Summary: Years after Aizen's death, Ichigo and Rukia's son accidently becomes a Soul Reaper and starts to learn about his family's secret, while trying to remain a secret from both the Soul Society and his family. 2nd sequel to The Black Wrangler.

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Also please be aware that I'm using the older Romanized names for some of the characters such as Tier Harribel and Coyote Starrk. Meaning instead of their aforementioned names it'll instead be Tia Halibel and Coyote Stark. The reason for this is for continuity reasons within the fic. Also the name of Isshin Kurosaki's Zanpakuto has been revealed recently but, again for continuity reasons, I'm not changing it from the original name that I had for it (which was Chuushuunomeigetsu).

Finally there are most definitely parings in this. The most obvious ones are: Ichigo/Rukia, Uryu/Nemu, Toshiro/Karin, Isshin/Masaki, Gin/Rangiku, Orihime/Hanashiro (OC), and Ukitake/Kaichou (OC). There will be other parings with other characters including but not limited to (Note these are just characters that might have a pairing later in the story but with other people): Yachiru Kusajishi/? & Momo Hinamori/?

Soul Society, two years after Aizen's demise…

Captain Ichigo Kurosaki stood sweating buckets as he checked himself in the mirror for the fiftieth time. He had conquered all sorts of challenges much more life changing than this. He had taken on Ikkaku Madarame, Renji Abarai, Kenpachi Zaraki, and Byakuya Kuchiki in his rescue mission to the Soul Society three years ago and lived. He had defeated the Bount Jin Kariya shortly after that. He defeated renegade third division Captain Amagai after that, quelled a supposed rebellion of Zanpakuto spirits after that, rescued Orihime Inoue from Los Noches after that, rescued his sister Yuzu from a race of evil monsters known as LeBlancs after that and finally killed the Soul Society's greatest foe, Sosuke Aizen. Aizen was far tougher than this so why was he so afraid?

"Ichigo calm down! You're going to do fine!" Captain Renji Abarai said impatiently. Renji was in a tuxedo with a white corsage. His hair had been slicked back and he looked quite sharp. He wasn't even wearing his usual white headband around his forehead.

"I don't know why I'm so nervous Renji! Why am I so nervous?" Ichigo asked as he paced back and forward.

"Oh for crying out loud! Get a grip Ichigo!" Uryu Ishida said in his contrasting white tuxedo. Chad, in a black tuxedo, nodded in agreement.

"He's scared guys. It's only natural. Today's a life changing event for him." Kaichou Kurosaki, Ichigo's Aunt, said as she leaned on the doorframe in a beautiful white silk dress with a white jacket on over it and with a pair of white flower shaped hair clips in her hair.

"H-How is she mom?" Hanashiro Kurosaki, Ichigo's cousin asked. He was also in a tuxedo.

"Gorgeous, naturally." Kaichou replied.

"Well that's a given." Renji said with a smirk.

"By the way, Hanashiro shouldn't you be at your post?" Toshiro Hitsugaya asked. He was also in a tuxedo and he had finally had his growth spurt, but he was still noticeably shorter than everyone else.

"I'm on it." Hanashiro said drawing his Music type Zanpakuto, Kuroseika, and heading for the door. Ichigo continued pacing.

"Oh geez Ichigo stop it already!" Renji yelled. He was ready to pull Zabimaru on him. Just then they heard the sound of girls screaming.

"Uh oh sounds like your father's gone crazy with the camera again I better go kill him before he gets in trouble." Kaichou grumbled as she stalked off. Even in a dress she was deadly. The sound of Isshin yelping in pain was heard shortly afterwards. Karin then entered wearing a spaghetti strap white silk dress that cost a fortune. She had also undergone a growth spurt and much to Toshiro's chagrin, she was slightly taller than him, slightly passing Rukia in height at best.

"Wow he looks nervous." Karin snickered.

"Shut up Karin, now's not the time for you to be prodding him." Renji said as Karin rolled her eyes.

"Oh come on he's my brother." Karin replied as Toshiro approached her.

"Come on; let's leave him alone for now." Toshiro said as he grabbed her by the arm and dragged her away. Then Captain Unohana appeared at the door in a beautiful white version of the regular Soul Reaper uniform.

"Captain Kurosaki, it is time to take your place at the front." Unohana said with a happy smile. Ichigo took a deep breath. Renji, Uryu, and Chad each gave him reassuring looks. Ichigo stepped out into hall where he saw his mother and father looking at him proudly. Masaki quickly straightened the bowtie around his neck with a proud tear. Ichigo turned and looked down the hall and made his way down the center aisle of the chapel where the pews were filled with the Soul Reaper Captains, Lieutenants, and a few third and fifth seats, plus one familiar eighth seat from Squad Four. The Espada, Stark, Halibel, Neliel, Grimmjow, and the Fraccion Lilynette, Apache, Mila-Rose, Sun-Sun, Tesla, Ggio, Loly, and Menoly were present. Ex-Captain Gin Ichimaru was also present.

