"Yumi, pay attention." Miss Mayfield snapped.

"What?" Yumi muttered, looking around in a daze. Where was she? Slowly, her classroom at Starts College Prep School came into focus. She was sitting at her two seat table, its only occupant. "Where's Lily?" Yumi asked, and looked over at Trevor. The boy was sitting by himself at another two seat table, Theo no where to be seen. "And where's Theo? Where'd they go?" Yumi asked confused.

"Who?" Miss Mayfield asked blankly, just as confused. "Now, we'll be learning about mollusks and worms. Please open your books to page-"

"382. We learned that three months ago." Yumi interrupted.

"No we didn't, Yumi. Three months ago we were learning about airborne and parasite driven diseases." A fellow classmate named Molly told the confused Japanese gently. "Are you okay? You might be coming down with something."

"This is weird." Yumi murmured. "Why can't you remember Lily or Theo Blast?" She demanded. How could anyone forget Lily?

"Molly, take Yumi to the nurse's office." Miss Mayfield sighed with a bored tone. Molly helped Yumi up, and the duo walked outside. The minute they were out the door Yumi bolted and headed for her old boarding school. Her friends were all outside, sitting at the picnic tables chatting and laughing.

"Yumi!" Odd called out pleasantly surprised. "Did you guys get a half day or something?"

"Do you remember Lily and Theo?" Yumi demanded, blowing off Odd's question.

"Who?" Jeremy asked confused.

"When did we last go to Lyoko?" Yumi pressed, dreading the answer.

"Years ago, Yumi. What's wrong? Are you all right?" Aelita asked concerned.

"I don't get it." Yumi breathed softly. Yumi looked at her clothes, something dawning on her. Her clothes were black. It was all black.

Just like the clothes she wore before she met Lily.

"I've got to go." She told her friends, and dashed toward the old manhole cover. She jumped in immediately and took off for the factory, running faster than she thought she was capable of. Once inside, she pressed the elevator button repeatedly, muttering "Come on, come on." the whole time. When the elevator finally started moving she was ready to leave it the moment the door opened. Yumi sprinted for the control center and found everything shut down, everything covered in dust. The only thing that had changed was a note on the computer screen:

Hey Yumi!

If you've found this then we've done a major back to the past. Whatever happens, don't come back to Lyoko. It's better this way, Yumi. Since we've done a back to the past, RITA 2.0 hasn't been created, and we're doing major damage control concerning RITA 1.0. Don't worry everything's under wraps. RITA didn't make it to the internet, so she's trapped in the dark with us. It's was great while it lasted, but it's time for everything to move forward. The portal on Lee and Oko's down too, we're not taking any chances. We left you the earrings, the red ones that gave you passage to Lyoko, and if you haven't noticed they're in your ears.

Sincerely, Love, You're friends, Fellow Warriors, and the whole shabang,

Lily Lightning

Theo Thunder

(Or, your friends Lily and Theo Blast!)

"So that's why no one remembers them." Yumi thought aloud, looking up from the letter in shock. They had done a back to the past! Knowing what had happened, Yumi returned to class in a resigned stupor. She simply told her teacher that she'd had a dream that two of her friends had come to Starts and when she woke up thought it was real, and brushed it off like it was nothing.

"Now, remember to do the homework!" Miss Mayfield shouted as the class dismissed for the weekend. Yumi walked slowly to the corner of Lee and Oko, just wanting to try the impossible. She pressed the button carefully, and waited. The light didn't crackle and slowly turn on, in fact nothing happened.

Lyoko was offline.


Yumi smiled softly. It was over, both RITA's had gone bye-bye, and Lyoko was once again safely offline. It would be okay, Yumi realized as she headed back to Kadic and her friends. Her time as a Warrior was over, and what did she know? Maybe one day she'd be called back, see the Blast's again.

Maybe her daughter would become a Lyoko Warrior...

"Yumi! Hey!" Ulrich called out as she saw her friends. Yumi waved back, it would all be fine.

Besides, everything always ends up all right when you've got friends like mine. Yumi thought as she laughed along with her friends.