Title: Story of Me and Him

Rating: T (some chapter will be rated M)

Disclaimer: No, I don't own anything.

Summary: Reborn had known Tsuna since he was one and Tsuna was three. As each year passes by, he starts to doubt if he really sees Tsuna as a big brother and senpai. And the wet dream is not helping. AU R27/27R

Warning: Characters will be OOC since some of them don't join the mafia, kawai (sometimes naïve) Reborn and Arcobaleno, big brother type, smart and touchy (only to Reborn) Tsuna, this chapter is rated M so be careful.

"Ngh! AH!" Reborn gasped when something brushed against his prostate. His breathing became heavy as he clutched the mattress under him. His knuckles became white because of how strong he clutched the sheet. In his blurry vision, he saw a figure leaned forward and softly kissed his lips. When the figure pulled away, he smiled between his hard breathing as he heard the person cooing soft words to him.

"Shh, it will feel good very soon, I promise. Don't tense." He felt a second finger slipped in. He gasped slightly as he tried to relax. The person sighed before he leaned down and captured Reborn's lips in a searing kiss. Reborn returned the kiss eagerly as he put his arms around his partner's neck, each trying to dominate the other. In the end, Reborn lost and melted into the kiss. As the raven haired teen was too preoccupied with the kiss, he did not notice the fingers started scissoring in and out.

The person cleverly slipped in the third and final finger into the other's entrance and scissoring slowly as he distracted him with the kiss. When they pulled away, their breathing intertwined with each other. Reborn looked into the brown orbs lustfully.


"Tsuna-nii, take me. Make me yours….please." Reborn pleaded in a low voice. Tsuna smiled tiredly before pulled out his fingers, aware of Reborn's whimper. He positioned himself between Reborn's legs and slowly pushing in. Reborn immediately tensed when something bigger entering his hole. Tsuna scrunched up his face when Reborn clenched around him.

"Ahh, don't do that Reborn." Tsuna whispered.

"Do…what?" Reborn asked with his eyes closed, unaware of the other's discomfort but surprisingly, pleasurable.

Tsuna moaned softly before decided to leave it be. When he was all the way in, both of them panted softly for air. Tsuna leaned forward and softly pecked Reborn's lips. Reborn's eyes were glassy because of tears.

"Tsuna-nii, I love you."

Tsuna smiled, "I love you too, Reborn."

Tsuna pulled out almost all the way out before slamming in and directly hit Reborn's prostate in one go. The latter screamed loudly as a sudden wave of pleasure hit him. Tsuna smirked slightly before once again slamming in. The result was the same, much to his joy. Slowly, he repeated the actions as he listened to Reborn's screams of pleasure that was music to his ears.

Reborn's toes were curled as he clutched the mattress. He could not stop the moans that kept escaping his mouth.

"H-Harder!" he exclaimed. Tsuna stopped momentarily and grabbed the younger boy's hands then pinned it above his head.

"Harder you say." He said softly before quickened his pace. He hit the prostate harder than before, making sure to bruise it. Reborn grunted approvingly.

Soon enough, Reborn was the first to releases his cum all over his stomach. Tsuna followed suit after a few more thrusts.

"WAH!" Reborn sat up as he panted. His breathing was hard as he tried to calm his rapidly beating heart.

'W-what the heck was that!' He asked himself. After his heart was steady, he realized something.

His pyjama was uncomfortable.

He immediately stripped his pyjama along with his boxer and….

"Oh my God….."

With all its glory, his….item was standing proudly and rather….excited. Reborn realized that the tip had a liquid was leaking out. He gulped. He turned at the table beside his bed and looked at the clock. The electronic device showed 6:30am in red light. He ran a hand through his hair and sighed.

"Well, might as well go to school now." He kicked the mattress aside and went to the bathroom. After finishing his routine and taking care of the bed sheet (it has something sticky on it), he went to the kitchen and ate oatmeal with milk with his school uniform on, a Namimori Middle uniform with a dark vest. His spiky black hair was still slightly wet from the shower. As he drank his milk slowly, his mind wondering about the dream.

'What the hell was that? That was the first time. We usually just kiss and….' His face turned scarlet red.

'N-no, this is wrong! What would Tsuna-nii think if he finds out that I was…?' His blush turned redder as he replayed what happen in his dream.

"GAH! Stop thinking about that, baka!" he slammed his head to the wood table. He slowly felt there was something below him that started grew uncomfortable. His cheeks were flushing and his pants getting tighter.