The next few minutes were a blur until finally Hanashiro, using the Keytar/battle axe hybrid of his Zanpakuto's Shikai to start a march…a wedding march. The entire crowd rose to their feet and at the back end of the chapel, being led by an actually smiling Byakuya Kuchiki, and in a stunning white dress that would make Sode no Shirayuki jealous if it were any other person, was Rukia Kuchiki.

"Ichigo…" her voice said though oddly enough he didn't see her mouth move.

"Ichigo?" she called again.


Ichigo shook awake at the sound of Rukia shouting. It had been twenty years since his and Rukia's wedding day. Ichigo was now thirty eight and had taken over the family business of being a doctor…well at least the human business. The true and secret business of the Kurosaki Clan was that of being Soul Reapers…a secret which his children didn't know. He and Rukia had been blessed with a son, Kaien, named after the late Lieutenant Kaien Shiba, then a daughter, Hisana, named after Rukia's late older sister. Kaien was fifteen and Hisana was ten.

Ichigo's parents had moved permanently to the Soul Society but would come for a visit every year for Christmas. Ichigo's cousin Hanashiro had married Orihime and they had triplets, two boys and a girl. The boys were named Sosuke, after Hanashiro's father and in an effort to try and make the name Sosuke a better, nicer one, and Sora after Orihime's late brother. The girl was named Tatsuki in honor of her godmother. All three were fifteen. Tatsuki Arisawa had opened her own martial arts studio and had taught Kaien and was still teaching Hisana. Uryu, now a surgeon at Karakura Hospital like his father, and Lieutenant Nemu Kurotsuchi had gotten married and they had one child, a boy named Soken, but he was fourteen. Chad had become a lab technician at Karakura Hospital. The former Tercera Espada, Nel, had fully embraced life in the world of the living and had become a school teacher. Ironically she was now the teacher at Kaien's High school. Ichigo's adopted cousin Neko Kurosaki had opened up a tea shop in Karakura and ran it with Hanashiro and Orihime's help. Yuzu was Ichigo's nurse at the clinic and lived next door with Neko as her roommate. Karin had become a full time Soul Reaper. She had even become the Captain of Squad Five with Momo Hinamori as her Lieutenant two years ago. Karin and Toshiro were engaged to be married later in the year but they already had a child, a one year old daughter named Mai. Mai lived with her parents in the Soul Society naturally. Ichigo's Aunt Kaichou had become Captain Jushiro Ukitake's common law wife and despite being retired, she took on the role of his acting Lieutenant. Byakuya would come visit every now and then with some sort of lavish gift to give to his niece and nephew. He had already paid for their college tuition. Gin Ichimaru had been stripped of his rank as Captain for having sided with Aizen but he later betrayed Aizen and was allowed to remain a Soul Reaper. His daytime job was working as a clerk at Kisuke Urahara's shop.

"Ichigo are you even listening to me?" Rukia asked impatiently. Ichigo's eyes shot open. He was lying in bed. He checked the clock on the nightstand and groaned. It was half an hour before they usually got their children up for school.

"I'm up." He grumbled as he pulled himself out of bed. Rukia was just finishing throwing on a house frock and she had already laid out Ichigo's clothing. Ichigo now was noticeably older, but his hairstyle had not changed one bit. He did however sport a stubble beard now. Since he owned and ran the clinic, he had no formal dress code, save for the white doctor's coat he left hanging on a coat rack in the clinic section of the household, so he simply wore a light blue shirt and a pair of blue jeans. As he finished stretching he noticed Rukia smoothing out some wrinkles with her back turned to him. Rukia, in terms of outward appearances, hadn't changed much. Her hair had grown straight and long, draped around her shoulders, but she retained the single stray bang between her eyes. Ichigo smiled as he snuck up behind her and put his arms around her petite form. She blushed under his embrace and let a giggle escape.

"If you keep fussing at me every morning then I'll give you something to fuss about." Ichigo whispered into her ear, causing her to blush even more.

"Ichigo as much as I would love to do that right now, need I remind you that we already have two children and they're quite enough." Rukia said with a giggle.

"You're right. I've got to make sure that Kaien's up." Ichigo said with a dark grin. He immediately slinked out of the room as Rukia mentally started counting down from three. When she reached one she heard Ichigo shout…

"GOOD MORNING KAIEN!" followed by an earth shattering crash. In Kaien's room, the black haired teenager and his strawberry haired father had their fists pressed against each other's cheeks.

