Chapter 1

((August 24. 9:00 in the morning))

Walking down the staircase in Martha's orphanage, was a girl named Alyssa who had curly, shoulder length bleach blonde hair in pigtails. She wears a white skirt that looks like the duel academy skirts. Her shirt is a sleeveless shirt like Yusei's but instead of being black and red, it was white and the design was a dark purple, plus instead of the middle being a circle it was a heart. Over her shirt is a jacket that comes half way up her torso and is completely white. Her boots were like Jack's but were completely white.

She was up for a certain reason.

"Yusei? Kalin? Is anybody up?"

Since all she got for an answer was silence she walked into the kitchen to find the lights off.

With a sad expression on her face, she thought aloud, "I guess they forgot…."

Not suspecting anything unusual, she reached over to the light switch and flipped it on. Then she was deafened with the sound of noise makers, three boys and an older woman scream, to what seemed at the top of their lungs, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

Alyssa was shocked to see Martha, Yusei,8, Jack,9, and Kalin,9, with big smiles on their faces, a big colorful banner that said 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALYSSA', a small round cake with chocolate frosting and seven candles being lit by Martha. Alyssa was speechless. She just stood in her spot with a shocked expression on her face. Then as her lips twitched into a smile, she ran up to the three boys.

"You…remembered? But I thought you guys forgot?" she whispered as a tear rolled down her soft pale cheek.

Yusei then jumped off the chair he was standing on, went over to Alyssa, gave her a hug and whispered in to her ear, "How can we forget our best friend's 7th birthday? Besides now you're a year older but your still the youngest."

Alyssa returned the hug to Yusei, and Jack gave a low growl, which broke the two from their hug and they both gave him a questioning look.

"So I take it Yusei is the only one who gets hug?", Jack asked in an annoyed tone.

"Yeah", Kalin said in the same tone, "he's not the only one who happened to remember your birthday."

Alyssa just gave a small chuckle and went straight to Jack, gave him a squeezing bear hug, and gave a peck on the cheek, which made him blush a deep crimson. Alyssa saw this and with a smirk she asked, "Are you happy now?"

Jack didn't say anything. Alyssa then let go of Jack and went to Kalin, who had his arms wide open to welcome her into his embrace. Then a sudden thought popped up in Alyssa's mind. She let go of Kalin and looked around, worried. Martha immediately went up to Alyssa, knelt down to the girl's height and asked in a concerned voice, "What's wrong?"

Alyssa looked around the room one more time before turning back to her foster mother. "Where's Crow? I haven't seen him since our fight on Monday." She looked down and was on verge of tears as she remembered that horrible day. "I guess he's still mad at me for not telling him that I have psychic powers. I mean I didn't mean to, its just….. I already told you guys and I didn't want a bad reaction from him. You guys know how he acts toward people who have psychic abilities." As she was saying this, tears were streaming down her face. She tried to wipe them away but they were continuously replaced by fresh ones. Martha then moved forward and hugged the small girl as she cried. Martha tried to soothe the girl, but just the thought of her best friend hating her made her feel horrible.

Yusei then walked over to Alyssa and Martha and put his hand on Alyssa's shoulder. She looked up, with tears streaming down her face, to see the eight year old put on a gentle smile and say, "Don't worry Alyssa, Crow doesn't hate you. He is just a little mad that's all."

Alyssa wanted to believe him but just couldn't think that one of her best friends doesn't HATE her after breaking their promise to tell each other everything.

Then they heard what sounded like footsteps coming from the staircase. They all turned around to the kitchen door opening and Crow,7, stopping dead in his tracks to see five pair of eyes looked at him.

There was an awkward silence as Crow stared into each pair of eyes. Finally, Jack broke the silence that erupted.

"Crow can I see you outside for a moment?"

"Uhh… sure."

They both walked through the back door of the kitchen, which lead to the back yard. After they had walked outside, Crow shut the door. When Crow turned around he was to the ground. It took him a moment to realize what had just happened.

