An0other chappie of Complete and Utter

" Es esto realmente sucede? Est usted de fiar dos ser?" Sorreltail yelled, watching Spiderleg and Brackenfur break apart, both of them still cursing each other in Spanish.
"Spiderleg! Qu clase de ejemplo que se ajuste a sus hijos?" Daisy sighed dramaticly, fainting as they went at each other again.

"Tomar de nuevo! Lo juro por Starclan que si no lo lleve de nuevo!" Spiderleg growled. Brackenfur looked into his eyes, his eyes glittering.

"Ah, s , ponerla en la cara de piel". Brackenfur snarled. Sorreltail just sighed, taking her ipod and putting her earbuds in. "Los gatos Tom."
"Can somebody please speak English?" Poppyfrost mewed, her eyes bulging.

The moon shone, the stars twinkling around it.
"We have captured Littlecloud!" Onestar said, his fur fluffing out. He had his Hello Kitty doll at his paws. It seemed as no one was listening. Phones were beeping on and off and music blared.

"Good, I want to kill him." Blackstar said, stepping foward. Littlecloud sat with the other medicine cats, who made no move to guard him.

"No, me first!" Leopardstar stepped foward. Firestar was the only that didn't step foward, as he didn't really care if he read the diary or not, maybe because seeing the other leaders in a rage made up for the fact that he read his diary.

Firestar looked over at Littlecloud, making a sweeping motion with his tail telling him to go. Leopardstar, Blackstar and Onestar were still arguing, paying no attention to Littlecloud or Firestar at all. Littlecloud winked, taking out a remote control. Firestar nodded, looking around.

Littlecloud ran off, pushing the button on the remote. A scream was heard as the Gummy Bears shoved their way through the shrubs. Firestar sat down, waving one over. "Hey, can you bring me a Monster? And some Oreos." He asked. The gummy bear nodded, running away.

"WHAT! WHERE THE FUCK DID HE GO!" Blackstar screeched, a gummy bear taking him by the tail and dragging him around.

"No! Save Kitty! Save KITTY!" Onestar yelled in desperation as a gummy bear took his Hello Kitty Doll.

Firestar sat in the tree with his Monster and Oreos. "What fucktard's. If they stopped moving, the Gummy Bears wouldn't go after them." The gathering had broken apart. All the clans went back to their camp without their leaders.

"Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!" Hazeltail chanted, bouncing as she walked. "I love coffee!" she said. "COFFEEEEE!" Hazeltail shouted, jumping on the trampoline and bouncing across the territory, landing in Windclan camp.

"What the hell bro?" Breezepelt spat, setting something aside. He turned the scremo music off of his ipod and licked at the blod on his wrists.
"Uhhh, Breezepelt." Hazeltail backed away. "Your weird." She said, running through Windclan camp as he chased her.

"You emo!" Hazeltail yelled back, laughing at she crossed the border. . . .
"So, Ashfur, how do you like the song?" Squirrelflight mewed, her eyes narrowing.

Blood dripped from Ashfur's ears and pooled on the ground beneath him. "I've heard that song ten thousand times. MAKE IT STOP! I beg of you!"

Squirrelflight smiled, narrowing her eyes in joy.

(I'm sorry this chappie was so short. It was more of a filler then funny because I'm huilty about not updating for you guys. I just have a lot to think about, starting with the fact that the Zombie Apocalyspe has started in Florida, my state just four or five hours from where I live. I'm scared for my life, preparing myself for the worst and watching and reading lots of Zombie stuff, always ready to grab my Softball bats to kick some ass.)

Alright, Imma hold a little questionaire about me, just so you can guess =D everybody gets a plushie of Littlecloud if you guess correctly and a plsuhie of Firestar if you participate.

Which Disney movie is my favorite?
a.) Toy Story b.) The Hunchback of Notre Dame c.) The Little Mermaid.