"Not bad. You'll one day get to be like me." Ichigo grunted as they pulled their fists from each other. Kaien gave a scowl that only Ichigo's son could pull off.

"Give me a break dad! You've pulled this crap ever since I turned fourteen! What, are you going to do this to Hisana when she turns fourteen?" Kaien asked as Ichigo grinned.

"Maybe. Maybe not. I guess we'll both find out when she's older. Now hurry up and get dressed, you don't want Miss Oderschvank to get mad and believe me when I say that you don't want to see her mad." Ichigo said as Kaien gave him a curious look.

"How do I know if she's mad? She's always so calm and polite in class. By the way she has us call her Miss Neliel." Kaien replied. Ichigo glanced over his shoulder with a smirk on his face.

"Let me put it this way. If she ever says the phrase "Declare, Gamuza," then find some cover because she'll blow away anyone who gets in her path." Ichigo said, leaving Kaien completely confused. At fifteen, Kaien was slightly shorter than his father but just about everyone towered over his mother. He looked exactly like his father except his hair was black but kept in the same style as his father. Hisana had gone through an early growth spurt and matched her mother's height exactly to the centimeter. Speaking of Hisana, the orange haired ten year old was similar to her mother however, drawing skills included. She was also a bit of an actress like her mother but only her parents and brother could tell when she was acting, much to their own confusion when others bought her cheesy acting. Hisana wore her orange hair almost exactly like her aunt Karin's when she was ten except with a single long bang that dangled between her eyes like her mother but split at the end like her namesake. She was sitting at the breakfast table reading the back of her cereal box. Rukia, not really a cook, sat across from her reading a fashion magazine. Kaien emerged from upstairs in his school uniform and headed for the table.

"Kaien your fly is open." Hisana said with a smirk, earning a scowl from her older brother.

"Yeah right, nice try." He replied but Rukia couldn't help but suppress a laugh.

"Um, Kaien, she's not kidding." She said as Kaien blushed and adjusted his fly.

"Come on give me a break." Kaien grumbled. Kaien privately wondered if his sister had mood swings because sometimes she was sweet and innocent and other times she was sinister and evil, at least that was his opinion.

"Uh Kaien." Hisana said, causing Kaien to groan before turning towards his sister.

"What?" he asked. Then he saw it, a slightly invisible person with a chain attached to its chest and floating in midair. It was a ghost.

"Oh great not another one! Mom can't you see it?" Kaien asked pointing right at the floating specter. Rukia looked around over her shoulder but didn't see anything, or at least she didn't react like there was anything.

"Sorry kids, I don't see anything. But you two better hurry on to school so you're not late." Rukia said as Hisana grabbed her pink Chappy the Rabbit backpack and headed for the door. Kaien shrugged and grabbed his own backpack and followed Hisana out. As soon as the two were out of sight Rukia quickly pulled on a red fingerless glove with the skull insignia on it and smacked her forehead, shedding her Gigai, revealing her black kimono, hakama, and white obi sash. On her left sleeve was a white armband. What she didn't count on was Kaien passing back by the window at that moment and notice both her body and her Soul Reaper form. He quickly hid as he watched her draw a katana and press the bottom of the hilt to the ghost's forehead. The ghost slowly disappeared into the ground before Rukia turned back around and reentered her body. She immediately returned to the fashion magazine, completely clueless that her own son had witnessed the whole thing.

At Karakura High School…

Kaien walked down the hall with a thoughtful look on his face. His mind was trying to figure out what the heck it was he had just seen. As a result he wasn't watching where he was going and proceeded to crash into something soft yet firm.

"Uh, Mr. Kurosaki, I don't think this sort of behavior is appropriate." Miss Neliel Tu Oderschvank said as she pulled him away from her breasts with a serious look on her face. She physically had hardly changed at all. The Gigai she wore masterfully hid her Arrancar mask and the pink facial on her face, however she had opted (at least since Aizen's death) to leave the big number three tattoo on her Gigai as a sort of homage to her days as the Terceira Espada. She wore a grey business suit that had a hint of green in it with a matching knee length skirt and with a white dress shirt underneath the jacket. Kaien's face turned beet red from embarrassment.

"I am so sorry Miss Neliel; I should have watched where I was going." Kaien said apologetically, causing Neliel to smile and pat him on the head.

"Ah you are your father's son. Alright I'll forgive you this time but next time I'm sending you Principal Kojima." Neliel said as Kaien quickly scrambled into the classroom. He then ran into his first cousins Sosuke and Sora. Sosuke looked exactly like his namesake, complete with the brown hair and the single curly bang...fortunately he wasn't evil. He was the heartthrob of many of the girls at school though. Sora was his identical twin but kept his hair curled and he wore a pair of brown glasses. He looked exactly like Sosuke Aizen prior to his betrayal. They were humorously nicknamed the Brains (Sora) and the Beauty (Sosuke) by some of the other students.