"This is ridiculous. This is friggin' ridiculous! Why the hell am I blushing like a friggin' school girl! Tsuna-nii will castrate me if he finds out…." The Italian teen flushed at the very thought of his Tsuna-nii. He sighed dreamily. Tsuna-nii is so handsome. The half Japanese boy had a very smooth and masculine voice whilst he had a rather high-pitched voice. He was tall, but not as tall as his other friends. His spiky hair always seemed to shining under the sunlight. His brown honey eyes can draw people in and seemed to always look into your very soul. Tsuna-nii's body was not too bulky, just enough to show his daily training with his friends. Why they always train he would never knew. Not only that, Tsuna-nii was also a model student for first year in Namimori High. He was one of the popular sophomores this year. With his good looking and outstanding grades, people would kill to be his friend. His big brothers, Dino and Giotto, both second year and third year in Namimori High, were also very popular.

Giotto Vongola was the president of the Student Council and was also very good looking. His spiky blond hair, masculine body and blue cerulean eyes just scream hot. He and Tsuna-nii was step-brother with different father. Before his mother, Sawada Nana, an ex-model in Japan, married to Iemitsu, she married to an Italian business man. When Giotto was four month, his father Federico Vongola*, died in an aeroplane crashes during his trip to Milan from Italy, leaving all his fortune to his wife, Giotto's mother. Nana-san retired from her carrier and lived in Italy for a few months before she met another man, Sawada Iemitsu and they were married in Japan. Nana-san left the mansion her late husband left her, with reason to keep it until her children to grow and they will take care of the mansion. Before Giotto turned two, his mother gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Dino.

Sawada Dino has nothing to back up his popularity except for his dazzling look and gentlemanly manner. He was clumsy unless his brothers were around in the radius of 50 metres whether he realized it or not. He, like his big brother, has blond hair and brown eyes, just like Tsuna-nii and Nana-san. His grades depend on how far his brothers from him. Giotto would always find a way to keep their classes close to boost the blonde's grades. Sometimes they were not so lucky and Dino would fail his tests rather miserably. Sometimes, when they were so desperate, they would blast off some classes with the help of some friends and the teacher would have to share classes or just beside it. They were crazy, Reborn decided.

All in all, their family was the epitome of rich and beautiful. Sawada Nana always received invitation to a fashion show as a judge or honourable guest. Sawada Iemitsu was a successful business man in Italy. Their house no, mansion was always the talk of the people of Namimori.

Reborn snapped out of his daydreaming when the bell of his apartment rang. He sighed before he left the kitchen and answered the door. When he opened the door, it was Colonello, his best friend and neighbour. The blond wore the standard Nami-chuu uniform with a long sleeved vest just like him (but Reborn wore sleeveless vest) and his green bandana. He had a soccer ball under his lower right armpit and his school bag on his other shoulder.

"What is it? It's still too early to go to school." The raven haired teen leaned on his doorway with his hands in pockets.

The blond shrugged, "I have morning practice and I have a feeling that you already woke up so here I am, kora. Let's go. Verde and Lal won't wake up until 7:30."

Reborn sighed, he was caught again. Colonello had been always good in reading him. "Give me a minute." He went inside and went to the kitchen. He put the bowl and glass into the sink before he grabbed his bag on the couch. After locking the door, the two Italian teen left the apartment complex. After five minutes of walking, Colonello broke the silence.

"Wanna talk about it? I hope it isn't as bad as the last time, kora. You practically fainted during lunch just because I said Sawada-senpai would kill you if he finds out." The blond casually said without looking at his friend. Reborn flushed as he remembered what happened last week.

"Sorry for the trouble. Lal lectured me in my apartment for two hours straight about me not eating healthy food."

"Yeah, and Verde and I had to use cotton to blocked our ears because she was too loud. Verde wasn't too lucky because his room is right beside yours. I barely can stand it because mine is one door from you."

"And that one door is Lal's."

"Okay, tell me, what is it this time, kora?"

Reborn gulped, "It's the third base this time." He said quietly. Colonello stopped in his track and stared wide eyes at his friend slash rival.

"No way…." He said in disbelief.

Reborn nodded, "I can't believe it too. It's getting worse! I have to wash the sheet every friggin' morning! How long is this going to happen!"

Colonello looked at his friend sympathetically, "I think it's time for us to get some help. It's been three weeks Reborn! And we don't have any damn idea why is this happening, kora! The girls would giggle their head offs when I ask about this and they won't give the damn answer! Let's search for it in the internet after school, my place."

"Tell me, Colonello. What happened the last time you tried to?" Reborn grinned. Colonello paled.

"Don't remind me, kora! How should I know those….those pictures would show up! Damn, I didn't turn my laptop on for two days!"

Reborn chuckled, "Let's use Yahoo Answer. At least it won't show any pictures. But I remember something it write, was it wet dream?"

"Yeah, it says it's because of hormone in human's body. What's a hormone anyway? I don't remember any part of human's body called that."

"The answer?" they looked at each other before grinned, "Internet." They said in unison.

"Soooo, are you going to tell me the details of your wet dream about Sawada-senpai?" Colonello grinned at his friend evilly. Reborn turned red. He was about to threw any reason but the gate of the school came into their view.

