Author's Note: So, I was going to do a more serious fiction, but this idea popped in my head and would not let go. The premise isn't entirely original; (I got the idea from an old Monk rerun, mixed with the amazing fanfiction Lil Sammy by ScifinutTX. Seriously, if any of you watch Supernatural, read it. It is one of the best written fanfictions I have ever read) but I liked the idea. Hopefully you all do too…I'm not too sure about it. No infringement is intended. Reviews are much loved!


"All I'm saying is it is possible." Sam said, holding out his hands in a surrendering gesture as the two partners walked into the office. Kensi and Deeks looked up in interest at the discussion.

Callen glanced at him. "Yeah, Sam; it is possible for squirrels to plan and execute a covert mission just to make your life miserable."

"You say that with such sarcasm. You wouldn't be saying that if you had the little rodents running over your patio furniture every day." Sam said huffily as he poured a cup of coffee. He set the Styrofoam cup down to get a lid and turned away.

"I don't have patio furniture." Callen supplemented with a smile as he snagged the coffee, already halfway back to his desk before Sam could react. Sam shook his head in annoyance.

"You don't have furniture." Sam snapped as he poured another cup. "But it is possible."

"What is possible?" Kensi finally asked.

"Sam thinks squirrels stole his cell phone." Callen explained, taking a sip of his pilfered caffeine.

"Oh my God. Hetty is going to kill you." Deeks said. "Those things are hard to replace."

"No, not that cell phone. My personal one." Sam explained.

"Why do you think squirrels stole it?" Kensi asked, focusing on the more unusual part of the sentence, unlike her partner.

"I left my phone out there last night, went into the house for ten minutes, and it was gone when I came back." Sam said flatly.

"And…you assume the squirrels took it?" Kensi said incredulously.

"I just said it was possible." Sam said. "I've been dealing with the furry little monsters all year; could be they took their revenge."

"I don't think he got a lot of sleep last night." Callen said apologetically to Kensi.

"Red squirrels or grey? Because those grey ones are evil, I tell you." Deeks said to Sam.

"Oh, no. He's enabling." Kensi groaned. Fortunately, Eric's whistle ended all discussions of devious squirrels and missing cell phones. The team took the stairs two at a time, eager for their next case. Eric, Nell and Hetty were all in their usual places, causing the team to wonder how Hetty managed to get past them without them noticing.

Eric looked excited, but maintained his calm as he brought up a grainy surveillance photo of a man in his forties, exchanging a briefcase with a young woman.

"This is Vincent Mallone." Eric indicated the man. "He's a known arms dealer, money launderer and an information broker. Every government agency has been after him for decades, but there was never enough proof to convict."

Nell took up the train of thought. "We almost got him on a murder of a Naval petty officer a year ago, but he dropped off the grid before we could pick him up."

"I remember." Sam said, and Kensi vaguely remembered the case herself. It hadn't been assigned to Callen's team, but the whole office had been outraged that the man had been a half step ahead of them.

"And when we say off the grid, we mean off the grid." Eric said, giving Sam a nod of acknowledgement. "No credit cards, no telephone calls, no popping up on security cameras."

"Until now." Deeks noted.

"Until now." Nell agreed. "This was taken at a parking garage uptown yesterday afternoon. We identified the young woman he is seen with as a Ms. Lorna Spencely."

She brought up what looked like a business card, with the same young woman smiling out at them.

"She's a therapist?" Kensi asked, reading the card in surprise.

"A hypno-therapist." Eric corrected. "Mallone has a habit of placing a lot of stock in hypnosis, crystals, fortune tellers…"

"But so far, we have no real connections between Spencely and Mallone." Nell finished.

Hetty interposed. "Director Vance wants us to find out why, after almost sixteen months of successful hiding, Mallone surfaces now."

"We'll interview Spencely, see what she can tell us." Callen said.

"Very good; but Agents Hanna and Blye will not be leaving this building."

The agents in question looked up in surprise. "Hetty? Why?" Kensi asked.

"Neither one of you has completed your mandatory partner evaluations for this quarter. You are not to leave this office until they are done." Hetty said with finality. "Agent Callen and Detective Deeks can handle Ms. Spencely."

"Together?" Kensi asked in disbelief. She could not remember Deeks and Callen ever working together, and was dubious about their ability to get along.

"Yes. I'm sure they can handle it." Hetty said simply. Callen and Deeks seemed to take the news calmly, even gleefully.

"All those times you get on me about finishing my forms." Callen shook his head at Sam as he walked by. "I am disappointed."

"Shut up." Sam snapped. Kensi silenced Deeks's smart comment with one look; she already felt a headache coming on. She hated partner evaluations, and she hadn't even started it. Almost eight pages to complete before she went home, while Deeks and Callen got to do actual work…she groaned. Could this day get any worse?


Sam reclined back on his chair, rubbing his neck. The evaluation was almost done; he would be cleared to work on whatever leads Callen and Deeks brought back. He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath; maybe this day could be salvaged.

He heard a familiar voice speaking loudly; unusually loud.

"Look at that! This place is beau…beau…pretty!" Callen sounded uncharacteristically excited.

"Yes, yes it is; Cal. Let's keep our voices down so Uncle Sammy doesn't hear us." Deeks sounded incredibly nervous. This couldn't be good.

"Uncle Sammy?" Callen sounded confused, and the voices were getting louder. "I don't remember him, Uncle Marty."

"Oh, you will. You will." Deeks said, still nervous. At this exchange Sam opened his eyes and stood up. He was going to find out what was going on, right now. He took two steps toward the door when he was tackled from the side.

"What the…" He steadied himself and looked down in surprise. Callen was hugging him tight.

"I remember you!" He said in excitement, looking up at Sam, then frowned. "But I…I don't know why…" He tilted his head, then grinned. "Do you see that?" He released Sam and pointed toward an intern rolling a rack of clothes from Wardrobe. "Bright colors!"

Sam turned and glared at Deeks, who seemed to be trying to melt into the wall behind him. Sam folded his arms and growled darkly.

"What did you do to him?"