Title: Man's Best Friend
Pet!Blaine, Bullying, Violence, Prejudice, Human Rights Issues, Angst, Sex... and lots of things other I'm probably failing to list.

Note: Please realize that this is not your average love story in any way, shape or form. This is a very alternative pairing and if the idea of intellectual in-equals bothers you a great deal, I will be the first to tell you that this is definitely not the story for you. Blaine in this story is not a furre, not a hybrid, not a were-animal, not anything like that... he is a person with a genetically inherited, severely low IQ.

While his brain isn't even physically capable of generating the same thought processes as a regular human, his heart is so much higher functioning. This is a story that turned from a kink into a study on human nature and love that turned into an entire verse that I call my pet!Blaine verse.

I've had plenty of people really, absolutely love it, and I've had plenty of people who have left not-so-nice responses as reviews here and comments elsewhere. I am very much aware that this is not normal and that some people will find it disturbing (honestly, if you DON'T find some of the themes in this story disturbing, you don't have a heart), I want you to be aware going into this that this is a story where you should heed the Warning, even if the general 'pet!Blaine' warning seems a little vague.

Chapter One

School was over for the day and Kurt was at home. He sat cross-legged on his bed with his back pressed against the soft plush of his headboard while he worked on his homework. He was so engrossed in his reading that he didn't notice when his bedroom door shifted open or the soft sound of bare feet padding into the room. Perhaps, he actually had noticed, but he was so used to the routine by then, that he just took it for granted. Either way, he wasn't surprised and didn't look up when the bed dipped with the weight of a second body. Instead, he continued to scan through his text book, trying to ignore the second person in the room.

"Blaine," Kurt finally said with a sigh, "I've got a lot of homework to do."

The other person didn't speak. They didn't even move. Grumbling to himself, Kurt tried to continue working. He flipped through his text book, glancing back to his notes every so often. Finally, though, the feeling of being watched grew too much for him. He straightened his shoulders and glanced up only to be met with intense honey hazel eyes. Kurt glared at the curly haired boy who was sitting statue still, back straight, muscles tense, and wearing the most painfully earnest expression on his face.

"What do you want?" asked Kurt in annoyance.

The light in the boy's eyes danced when Kurt spoke and he reached to place a hand on Kurt's knee. Groaning, Kurt let out a sigh of resignation and pushed his books aside. Blaine quickly resituated himself so he was lying on his back with his head and shoulders resting in Kurt's lap. It may seem strange, but it was a familiar position for them.

"Where's your shirt?" asked Kurt even though he didn't expect a response. "Why can't we ever keep shirts on you, hmm?"

Blaine simply wriggled in Kurt's lap and gave him an expectant look. Kurt rolled his eyes and reached out to rub a hand over the boy's chest and down his abdomen bringing a soft groan out from Blaine.

They were not lovers, nor were they even friends. Blaine was actually the family pet. He was human, yes, but not enough so to get the same treatment as a 'true' human. Not every human pet loved belly rubs, but, to Kurt's own personal irritation, Blaine definitely did and wasn't shy about asking for them.

Kurt felt weird about it, especially considering how attractive Blaine was –well, would be if he weren't a pet. Being the only "out" kid in his school in a small city of hicks made him feel conspicuous of something that was already a tender subject. So, Kurt always did his best not to notice the softly defined muscles of Blaine's abdomen or the light sprinkling of dark hair trailing down from his navel during Blaine's belly rubs. Instead, he let his mind wander as he rubbed Blaine's stomach.

That afternoon, Kurt's thoughts wandered from his day at school and his upcoming assignments, to glee club, his best friend, Mercedes, and his plans for the upcoming weekend.

A good ten minutes had passed and Kurt was getting anxious to get back to his school work. He looked down at the boy still lying in his lap. Blaine's eyes were rolled back in his head and a blissful smile had turned up his lips. He was flat on his back, his legs splayed open just like a dog getting his belly rubbed, and... there was a growing bulge... in his pants.

"UGH!" exclaimed Kurt, pulling his hand away from Blaine as if it had been burned. "Gross, Blaine!"

