Didn't forget you but you did chapter 8

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A police officer said," I am looking for a Michelle Torres. Does she live here?"

No pov

Mitchie answered yes. Let me go get her. She ran upstairs and took of her wig and pulled on a coat. She then came down stairs looking totally different then when she went up. She then said, " hi. I am Michelle Torres. Can I help you officer?" the officer said, " I am very sorry to have to be the one to tell you this but your mother was involved in a car accident." Mitchie felt dizzy. Nate saw her lose her balance so he caught her right before she fell. He helped her to the couch. She then said, " is…is she o…okay? What hospital is she at" the officer then said, " I am very sorry to say that she did not make it. She however did tell us to tell you something. She told me to tell you that she wanted you to forgive the boy Shane and she wants you to live your dreams, she loves you." Mitchie broke down crying. Nate held her and rocked her back and fourth. The officer than said, " since you are now seventeen and a half and have no living guardian, you will be given your Adult rights. All you have to do is show up at court on the date we will give you and you will be given your rights but until then you will be placed in foster care." Mitchie cried more. When Nate heard that she had no living guardian he then knew that Mitchie has no one.

Nate held her as she cried. The officer said that since the house was paid off completely that it would be given to her when she is eighteen. She cried even more since she knew that she had no one left. Nate told her that he is there for her. The officer than said, " since your birthday is in two weeks that means you will not be in foster care very long. Which is a good thing." She continued to cry. The officer said, " I give my condolences to you and hope everything turns out in your favor." He was about to leave when Nate asked if he could talk to him. Nate asked if Big rob could sit with her. He nodded and switched places. Nate then took the officer into another room and asked him, " I have a few things to ask you." The officer nodded and said, " ask away." Nate nodded and said, " if I have on video someone being beaten and harassed by others could there be any legal action?" the officer said, " if you witnessed someone being beaten and had it on video you could press charges as long as the victim steps forward also." Nate nodded again then asked, " is there anything I can do to keep her from going into foster care?"

The officer said, " well you could adopt her if you were over the age of twenty one." Nate mumbled crap I'm eighteen under his breathe. He then said, " If I had an older brother who could adopt her and he was old enough could he?" the officer replied, " yes. If he has no felonies or arrest warrants." Nate smiled then said, " how long would it take for the papers to be signed and everything sorted out?" " Well it could take anywhere from two days to a month and if that's the case, she would already be an adult." The officer replied.

Nate thanked the officer and he left. Nate returned to the room to see Mitchie trying to regain composure. He switched seats with Big Rob again and held Mitchie. Nate's phone started to ring. He asked rob to switch again. He stood up and walked to the bathroom and accepted the call.

Normal font- Nate



" Dude where are you?"

"I'm with a friend."

" The paparazzi saw you at the mall with that girl. Who is she Nate?"

" She's a friend."

" Yeah right. Whatever, I need you back at the hotel. We're flying back to L.A in two hours."

" Yeah about that. I can't make it back, something important came up."

" Important my ass. I bet your screwing that girl you were seen with today."

" For your information, that girl's mom just died."

" Good for her."

" You are such an ass Shane. Are you drunk?"

" For a matter of fact I'm more than drunk… I'm wasted and twisted. Its nice."

" Dam it Shane. Where are you?"

" I'm at this club. Its nice.'

" Ask some one where you are."

" Fine. Your no fun."- Asks random person-

" I'm at the rooftop."

" Okay. Stay right there I am going to send Big Rob to come get you."

"…Fine, I will stay but you're the biggest party pooper ever!"

" I got to go Shane. I am sending him there. You better be there when he gets there of I am kicking your butt."

" Fine."


-End of call. –

Nate hit the end button with extra force. He calmed himself and walked out of the bathroom. He told Big rob to go pick Shane up from a club and take him to the hotel. Nate held Mitchie. She cried until she couldn't cry anymore. Nate gave her a glass of water and told her that she needed to drink it. She did. She stopped cry and sat there. She was so still it looked like a statute. He looked at her. Her eyes were red but she was no longer crying. It was like she was in her own world. Nate tried to get her to come to her sense but she didn't. He started to get worried. He remembered he had the number for the tour doctor. He called her and asked what to do. The doc. said that if she doesn't come to her senses soon take her to the doctor office. She also said to make sure she still ate and drank water. He thanked her and hung up. Twenty minutes later Mitchie finally came to her senses. She cried a bit more. Rob came back saying that Shane was twisted and wasted. He put him on the plane and flew him back to LA with the other guard. Nate called Jason and told him he needed to come over. Mitchie realized that when the paparazzi saw Shane, they hadn't seen Jason or Nate. Nate then told her that since Jason was old enough, he could legally adopt her and since it was Jason, he would love to have Mitchie in the family. Mitchie told Nate, " if I and Shane ever dated again…. not saying that I would necessarily date him again, if Jase did adopt me then wouldn't that make him my uncle and that would be incest?"

Nate chuckled and said, "I didn't think of it that way and if you did become Demi permanently, Jase can adopt Mitchie but we wont tell Shane that it is you." Rob walked over and said, " how about this, I adopt her and that ends all issues." Mitchie said, " Are you sure? I mean would you really want to take in a teen age girl?" he replied, " I think that since you need someone to adopt you and I am willing to do so. And I have several teenage nieces and don't think you will be a huge handful since your older." She got up and hugged Rob over and over.

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