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Chapter 11: One plan with a side of monkey wrenches

After releasing the poor cat from the hug, Celi carried Yuuri to the living room. Once she entered room, she placed the scared Yuuri on the floor.

"Okay now where is it?" Celi muttered as she dug around for Yuuri's favorite toy.

When she couldn't find it in the bag she looked in Yuuri's carrier. "There it is." She voiced out as she pulled out the baseball and rolled it towards black cat.

Once the ball caught his eye, the once scared cat chased the ball all over the floor. Celi just giggled at the sight. "Now let me put this away so we can play together, okay" She told the cat, who was too busy playing with his ball to pay any attention.

After Celi left the living room and headed to the kitchen, Wolfram poked his head out from behind the wall near the stairs. He was making sure that his master had left before he went to properly greet his guest. Once he made sure the room was deem safe, the fluffy cat entered the living room to greet the other cat.

"Oh there you Wolfie"

Wolfram yelp in surprise as his master picked him up from the floor.

'I thought she went into the kitchen.' The blonde thought as he was being carried to the kitchen.

"Let's leave Yuu-chan alone for a little bit." She told her cat, who squirming in her arms. "I know you want to play with him again, but he need to get comfortable with his surroundings first." She continued to tell Wolfram as she place him on the counter.

"Now, let us read what on this list that Jenni-Chan left us with shall we." She told the annoyed cat, who just mewed angrily in response. "Oh don't be a sourpuss. He'll be here for a month, so you'll have plenty of time to play with him."

[Hello Celi-Chan,

I can't say thank you enough for taking Yuuri in for the month. Here are the following you need to take care of my Yuu-Chan

1) He can get scared easily. So when he's in a new area he needs time to take in his surroundings. Two hours at most, but since he been there already I think it should be fine to have your other cat around him.

2) He's on a special diet, He is underweight, so he need to eat small meals three to four times a day. There is a clear measuring cup for the amount in the bag. So you don't have to worry about how much to give him. (I bought a new bag of his food before I left. I made sure that it will last for the whole month, but if by any means that you run out of his food. Could you please buy that brand of cat food? I will pay you back when I get back.)

3) Gently brushed Yuuri twice every three days. Make sure you wet the brush first. I don't why, but Yuu-chan will try to get away if you don't.

4) Lastly, if Yuuri goes outside, please just keep an eye out for him. I doubt he wouldn't get into trouble, but I don't think you want him eat your flowers in your garden.

If you need me, you can reach me at this number: XXX-XXX-XXXX
His vet's number is XXX-XXX-XXXX

Again thank you again for watching Yuu-Chan]

"Well Wolfie, Looks like Jenni-Chan says it's okay to play with Yuu…" Celi turned to tell Wolfram about what is in the note. Only to noticed that the said cat had already left. Apparently, Wolfram grew bored and decided to jump off the counter while Celi was reading.

"That cat of mine just can't wait to see his beloved" she giggled as she put away the items inside the bag.

Once Wolfram was safely in the living room, he flopped to the floor for a moment before he jumped onto the loveseat. He let out a sigh as he sat down on a pillow. He had heard his master muttering that it was okay for him to be around Yuuri, as his master was reading the note. With the A-Okay, he jumped off the counter and ran the hell out of the kitchen.

'Now where is that wimp?' he thought as he looked around the living room. He heard something coming from behind the loveseat. He leapt onto the back of the loveseat and spotted a small black tail peeking out under the said loveseat.

"There you are."

Wolfram jumped down from his perch and landed next Yuuri as the black feline got out from under the furniture.

"Oh, hello Wolfram" the black cat mewed.

"What are you doing?" the fluffy one asked.

"My baseball went under sofa and I'm trying to get it out." the other cat replied before crawling under the loveseat.

Wolfram just sat there, watching the other cat with amusement twinkling in his eyes. A few seconds later a beat up baseball went rolling pass him. Following the toy a dusky black cat crawled from under the loveseat.

Yuuri let out a sneeze before he spoke "It was really dusty under there."

Wolfram let out a chuckle, or something similar, and replied "Thank you for stating the obvious wimp."

Yuuri glared at the insult, though he didn't pick up on the affectionate tone that carried with the insult. "I'm not a wimp" he hissed as she shook the dust off him. "Did your master missed cleaning under the sofa?" Yuuri mewed randomly well he was cleaning the dust off him.

Wolfram let out another sigh. "Gunter does the cleaning. I guess he was busy to bother with the cleaning." The fluffy cat answered.

"Who's Gunter?" The dusty cat asked.