(Meanwhile inside)

After the door closed, Alyssa let go of Martha and not stopping the tears that were lightly rolling out of her puffy, red eyes. The older woman gently guided the younger girl to a seat at the table. When she sat down all she did was look at her white skirt that lay perfectly in her lap. Then her view was obstructed by a small blue box with a golden ribbon around the box. She looked to her left to see who had given it to her, and found Kalin giving her a heart warming smile. He leaned on his tip toes and whispered to her, "Open it."

She then looked back down at her lap and found another box, but instead it was black with a purple bow. She looked to her right to see Yusei giving her one of his rare smiles. He then whispered to her, "Happy Birthday."

Then she shifted her gaze back down to her lap and closed her eyes. The tears were now barley coming out of her eyes. The smile on both of the boys face faltered when she put the gifts on the table and got out of the chair. When she reached the door that led to the living room, she stopped. Alyssa bowed her head and a single tear escaped her closed eyes and said in a quiet voice, "My birthday isn't happy anymore." With that said she exited the room. But before the door shut completely, she looked in to each of their eyes with her dull green ones and said, "You know where I'll be…." and then shut the door. The only thing they could hear was the faint sound of footsteps and a door open then shut.

Both Yusei and Kalin looked down and then sat at the table. Martha asked if they wanted anything to eat. They both shook their heads and said in sync, "All we want is for Alyssa to be happy."


When Crow finally realized that he had been punched by Jack, he immediately tried to stand up but instead was lifted by his shirt collar. Jack then got right into Crow's face and nearly spat out his anger.

"Why are you such a DOLT? Do you even realize that Alyssa thinks that you hate her cuz what you caused her to do?"

"You know what Jack, when one of your best friends doesn't tell you that they have psychic powers and you weren't prepared for being throw against a wall, then you tell me that you wouldn't be hurt!" Crow said in an angered voice but it kind of came out scared.

"Well I hope that hating psychic people meant more than your friendship with two of your best friends, because if you don't patch things up with Alyssa then you can count me out of being your friend and maybe, just maybe you might lose Yusei and Kalin as your friends as well."

With that speech, Jack dropped Crow and started to walk away. When Crow got to his feet, he noticed that Jack had stopped. Jack turned his head to the side and said, "I bet you don't even know what today is." Then Jack just walked away and out of Crow's sight.

Crow looked at Jack as he walked away. And then he started to think of what today was.

'Today? What's so special about today?'

Crow disregarded it and walked back inside. He saw Martha blowing the candles out of a chocolate cake. He got excited and went to the table to see Yusei and Kalin holding two gift wrapped boxes. As Martha moved the cake to the counter next to the folded banner, he asked the one question that shook him up when he saw the cake…

"Who's birthday is it?"

Yusei, Kalin, and Martha all turned to him with shocked expressions.

"You don't know who's birthday it is?" Kalin asked as his shocked expression to a glare that could drill a hole into Crow's head.

"How in the world do you not know who's birthday it is?" Yusei's voice was laced with anger and disappointment.

Then both of the boys turned their gazes from Crow and got out of the kitchen, not looking back. Crow then turned to Martha who placed a hand on his shoulder. He was confused and didn't know what to think.

"Martha, did I do something wrong?" Crow asked with his voice mixed with hurt and confusion.

"Crow you didn't do anything wrong, but today is Alyssa's birthday. And right now she is not having a pleasant one with thinking that her best friend hates her." Martha said in a caring tone.

"Well I don't think I have friends any more. I mean, her not telling me, that made me think that she doesn't trust me. I don't hate her I'm just mad at what she did. She broke our promise."

Martha noticed for the first time ever, Crow let a tear escape his watery eyes. She then whispered into his ear some advice that he immediately took and dashed out of the room. He came back with some wrapping paper, a paper box containing a gift and a bow. Martha took the paper from Crow and cut out a piece big enough to wrap the small box. Crow then took the paper from Martha and wrapped the gift without the help. He took the bow and carefully positioned it on the box. As an after thought he pecked a little kiss to give it a loving touch.

Crow then jumped from the chair he was sitting in and bolted straight to Alyssa's room. There he stood, right in front of his best friend's door. He took one big breath and knocked, which he got silence for an answer. He knocked again, but got the same answer as before. Silence. He then decided to be bold and open the door with no acceptance to enter.

