A/N: A series of drabbles in which Arthur confronts each of the round table gang about Merlin's magic. As always I own nothing. Enjoy!

Also, to my NCIS readers, next chapter of Unconventional Bonding is nearly completed and just needs some minor tweaking. Sorry for the long wait!


He goes to Gwaine first, and tries to approach the topic casually. 'Oh, hello Gwaine. Nice weather we're having. Well done in training today. Fancy a pint? And oh, by the way, did you know that Merlin was a sorcerer?'

Gwaine seems less surprised at the revelation than the fact that Arthur isn't already dashing after his manservant with an executioner's axe, but he attempts to hide this as he says something like "well, I had my suspicions, but he's never told me himself. Still, Merlin is Merlin, magic or no." And he turns his attention back to his mead.