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He isn't sure, but he feels like his mother is right about all that god stuff. Because surely, if it wasn't a higher power doing this to him, then it would be the universe. And he loved the Universe too much to put any blame on it.

It was God, or Satan, whatever it was that his mother grumbled on about all day.

He was to be sent to high school. A grade ten class, he'd spend the entire year there, but only to socialize, nothing else. He'd attend classes and such, to make friends. The year that he was supposed to spend in Germany has been moved over a year at his mother's request. Her dear Shelly needed something other than those stars that he talked to.

For the first time in his life, he acted like a petulant child, he complained, whined, and was even near tears, but Mary wouldn't budge. Germany could wait a year, it's not like he'd have trouble in high school.

He had a PhD for crying out loud, did he really need to revert back to tenth grade math?

The universe couldn't do this to him, only a higher power would be able to pull this off. Or maybe his mother, he didn't know which one was stronger.

He didn't like the way his father looked at him. While he was away at school, he was able to escape his family, his brother, his sister, his overbearing mother, and absentee father. Sheldon felt like an invalid when he was home, his entire family treated him like a burden, the entire town looked at his mother and father with sympathy. As if Sheldon had a disability. Everyone, with just one look, conveyed how they felt about him; we feel sorry for you.

So he made sure everyone knew not to, he was better than them. He'd shape the world, he'd make a difference, everyone else, his mother, father, sister, brother, town preacher, all those kids at school, all of them would die without moving a speck of dust. They'd be buried underneath history, Sheldon would be different. He would be listed among those that made history, he'd be one of the greats, he'd be one of those that changed the world for what it was now. For what it will be.

But for now, his mission was delayed.

High school...he'd be a sophmore in high school. As if he didn't conquer tenth grade math when the rest of his school mates were still trying to fit the triangle in the square. He hasn't seen most of these children since he left to go to school in Austin.

He had a plan though, he'd just act like those moody teenagers that Missy is always pining over on TV. He'd wear a sweatshirt, and listen to his ipod, he'd learn German while he sat through the mind numbing hours of TV the teachers wouldn't talk to the brooding bad boy, they'd leave him alone to well...brood. Maybe he'd work on his thesis too, maybe he'd finish it. He probably would, there wouldn't exactly be anything to keep his mind distracted.

It worked for the most part, upon seeing him, the teachers would send him straight to the back, and none of the other kids would even look at him. He cracked open his text book, turned on the German Audio download and went to work. Yes, he'd finish his PhD. Science was the end of the day period, there were lab tables, which would mean he'd have a partner. It was just a little dent in his plan, the person that would sit beside him wouldn't even notice. He'd hope not at least.

So the teacher rambled on about electricity, getting most of the facts wrong. Leaving more than necessary amount of crucial information out. Sheldon got to sit by himself anyways, no one would be his partner, he smirked into his text book. He learned in the beginning of the day that one of his ear of his headphones were broken, probably due to Missy's negligence to his things. The teacher was in the middle of explaining how metal doesn't transfer through electricity when a blonde girl barged in.

"Sorry Mr. Archer, guidance just changed my schedule, looks like I'm in your science class now."

Oh, Sheldon thought uselessly, it seems as though he'd have a partner. He just hoped she'd mind her own business and be less irritating then the rest of his peers.



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