A/N: I'm back! With something that's not a one shot! Inspired by grannysmythe(dot)tumblr(dot)com 's idea of what if all of Glee had been a dream. Then someone had replied with the comment of 'Kurt comes back to reality only to have Puck throw him in the dumpster? So, voila! I hope you guys enjoy, and I'll try my very best to update this on a regular basis. :)

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Kurt jumped slightly, startled out of his day dream. "Wha?"

Noah Puckerman rolled his eyes, scoffing. "Stop being difficult! We're trying to be nice here! Unless you really want your new clothes trashed?"

Kurt shook his head, his eyes holding a long-lost look in them. "But. . . Blaine?"

Puck looked around, his eyes settling on Finn Hudson, his best friend. "What's he talking about dude?"

Finn shrugged, his eyebrows knitting together in confusion. "I have no idea. Is there a Blaine that even goes to this school?"

"No idea."

The two turned back to the fashionista before them. Puck went for his arms, Finn going for Kurt's legs. "Gay kid up!"

The familiar feeling of being thrown and then an aburpt, slightly painful (curse whoever thought it would be safe to throw an old pair of scissors in the trash!) landing hit Kurt. Then the following high fives, the comments, the laughing while walking away, all topped off with "See you tomorrow, gay face!" Kurt sighed, trying to push the sick feeling back down.

Surely, he thought, throwing an old, rotten banana peel off of his head, it hand't been a thought, now distant? It had all seemed so real. Glee Club, the friends, the competitions, people finally sticking up for him, Dalton, Blaine, the kiss and the love they made. . .

But, looking down, he realized that he was wearing the same blue sweater from Marc Jacobs New Collection, Fall 2009. He sighed, searching around for his bag. He didn't even want to go to class anymore. Not that he was big on it in the beginning. But now, he just wanted to lay here. He wanted Dalton and friends and Blaine. Dalton. . . Does it even exist? Kurt bit his lip, trying to remember what possible information his dreamworld had given him.

Then it hit him.


He sighed. Like this 'Blaine' kid would even know who he was. He wasn't even sure if this Blaine Anderson and Dalton existed in the first place. Which, honestly, was most doubtful. It was like those Disney movies Kurt used to watch. It was too perfect to be real. It was just a dream.