The curly haired boy just let out a sigh and turned to snuggle his face into Kurt.

"No," said Kurt, jiggling his legs so that Blaine would sit up. "I have to get back to my homework and you've definitely had enough of a belly rub. Where'd you leave your shirt? Go get your shirt. Go on."

Kurt pushed gently at the boy's shoulder. Blaine finally got up and slid off the bed. He let out a low exhale of dissatisfaction before padding back across the room toward Kurt's door. That was when Kurt spotted the blue t-shirt lying on the floor near his dresser.

"There's your shirt," said Kurt, pointing at it. "Put it on and go bug someone else."

Obediently, Blaine picked it up and pulled it on over his head before leaving the room. Kurt waited until the boy had pulled the door shut behind him before he shook his head to himself and grabbed his text books. He still wasn't sure what the point of having the boy for a pet was; all he did was get in the way.

It couldn't have been more than fifteen minutes later when Carole's voice carried up the stairs breaking Kurt from his thoughts.

"Kurt," she hollered, "Blaine needs a walk!"

"Get Finn to do it," Kurt called back.

"I exercised him yesterday!" yelled Finn from his bedroom directly across the hall.

"Kurt!" called out Carole, again.

Letting out a shriek of exasperation from behind grit teeth, Kurt slammed his text book shut and stormed out of his room. He knocked loudly on Finn's bedroom door before opening it. Finn didn't look up from his video game.

"Finn," sighed Kurt. "I have an essay due tomorrow; can you please just deal with Blaine tonight? I'll take him the next three days in a row."

"Okay," replied Finn, still staring at his television screen. "Just let me... pass... this... next level... so I can save."

Kurt rolled his eyes as Finn made faces at the television screen and leaned to the left and then the right while he worked the controller in his hands.

"Great, thanks," said Kurt before turning on his heel to leave.

He stepped into the hallway just in time to almost walk straight into Carole who was holding onto Blaine by the collar. Blaine had goofily guilty grin on his face.

"Kurt," she said in a soft but serious tone, "he's been cooped up in the house all day and he's getting a little stir crazy –which is driving me crazy."

"Finn said he'd do it," answered Kurt quickly, trying to ignore the pleading looks Blaine was giving him.

Carole frowned at Kurt but nodded. She led Blaine to Finn's bedroom door where Kurt had just come from while Kurt dashed into his own bedroom, shutting his door behind him.

Kurt was back on his bed writing up a rough draft of his essay. He was relieved to finally be getting somewhere with his essay and knew that the rest would come much more easily now that he had a good hold of where he was going with it. He heard a thump followed by Finn shouting something. Startled, he turned on his bed to glance out his bedroom window at the backyard below.

He chuckled to himself when he saw Finn chasing Blaine around the yard trying to get a football from the shorter boy's grasp. Finn had long legs, but Blaine was incredibly agile and managed to keep just out of his reach. Finn was just within reach of Blaine when threw himself at the back of the boy's legs to tackle him down. The curly haired boy let out a yelp and hit the ground with a thump similar to what had startled Kurt from his homework moments earlier.

In that moment, it was hard to tell that one of the two boys was a house pet, (save for the soft brown collar around Blaine's neck). Instead, it just looked like Finn and one of his friends were wrestling over the football in the backyard. Kurt laughed at their antics before turning back to his essay –he really needed to get it down while he was on a roll.

Kurt had finished editing the rough copy of his essay and was putting his books away so he could take a break, when he heard the screen door open and close downstairs. He could hear Finn's heavy footsteps move into the kitchen, but audibly groaned when he recognized the light padding of feet coming up the stairs. He quickly placed his books and papers in a neat pile on his dresser and was turning from his dresser just in time to see Blaine push open his bedroom door.

"Hi, Blaine," sighed Kurt. "Did you have fun outside?"

Blaine grinned at him and stepped into the room, collapsing on Kurt's bed.

"There's grass all over you," commented Kurt, putting a hand on his hip and cocking an eyebrow. "And you're going to get it all over my bed."