The room was dark but he could make out the lump in the bed and the sound of quiet sobs. It broke his heart to hear his friend crying over something that was his fault.

"Martha, I don't feel like talking right now." She said in a raspy voice.

"Well good 'cause I'm not good at talking," Crow said with a smile and the present behind his back.

Alyssa jumped at the sound of his voice and turned around to look at the person she didn't really want to see right now. She then sat up in her bed with her legs crossed and her head down. "What do you want Crow?" she said in a sad tone, that caused Crow's smile and heart plummet.

"Well…" he started as he made his way to her bed and sat down in front of her, "I just wanna say that I'm sorry I was a jerk to you on Monday. I was only mad at you because when you told everyone else about your powers and not me, it felt like you didn't trust me enough. So it was my fault, not yours. Oh, and one more thing,"

Alyssa was about to disregard his statement when she looked down. Crow was giving her a badly-wrapped present with a silver bow. Suddenly, she leaned forward and gave him a hug, which of course he returned. She then whispered in his ear some words that made him feel guilty. The two words that made him feel horrible. "You remembered". When in truth, he really didn't.

She let go of Crow and took the gift from him. She easily ripped the paper to revel a paper box. Alyssa opened the box and a gasp escaped her lips. It was a duel monsters card. But not just any duel monsters card, it was a syncro. The card described it as dark attribute, with 2900 attack points and 2000 defense points. The creature was a beautiful dark purple dragon that had white rain-drop shaped dots on it, with long majestic wings that were white and it had a gentle look in its eyes. But what attracted Alyssa the most to the card was its name. White Rain Dragon.

Alyssa's deck was, in a way, confusing to say. Her deck didn't have a certain type of origin like a plant deck or water deck. It was mostly considered as a dark deck because the majority of her monsters were dark attribute. But in all her deck worked extremely well and no matter what card you add, as long as it was light or dark attribute, it would fit perfect like a puzzle.

Alyssa was surprised and couldn't stop staring at the beautiful card that was now hers. She admired the card for what seemed like forever and then tore her gaze away from it to look at Crow. All he had was a smile on his face. He then grabbed her hand and got out of the bed. Alyssa looked up at Crow and gave him a confused expression. She was suddenly thrown out of the bed by Crow's powerful tug.

She stumbled a little bit but kept her balance. Alyssa gave him a small glare and he just smiled back. Crow said in a caring tone, "Now why don't we go down stairs and celebrate your birthday right!"

Alyssa had one of the biggest smiles on her face that he had ever seen. Without realizing that they were still holding hands, together they ran down to the kitchen to have some fun.

(In the kitchen)

Martha was cleaning while Jack, Kalin, and Yusei were just sitting at the table with expressions and moods that were between upset and gloomy. The second the kitchen door opened, everyone turned to a grinning Crow and an ecstatic Alyssa. Happiness in that kitchen was like a contagious disease. When Martha, Yusei, Jack, and Kalin saw the huge smile on Alyssa's face everyone instantly brightened up.

But then things did a U-turn when they saw Crow. The three boys had their faces go from big bright smiles to disgusted features. When Alyssa saw this she gave Crow's hand a firm squeeze.

They both walked fully into the kitchen and she looked them in the eyes. "You guys," Alyssa started in a firm voice that nobody had heard her use before, "Crow has apologized for his reactions and wants to celebrate my birthday the way it should be celebrated. So as a birthday wish, I would like the five of us to be the best of friends we were before Monday."

Everyone looked at each other and then the happiness came back. Everyone had big smiles and up boosted spirits. They made their way to the table and sat down next to each other. They finally let go of each others hand when they sat down.

For the rest of Alyssa's birthday, everyone was beyond happy. Especially Alyssa. From Yusei, her birthday gift was a energy stabilizing bracelet that he had been working on for over a month. It was dark purple with Alyssa's name carved into it. From Kalin, her birthday gift was a purple and white bandana with her name stitched into the fabric. And last, but certainly not least, was from Jack. His gift to her was a pair of earrings. They were in the shape of 'A' and were similar to the ones he would later wear.

Alyssa has never been happier and throughout the dilemma she had realized something. That no matter what, you will always have the friends you grew up with. The same people promised to protect you while you promised the same thing.