Tintin in Mexico


-The hijacking scene is based from the "EgyptAir Flight 648 hijack in 1985".

-The "Hell House" part was inspired by the season 1 finale of a Mexican TV Novel for children, "Face of an Angel".

-As revealed by the author, Tintin in Mexico is going to be rewritten due to the lack of "action". A few characters will change or be written out, new will be introduced, and the plot is going to be extended and some parts of it will be removed or changed. However, the original version will remain in the site.

-The foreign contact María mentioned is revealed to be Allan at the end of the chapter.

-The names of the Aztec Hawks are based on their real-life counterparts.

-The name "Atticus Peck" comes from the character Atticus Finch, played by the late Gregory Peck.

-Read the Mexicans' (English) dialogue closely. They have grammatical errors. This is a nod to the poor teaching in (most parts of) the country.

-The flesh-eating scarabs are a nod to "The Mummy" series.

-The "Sacrifice for Santa Muerte" and the first part of "Hell House" chapters have elements based from the real-life Adolfo Constanzo's killings.

-Santa Muerte is actually a popular idol/god in Mexico. The different colours of the cloak have a meaning (i.e. green – money, white – life, red – love/sex...).

-The Santa Muerte pray said in the fanfiction is actually a resumed version of the original one.

-The places the Captain said in the last chapter are a reference to the Tintin pastiches: Tintin in Thailand, Tintin in Switzerland, and Tintin in Paris.

-The two people who are "seen" talking at the end of the last chapter are revealed to be Allan and Gérémi.

-The craftwork market in the first chapter is a reference to the alleged "Palo Mayombe" rituals in the 80s, in Matamoros, Tamaulipas.

I think those are all.

BTW, I'm now free and healthy than ever. Hurray! (I just hope it doesn't happen again).

Stay tuned for "The Italian Plot, : Black Vibes Optional"! (Note: The title of the chappie might change). The "Chapter XII" will be eventually updated!