The boy pushed himself up on his elbows and looked expectantly over at Kurt.

"I don't know what you want," said Kurt. "But I'm going to go help Carole make supper."

Blaine simply rolled onto his back and squirmed around on the bed, moving the blankets around to make himself a little nest to cuddle in.

"Don't mess up my bed," grumbled Kurt before leaving the room and heading downstairs to the kitchen.

"Where'd Blaine go?" asked Finn when Kurt reached the bottom of the stairs.

"On my bed," replied Kurt, not stopping as he walked into the kitchen.

"I don't get why he likes you so much," complained Finn, following behind Kurt.

"That makes two of us," answered Kurt, shortly.

When Kurt hadn't turned out to be the most fun of brothers, Finn had begged Carole and Burt for a pet boy to play with. Burt never liked the idea of human pets, but had taken the family to the local home to check out what they had in stock. It had actually been Carole who had fallen in love with Blaine the moment she laid eyes on him and who had begged they take him home.

Blaine had only been with them two months by this point, but it hadn't taken long for him to start a routine of irritating Kurt from the moment he got home from school until the moment he left again the next morning. Blaine had latched onto Kurt almost immediately upon being introduced into the family. Kurt absolutely hated how Blaine would follow him around the house, would climb into his lap, and would whine at him giving him those big brown puppy dog eyes just asking for his undivided attention. Kurt just wanted to be left alone. It took a few weeks, but Kurt did slowly begin to warm up to Blaine, though he still maintained a fairly cold exterior to him.

Kurt wouldn't admit that he was beginning to enjoy the attention he received from the short boy. Still, it was a bit much at times and Kurt liked his space. To make matters worse, if it wasn't Blaine who was following Kurt around the house like a lovesick puppy, it was Finn. If ever the gangly teenage boy would get bored, he would seek out Kurt and bother him until Kurt found a way to entertain him. It might not be nice to say, but Finn reminded Kurt of a house pet more than of a regular boy a lot of the time.

"Seriously, though, Kurt," continued Finn, breaking into Kurt's thoughts. "You're nothing but mean to him and all he ever wants to do is be around you. It isn't fair; he's supposed to be my pet."

"He's the whole family's, Finn," cut in Carole, turning from the kitchen counter to look at both of the boys who had just entered. "You don't have to be jealous of his interest in Kurt, besides you still have fun playing with him."

"I guess," answered Finn with a shrug.

"You know, when I was little, I got a cat for my birthday," said Carole, thoughtfully, as she leaned down to pull a mixing bowl out of a bottom cabinet. "And even though she was my cat, she absolutely loved my mom. She would follow her around the house all the time and curl up in her lap when Mom sat in her rocking chair. I was so jealous! But you can't choose what family member a pet will latch on to."

"It wouldn't be so bad if Blaine were a cat," muttered Kurt to himself.

As if summoned by the topic, Blaine suddenly came ambling into the room.

"So, you make a mess of my bed just to leave it?" asked Kurt, glaring at Blaine.

"C'mon, Blaine," said Finn, enthusiastically, "Let's go watch TV until supper time."

Finn turned and left the kitchen. He walked a few steps and turned around to beckon Blaine to follow. Blaine looked from Finn to Kurt apprehensively.

"Go with Finn," sighed Kurt, motioning to Finn. "Go on, get."

Blaine stuck out his lower lip in a little pout before turning and following Finn to the living room.

"It almost seems like he understands everything you say," laughed Carole as she watched Blaine leave.

"I wish," replied Kurt, "Then maybe he'd leave me alone when I tell him to."

Carole chuckled lightly before pulling a few things out of the cabinets.

"So, what are we making tonight?" asked Kurt, rolling up his sleeves.

"I found this heart-healthy recipe for Apple Chicken Breasts," answered Carole. "I want to try it out; perhaps your dad'll like it."

"We can only hope," sighed Kurt. "It seems like there's nothing healthy that he likes."

"More reason for us to try out new recipes," replied Carole with a smile and a wink.