"Hey guys." Kaien said as he approached the twins.

"Hey Kaien, what's up?" Sosuke asked.

"Just crashed into Miss Neliel's chest…I thought I was about to die." Kaien said as Sora and Sosuke both nodded.

"You sir are very lucky in two respects. One you got that close to Miss Neliel's chest and two you got away with it." Sora said with a smile. He was intelligent true but he was also a red blooded male when it came to women. He respected them but he did appreciate their…(ahem) assets.

"Perverts." Tatsuki mumbled as she passed by. Physically she was built exactly like her mother when she was fifteen, with long orange hair and large breasts but her personality was more tomboyish and she had the trademark Kurosaki scowl on her face most of the time. She wore her hair in a ponytail most of the time. Curiously she and Kaien got along fairly well, Kaien sometimes acting as go between for her and any wannabe suitors. Along with her brothers being nicknamed Brains and Beauty, she was nicknamed the Brawn because she didn't hesitate to use the black belt in karate she had earned on people who annoyed her.

About that time Soken Ishida Jr. entered, ignoring them with an arrogant air. He looked similar to his father but he had his grandfather's blue hair which acted as a source of frustration to him so he constantly endeavored to dye it black. He didn't wear glasses however which surprised Ichigo the first time he had met the boy. They all suspected that his grandfather was to blame for both his blue hair and lack of bad eyesight, though naturally Mayuri would never own up to it. He had been bumped up to Neliel's class early in the semester and, despite being fourteen, he had the highest grade average in the class. Sora had the third highest and Kaien had the fifteenth. Tatsuki was sixteenth while Sosuke was twenty third. Regardless, he didn't socialize much, or even at all with the others.

"Well hello to you too sis." Sosuke said, earning a twitchy eyed glare from his twin sister that made him cower behind Kaien.

"HEY! I've already had a near death experience once already today I don't need another one!" Kaien yelped as he pulled Sosuke out from behind him.

"Alright all of you, simmer down, let's have some decorum." Miss Neliel said as she entered the classroom. The students instantly fell silent and headed to their desks. Throughout the class he couldn't help but think back to the moment earlier when he saw his mother in those strange robes. It wasn't until lunch that he had a chance to talk about it. Up on the roof of the school with Sosuke and Sora sitting near him and with Tatsuki sitting off nearby, they sat eating until Kaien finally spoke up.

"Hey…have any of you ever seen someone in black robes and carrying a katana?" Kaien asked, receiving curious looks from the three around him.

"What are you talking about?" Sora asked.

"I feel like…well you'll think it's silly but. This morning I saw my mother literally shed her body like it was an outer skin and appear in these black robes with a katana. She then presses the hilt of her sword to the forehead of a ghost and the ghost disappears. Then she gets back into her body and goes on as if nothing happened." Kaien explained.

"You're right, that is silly." Sosuke commented.

"Yeah it sounds more like something out of an anime or manga series to me." Tatsuki added.

"Are you sure you weren't seeing things?" Sosuke asked.

"Pretty sure. Then again I don't know. Well you guys see ghosts all the time right?" Kaien asked as the other three nodded. That was one thing that all four of them had in common. They all could see ghosts.

"Perhaps you should ask them about it." Sora said as Kaien shrugged.

"I don't know but maybe-…" Kaien said but his sentence was interrupted by a strange roar off in the distance. The sound sent chills down their spines.

"Was that one of those monsters?" Tatsuki asked, leaping to her feet.

"I don't know, maybe." Sosuke replied.

"Oh yes it was! Look!" Sora exclaimed pointing north where a large hideous beast with a white skull like mask stomped through the streets nearby. It acted like it was heading right towards the school.

"It's heading right towards us!" Kaien exclaimed. Just then he noticed something moving in the parking lot below. He looked and saw Miss Neliel walking straight towards it.

"Look Miss Neliel is about to get smashed by that thing!" Kaien exclaimed. Just then he saw Neliel put on a green fingerless glove and press it to her shoulder, shedding her body exactly the same way Rukia had earlier in the day. However instead of the black robes she wore a white kimono and hakama, and a black obi sash. On her head was a white skull like mask of her own though hers was shaped like that of an animal skull.

"What the hell?" Tatsuki exclaimed. Neliel opened her mouth with a gasp and instantly the giant creature started to glow with pink energy before it started flowing into her mouth, leaving only the mask behind to crumble away into dust when only it remained. Neliel wiped her mouth and then reentered her body before heading back inside.

"Then again…maybe you weren't seeing things." Sosuke said as the others nodded in agreement.

End Chapter 1.

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