'Saved by the friggin' hell!' Reborn mentally kissed the school's name. "Sorry, I can't tell you now that we're in school. Squalo and Levi will give our name for detention."

"Awh! That's no fair! I will get it out of you, kora! Just you wait, you sideburn freak!"

"Hey! Leave my sideburn out of this! She had done nothing wrong, you friggin' soccer idiot!"

"What! How dare you insult the greatness of Namimori that is soccer! No! Give my soccer ball back! No! Please, have mercy! No!"

"Hahahaha! Take that! That friggin' ball is now soaking wet! Hahahaha!"



Tsuna stretched his muscle after the last period. Now was lunch so he has to wait for his brother, Dino. That boy is completely helpless without him or Giotto. As he was waiting for his brother and his friends from the bathroom, his mind wandering to a certain raven. He smiled as he thought of the Italian teen. Tsuna admitted that he indeed had fallen in love with his childhood friend and little brother figure. The boy was just…..too exciting, and fun to tease and cute. Yes, he Sawada Tsunayoshi thought of Reborn, Nami-chuu's idol, cute.

To Tsuna, Reborn is the cutest boy he ever knew. His black coal eyes were not too big but still rounded to show his innocence. His face still have a slight baby fat, makes it puffy and red. His body was slight petite because of lack outdoor activity. His hair that was spikier than his own makes him looked wild, and Tsuna would always tempted to tame the vicious but naïve boy. He has well thin pink lips that seemed so kissable. Tsuna always dreamt to press his own lips to the boy's ones. Idly wondering how it tastes and feel. Yes, he never kisses anyone before except his mother and brothers, and that was only on cheeks.

The only problem was; Tsuna did not know if Reborn felt the same way as he did. Hell, he does not even know if the boy bats for the other team or for both teams.

So he has one goal.

Make Reborn fall in love with him before the boy finishes his first year in high school.

This will start in a few weeks when Reborn enters Namimori High. Perfect, fucking perfect.

Reborn shuddered involuntarily.

"What's wrong with you, Reborn?" Luce asked concernedly. The other 'Arcobaleno' looked at their friend.

"N-nothing, the wind just blew too strong." Reborn faked a reason. The others bought the lie quickly as it was indeed true. The wind on the rooftop was rather cold.

"Ne Luce, what's a wet dream?" Colonello asked naively as he stared at the girl with his baby blue eyes directly into the girl's dark blue ones.

The result was quick. Luce blushed brightly before giggling like a love-struck school girl. Lal choked on her onigiri and now was turning blue. Verde coughed with a light tint of pink on his cheeks. Viper chuckled slowly and darkly. It sounded like 'he-he-he-he~'

The ones that remained unaffected were Colonello himself, Reborn, Fon and Skull.

"What's wrong? What is it anyway?" Fon asked as Reborn and Skull nodded.

Viper chuckled darkly again, "Sweet….sweet naïve rainbow." The hooded boy said rather happily.

"Don't you know how people's hormone works?" Verde almost shouted.

"What's a hormone?" Reborn asked as he blinked.

Viper chuckled again, "You're as naïve as Squalo and Bel. This will become a great blackmail." He muttered to himself.

Arcobaleno's Standard School Clothing and Some New Trademark

Reborn: Has a dark pants and a white shirt, a sleeveless vest with a blue tie, fedora-less and has a Leon-tie around his left wrist, always says 'friggin' as favourite word, hates Namimori-chuu and his fan girls, loves his Tsuna-nii and holiday from school.

Colonello: Same dark pants and white shirt, long-sleeved vest with a blue tie, still has his green bandana and sometimes brings a water gun with red paint as bullets, hates mathematics and volleyball, loves soccer more than anything and anyone.

Luce: Dark short skirt, white shirt with same vest as Reborn and a bow tie, wore a thigh length white stocking, still has her big hat and a flower birthmark under her right eye, hates guys that flirts with her younger sister Aria and loves her friends and her sisters, a thirteen year old Aria and a baby Uni.

Fon: Has a dark pants and a white shirt, a sleeveless vest with a blue tie, still has his braid, hates people that wants him to cut his braid (mainly teachers), loves tea and homework.

Skull: Same uniform as Fon, has piercings, purple make-up and bandages on face, hates school, Reborn and Colonello and loves takoyaki and racing.

Lal: Same uniform with Luce but no bow tie and only knee length black stocking, always wears her goggle on top of her head, has a pretty face and no scar, hates junior students, loves fighting and reading.

Viper/Mammon: Same uniform with Colonello but with hooded vest (own creation), has purple fang shaped birthmark under both his eyes, work for the Varia as the secretary and are known as Mammon a she, hates instant noodles, loves gore movies and money.

Verde: Same uniform as Colonello, wears glasses, loves science more than he himself and hates dogs.

*Federico – Fourth Boss of Vongola


That was my first lemon by the way.