Disclaimer: I don't own anything I have mentioned in this story, I also don't own Warriors because Feathertail would have never died and Jayfeather would be with Cinderheart.

"It's Friday Friday Friday Friday!" Graystripe sang as he trotted through camp, his ear buds in place.

"Great Starclan, what is that awful noise!" Firestar stuck his head out of his den. "Graystripe! What in Starclan's name are you doing? Singing Friday, by Rebbeca Black! That's just gross."

"It's Friday, Friday Friday Friday."

Squirrelflight flung a pillow at him, hitting him square in the face, feathers exploding in the clearing. "Knock it off!"

Graystripe pulled the earbud out of his ears, Feathers dotting his pelt. "What was that for?"

"That song sucks! That's what! Who the hell sings about a bus stop?" Dustpelt growled, looking up from his phone. Graystripe looked offended..

"OHHHHHH THATS MY SOONG BRO!" He put his ear buds back on. Firestar sighed; His friend was a lost soul.

"OMG LOOK!" Hollypaw shot out of the apprentinces den, holding a picture of Taylor Lautner. "Look, isn't he sexy!"

"OMG is that TAYLOR LAUTNER! OMG OMG OMG!" Graystripe screeched grabbing the picture from her.

Leafpool stood off to the side. "Oh lol lol lol lol lol." she typed back furiously. Her phone went up. "lol LMTO LOL." She txted back.

Firestar logged onto facebook and stopped dead. "What the hell?" It was a video of Blackstar. Firestar clicked it. The screen was blurry and wavy.

"What a dumbass." Littlecloud snickered as he filmed.

"I'm a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie worl-hhrld. Life is Plastic its FANTASTIC! Come on Barbie lets go Barbie who-who oohhhhh yeaaah!" Blackstar did a little twirl as he sung.

Firestar looked down. 100 likes. Firestar Lol'd.

Blackstar's gonna be pissed

He scrolled down again, looking at the top stories.

"OMG look, its Rowanclaw in Be-jewled sweat-pants!" This time Flametail had taken the picture, it was not a pretty sight.

"AHHHHHH MY EYES THEY BURN!" Ashfur exploded out of the Warriors den. Brambleclaw looked up from his laptop, amusment in his eyes.

"Whats wrong Ashy?"

"You know what you did! Sending my revealing pictures of Tigerstar!" Ashfur whimpered, pawing at his eyes. Squirrelflight fell on her back laughing. Hollypaw drooled over her picture with Graystripe still

"Ohhhh look at those eyes, so intense with love for Bella." Graystripe gushed as he stared at Taylor Lautner's eyes.

"I Know! And look at his Hair." Hollypaw whispered. They book stared at it, perfectly framed. A wet leaf hit the frame, squarley in the middle of his perfect face.

"AHHHHHHHHHH! IT'S SOILD!" Graystripe screamed.

Lionpaw hid behind the nursery, a Nerf dart gun in paw. "Target is locked." He aimed his gun at Graystripe and pulled the trigger. The dart hit him in the eye.


"Attack!" Lionpaw jumped out from behind the nursery, shooting everybody with darts from his gun. Everybody scattered, yowling as the darts stuck to their fur. Cinderpaw glared at him, dressed in camo as she stepped into the clearing. "Let's do this Lionpaw." She pulled out a Nerf Machine gun and aimed it at him. They both leapt at each other, guns going off as they met in mid-air, smashing their heads together.

"OW! Damnnit!" Lionpaw yowled. Cinderpaw got up before he did, placing a paw on his chest and aiming her gun at his face, she pulled the trigger.