The Brony Survival Guide

Chapter 1: Equestria as a whole.

Written By Jlargent

Me: That's right it is a survival guide for humans in Equesteria. This started when I read The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks and How to be an anime character by Clayton Overstreet, and after reading a good amount of fanfics I started to think I wonder if I can write something similar to the guide only aimed at Bronies and Pegasisters? And this this was born, now since this is more or less a guidebook I have to warn you that I am for the most part winging this. And finally I do not own MLP in any shape or form typical disclaimers apply.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is the latest incarnation of the long running My Little Pony television series and follows the adventures of Twilight Sparkle and her friends in the mythical land of Equestria. But what is Equesteria? How big is it? And what's in there? Hopefully I can answer a few questions.

What is Equestria?

Now any brony can tell you that Equesteria is the homeland in which the series is centered upon. But any non-brony (Anyone who is unaware of the series.) would freak out at the fact that they arrived into a world where ponies are the dominate species. Humans in general tends to fear what they do not understand and would lash out in fear and anger until they are rationalize the situation they are in, unfortunately this can cause some problem that should be resolved as soon as possible..

How big is Equestria?

No one is exactly sure how big Equesteria itself if but I believe that it is roughly the size of the western half of the United States with Ponyville in the exact center of it, now roughly 65-70 miles away from Ponyville is Cantterlot the capitol of Equesteria and home to Princess Celestia and Princess Luna the goddesses of the sun and moon respectively. Located as well is Whitetail Woods which are under pony control it lies west of Ponyville. East of Ponyville is Everfree Forest that do not follow the physics of Equesteria, instead it follows the physics of earth, southeast of Ponyville is Froggy Bottom Bog, located northwest of Ponyville is Ghastly Gorge, and finally Cloudsdale is located outside of Cantorlot and can only be accessed by hot air balloon.

Other places mentioned in canon are not shown so determining their exact location is more or less hit or miss but otherwise what you'll expect when arriving in Equestria.

What's in Equestria?

Well as I have mentioned the dominate species are ponies more specifically normal ponies or 'Earth' ponies as they prefer to be called, pegasus ponies, unicorns and finally alicorns. However there are other sentient creatures that inhabit Equesteria such as dragons, griffons, buffalo, cows, diamond dogs and zebras. Twilight Sparkle mentioned that zebras are from a distant land which indicates that she came from a place outside of Equesteria. Griffons are known to live in mountain ranges so that they can capture their prey more easily. Dragons tend to sleep in caves with their horde of treasure and are notoriously greedy.

Buffalo that live outside of Appleloosa are similar to the native Americans and as such they have a tribe that were at odds with the inhabitants of Appleloosa until the issue was settled by Twilight Sparkle and her friends. Diamond dogs are dogs that have ape-like characteristics and live in gem mines because they have a love for precious stones.

Now that you are aware of the inhabitants of Equestria the next chapter will cover the physiology of ponies.

End of chapter oneā€¦

Me: Sorry for the short chapter but I need a base to start off with. But I promise to get better with the next installments.

As always Hoody Hoo!