Hello *bow* this is my first attempt at write after losing my muse for so long. It's also my first time writing in this fandom. So please gentle criticism…meaning no flame okay.

Full summery: Yuuri is your run-of-the-mill black cat with the excepting of having black eyes. He would sleep outside in the sun, play with his master, eat, and anything else that cats do. Until a new neighbor move next door and has cats of her own… and one of them has eyes on him.

Warning: AU, some people might be OOC (Out of Character), and gay cats

Disclaimer: I don't own this anime/manga/novel or the characters. I own is a copy of vol 1-7 of the manga and season 1 and 2 of the anime.

Chapter One: New start in life

"Oh! You poor little kitty"

A woman was walking home when spotted a small bundle of black fur under a bush. The poor thing was taking shelter from the pouring rain. When she crouched down near the wet cat she notices that the poor thing was shivering.

"And you are cold" she stated as she pick the cat up "Don't you worry Mama will take good care of you" and with that, she took the small bundle home.

~ two years later ~

It was a bright sunny summer day, and a small cat is enjoying it to its fullest…by sleeping in its sunlight.

"Maa…Yuu-chan, Are you just going to sleep all day."

The sleepy cat looks up at the young woman with brown hair, who was standing in his sunlight, looking down at him. He let out a yawn before he got out of his comfortable lawn chair, that he was napping just moments ago, to rub against the woman's leg.

The said woman just giggled and picked up the small cat.

"Aw Yuu-Chan, You are so cute" she commented as she carried the said small cat to a backyard for some gardening. Yuu-Chan just purred as he was carried.

Yuuri, called Yuu-Chan by his master, is a small black cat with a rare mutation. Instead of having the normal yellowish green eyes like most cats have, he was born with black eyes. His master Miko, or more commonly known as Jennifer, was nice, if not a bit weird, to him. She would dress in him ribbons, bells, and sometimes a dress or two then take pictures of him thin those girly articles, when she know, fully well, that he's a male. But besides that…he's happy and loves his master and her family very much.

Her husband would let him sit on his lap while he works, and Shori would play with him for awhile after he comes home from school. Yuuri was indeed lucky to found by a loving family.

Once they enter the backyard, Miko place Yuuri down so she can get her some gardening basket, or what she called it anyways. Yuuri just looked up at his master as she petted him on his head as she went to work on her garden. Yuuri would be curled up sleeping in her basket as she planted her new flowers.

Then Yuuri's ear twitch, Miko notice it "What do you think Yuu-Chan?" she asked the cat with a giggle. Yuuri then climb out of the basket when they heard a track running and some people shouting. Miko dusted her hand off and remove her gloves.

"I wonder what's going on?" she asked Yuuri, who just mew in response.

She picked him up again to go inside. Once she put him down, he ran to the window. There he saw a some men moving furniture and other heavy looking objects out of a moving truck into the house across from his own, a young woman leaning against on a red-faced man…looking a bit uncomfortable, and a cat in window.

It was a dark grayish black with steely blue eyes. 'It looks kind of mean…and scary. I should avoid him when I can.' Yuuri turn to look at him master, who was dusting her knickknacks on the bookshelves, when the mean cat look his way. When he deem safe, he turn back around and notice the said cat disappeared and a different cat there. This one was a dark brown with warm brown eyes. 'It looks like he has a small chip in one of its ears. But it looks friendly…unlike the first one.' The said brown cat turns to face him and just 'smiled' as he jumped off the still.

Yuuri just purr happily and waged his tail a little. He just might make a new friend. At this time Miko look over Yuuri. "What are you looking at Yuu-chan?" she ask him as she peeked out the window. "Oh! We have some new neighbors. And they also have cats" she squealed "Looks like you got some new friends to play with Yuu-chan" she told him as she pet his nose. Yuuri just mew happily back at her.

Miko then left Yuuri be, as she went to start dinner. Yuuri turn to face the window and notice a different cat in the other house's window. This one was a blonde with bright green eyes. It looked tense and ready to started a fight with the brown cat next to him. Yuuri started to scratch his ear, because he felt an itch, as his thoughts 'It looks like spoiled bully…to bad really he looks pretty though' then notice eyes were on him. When look out the window he notice the said cat was watching him


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BTW: most of Yuuri's actions are based of my own cats.