a/n #1: This fic refers to ch. 403, in which Aizen breaks Yoruichi's leg armor during their battle.

a pretty purple

By the time the war ended and he sees her again, it has turned a dark purple hue.

"Does it hurt?"

His question is laced with worry, yet she snickers, "It's sore."

He holds her foot in his hands, gently working his warm fingers over her skin. He opens a special ointment, slathering some onto her foot and rubbing it up to her ankle. She squirms, attempting to yank her foot away, but he holds onto her, firm and tender.


"Now now, Yoruichi-san, I need to rub this in well or else your foot will never heal."

Settling down, Yoruichi relaxed her body into Kisuke's touch. Focusing her thoughts on anything but the pain, she looked outside, counting the clouds that floated by. She'd occasionally squirm when he'd hit a tender spot, cursing softly under her breath.

"Almost done," he reassured her.

"At this point I think you're touching me for the hell of it rather than actually trying to heal me."

Kisuke let out a husky chuckle, his hands gradually slowing down to a stop. He avoided her curious gaze, only staring at her foot as the ointment worked its way into her skin.

"I was really worried."

"About my foot? You damn well should've been. It's your fault the armor—"

"About losing you."

He's looking straight at her now, his gray eyes honest but sad. She's stunned; she wants to laugh in his face and call him an idiot—punch him, even, for ever doubting her—but she knows better.

"When Aizen attacked and broke your armor…I—"

"Shut up, Kisuke." Yoruichi pulled back her leg as Kisuke loosened his grip, moving closer to him. "Blame yourself all you want, but remember this: Aizen was strong. None of us knew how strong, and maybe we weren't prepared well enough, but we're alive. I'm alive."

She laid a hand over his, squeezing it in reassurance, and he smiles. He was a fool, he realizes. Yoruichi is confident and elegant and strong—the strongest person he's ever met. She feared no one. She moved to her own beat, facing danger left and right, and she always came out unscathed and on top. He watched her grow from a blossoming young princess to a regal, powerful woman. She was his partner, his best friend, his lover. His soulmate, even, if he wanted to be cheesy.

And as Yoruichi returned to her spot on the futon, placing her foot in Kisuke's hands once again, he kissed her, starting from the tips of her toes.

"Oh? You're awfully bold today."

"I was just thinking about how good you looked in that black bodysuit, Yoruichi-san." He added a wink for good measure.

His lips grazed the surface of her foot, then her ankle, then her shin. He gave her thigh extra attention, and lingered on her stomach as his hands made their way under her shirt. Yoruichi didn't stay quiet, either; she let her hands roam the canvas that was Kisuke, her fingers moving past the familiar contours of his arms, back, and chest. When he arrives at her neck, he leaves a trail of moisture as he travels to her earlobe.

"I love you," he whispered, something he usually didn't say.


She laughs and she kisses him, as she wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him down to her.


a/n #2: I know I should be working on my other fic but this idea came to me while I was on vacation and I couldn't leave it alone! Thanks for reading :)