"You'll meet him soon."

"Well, now I'm dust free, would you like to play?" Yuuri asked with a smile.

Wolfram was about to replied to that question when he noticed that Yuuri missed a spot of dust on his right ear. 'He may be cute, but he can be so hopeless.'

Instead of telling him that, Wolfram silently walked up the black cat and licked the dust off the said cat's ear. If Yuuri could blush, his face would be deep red that would make a ripe tomato look pale. While it's true that Yuuri see Wolfram as a brother, but it doesn't mean that he's comfortable with the said cat grooming him.

"Wolfram?! What are you doing?" Yuuri asked annoyed as he tried to back away from the blonde.

"You missed a speck of dust on your ear. And you missed a speck here" Wolfram told Yuuri before he licked Yuuri's cheek.

"Hey stop it, I'm not a kitten I can take of myself."

"Listen wimp, let me help you since you can't clean yourself properly." The blonde hissed at him.

Before Yuuri could respond, he was cut off by a sound of a door shutting and a man's voice.

"I'm back Celi-San" Gunter called out. He just came home after running some errands and hitting heavy traffic.

"I'm in my office Gunter. I just need to finish my rough drafts for my new pieces." Celi replied loudly. "Alright than, I'll start supper in a few minutes." He told the lady of the house as he was entering the living room. Both cats moved out of his way as he continue into the room. Unfortunately, Yuuri's tail didn't get out-of-the-way in time.

Gunter jump in shock when heard a loud yelp in pain. He unknowing stepped on Yuuri's tail. Before Yuuri could run away, he was lift up off the floor.

"I'm sorry that I step on you." He apologized to the black cat.

Yuuri look up at the man who was holding him. He may seem calm, but inside he was freaking out. 'Is this person a man or a woman?'

"I have never seen you before. Though you are…" Gunter look at Yuuri in eyes. Yuuri was sweating bullets about now. 'I feel like I need to find somewhere cool and lay down. Because this guy is creeping me out.'

"…You are such an adorable little thing." Gunter squealed as he hugged the poor scared cat to his chest. Wolfram clearly wasn't happy about this, witnessing the conversation. He's still upset with Gunter stepped on his beloved's tail.

After a minute or two, Celi walked into the living room. She heard Wolfram hiss and meowing, and she went to see what was causing him to hiss up a storm. When she saw her housekeeper hugging and fangirling over her friend's cat and her cat have a fit; she could help but let out a chuckle.

'Aww how cute, Wolfram is having a jealous fit.'

Celi knew that Wolfram will not stop hissing until Gunter let go of Yuuri. So for saving Gunter from being scratch later on, she quickly walked up to Gunter and snatched the black cat away from him.

"Okay, I think it time for Yuuri to get his fur brushed. So I'll just take him so you'll make dinner." Celi told him as she carried the overwhelmed cat out of the living room. Only to have Gunter chase her down so he could hug the cat some more. After ten minutes, it turned into a game of 'Keep Away' between both adults.

The whole chase thing lasted for an hour and a half, only because Yuuri bit Celi's arm and ran under a chair. Hissing and clawing at anyone that got to close. Conrad manage to help calm him down, after hearing what went down by the blonde cat.

Wolfram was starting to get a headache. It hasn't been day one and already his plan was starting to fall apart. 'All I want is Yuuri to see me more than friends. Is it too much to ask?'

Yuuri has been at his home for three hours and he only had five minutes of interaction with was one thing to another. Currently, Yuuri is curled up and snuggling next to his master while she was brushing his silk smooth fur. She was cooing and giggling while he was purring and enjoying the grooming. As much as he wanted to hiss and get in between them, he didn't want to make his Yuuri upset. So he chose to go outside to the garden while Gunter was picking up some dirty dishes that his master left from lunchtime, that were still on the small dining table nearby.

Wolfram let out another sigh. 'Things can't get worst from here.'

"Oh hello fluffy one."

The voice had pulled Wolfram out his thoughts. 'Who be in my master's garden?' the blonde thought as he turn to face who was behind the voice. There sitting in front of him was another blonde cat.

"Who are you? And how did you get here?" Wolfram asked, hissing.

"Who am I, my name is Saralegui." The other blonde cat answered. "As to how I got here…I spotted a cute little black cat. And well, I would like to know him."

Wolfram just stared at the cat. Trying let all the information sink in.

'Fuck you fate.'

For those who don't know: Cats can sweat. They sweat on their paw pads. but they are too small to really help with the heat, so cats will find a shady place to help cool down and lick themselves to help.

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