Sweet Dreams

~Joey loved Topthorn so much~

"Topthorn… No, don't die," Joey neighed sadly as his best friend died from being overworked. He put his head on Topthorn's side, nudging him. Topthorn could barely move. He was dying from exhaustion.

"Joey… I will always love you," Topthorn neighed quietly. He could barely neigh because he could barely breathe. "I'm dying…" He opened his eyes one last time. "Joey, please say hello to Émilie for us…"

"Yes, Topthorn," he nickered. "I will." Thopthorn took his last breath, dying peacefully. "Sweet Dreams, Topthorn…" He sniffed Topthorn one last time before staring off into the distance. Joey decided to watch over Topthorn's body until someone came for him. And he stood there… He stood there until bullets and grenades came raining down.

He raced off, thinking about Topthorn…

Until the day he died.