you think you can get away with, you're Beck's girlfriend, you're not mine" she felt the bitter disappointment seep into her tone subconsciously. Despite the fact she burned with want and lust and sin, she kept a straight face and told herself she would need to use the bathroom, right after this was over.

"How about this Tor" Jade began lowly, licking her lips with a predatory gesture, "I'll kiss you… And if you can't kiss me back… Then I promise I'll leave your little stupid Prome and not do the really evil twisted thing I am planning to do" she put her hands on her hips arrogantly, "Your choice Vega. Your little Prome could be saved, it's all up to you. Just don't kiss me back".

"You're ridiculous" Tori already felt her resolve going. For one, she did want to kiss Jade and for another, she really wanted to prove to the goth just once that she could beat her at something, that she wasn't all talk, that she was capable of doing something right, of making something a success. It was only was now that Tori realised how hard she worked at proving herself to Jade. But why? Her expression hardened, "Fine".

Jade moved closer to Tori, let her fingertips linger painfully on Tori's bare arm before she closed the distance between them and pressed her body to Tori's. Tori wanted to scold herself at how excited she was for this and at the feel of Jade's palm slide up Tori's neck, to the part where she'd marked her skin minutes ago, her eyes closed again. She wanted to steel her lips. She couldn't react to Jade's kiss, whatsoever.

The moment Jade's lips touched Tori's, it took everything that Tori was, is and could be inside of her not to react. The whole air around them hummed with fireworks and electricity and passion as Jade pulled back slightly, ending the soft, unsure kiss. It wasn't like Jade, Tori realised, the kiss… It wasn't Jade. It was so… delicate and unconfident and shy. Just as Tori grew disappointed the kiss was over, Jade returned suddenly, crashing her lips to the Latina's, sliding her hands up her waist, over her arms and around her neck, pressing every curve to hers.

Tori tried to steel her face, despite her heart, gut and emotions were doing a continuous 360 flip. Jade tasted amazing; like lip-gloss and candyfloss and a strawberry slush puppy. The knot tightened in her stomach, screaming at her to touch Jade back, to move her lips, to blend them together with the girl she had a hate-dislike friendship with. The smell of Jade was overpowering Tori's nostrils when Jade pulled back and stared into Tori's eyes with dark, clouded, dilated pupils. That's the moment when Tori knew she had lost.

When Jade returned her hungry wanting lips back to Tori's, the previous still girl under her kiss reacted as if she had been set on fire. Tori's lips began to move, melding together when Jade's. Their tongues slipped around each other, fighting for dominance and indulging in the growing crackling tension between one another. They really knew how to set each other off. Tori's skin burned with want every time she felt Jade's touch, and as she tried to pull back to let out a vibrated moan, Jade wouldn't let her and ended up swallowing the vibration.

Jade's cold hands slid up Tori's legs and hips, onto her stomach and waist, pushing the pink dress upwards as she did. Tori threw her head back a little in the pleasure and bit her lip painfully when she felt Jade's knee push into her crotch. There was no denying now just how much both girls wanted each other. Jade shoved Tori backwards with ignited heat and Tori's head slammed against the wall, hitting the light switch off and putting them in total darkness.

Tori didn't care. She had never felt this much passion and intensity before in her life. She was well and truly alive, no one to worry about, no one to care about, no one to see what they were doing… She hadn't ever felt this free, yet so attached. Jade's right leg hooked around Tori's waist under her hiked up dress and shoved them together, hissing at the feel of the Latina under her own desperate skin. Just to hear Tori say her name, just to hear Tori beg for relief, just for Tori to want that person to be Jade. The darkness certainly wasn't stopping them.

Tori gasped as she felt Jade's hands pull down the front of her dress, past her breasts, resting at her waist. Tori had to say, this was not how she assumed her Prome would turn out. She blushed at the thought of Jade seeing her black lacy bra but then she reminded herself they were both in the dark, they both couldn't see. But they could feel. Tori couldn't help but let out a parted breath of Jade's name as the goth girl let her fingers creep inside Tori's bra. Jade's fingers were so cold - and a bit slimy? - Tori felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up on edge.

As Tori continued to enjoy Jade's fingers, her smile was suddenly interrupted by Jade's fierce lips back on hers, teasing her tongue inside, ravaging Tori's entire mouth and taking her breath away. And then, just as quickly as it had begun, Jade pulled the top of Tori's dress back up over her bra, and pulled away from the Latina, sliding her hands down the rest of Tori's dress in a vain attempt to smooth it. Tori tried to compose herself as she felt Jade reach out behind her and turn the lights back on.

The lights brought everything crashing back to reality. Tori had just kissed Jade. Kissed. Her. Back. Tori had just helped Jade cheat on Beck. Jade felt a smile slip onto her lips as she wiped her smudged lipstick away with her thumb. "You better go Vega. You lost, which means you have about four minutes until your little Prome comes crashing down".

Tori sobered up from her world of lust and want and need very quickly. This had all been a game to Jade. Just a practical prank, a joke, a way to dare Tori into playing a game she couldn't win and losing her one chance at showing Hollywood Art's a good Prom. Tori glared at Jade and bent down to pick up her fallen gloves quickly. She kept eye contact with Jade with entire time she shoved her gloves back on with speed.

"I hate you" Tori whispered, though she couldn't muster up any real anger, just pain and hurt, betrayal and bitterness. And Jade heard them all, loud as a bell, clear as a cloudless day. Jade watched with a fallen expression as Tori turned, unlocked the door, and stormed off, slamming it as she went. Jade sighed and reached over to pick up her scissors. She composed herself, put her scissors back into the slot of the inside of her dress's waist band and walked out of the janitor's closet, trying to tell herself that was a victory, and not a loss.