So, I've seen one of these out there before. I though it was a really brilliant idea. But in my opinion, although it was good, nothing was really explained and Rose was just making everything too easy.

I'm kind of afraid that it will end up TOO close to the original script, so I'm trying to change it around a bit. It's more the emotions you should pay attention to. But hopefully it will show you how much Rose had changed in the two years since she started travelling.





*The Unexpected Visitor*





Rose slowly dragged herself into her house. It had been a long, exhausting and disappointing day.

They were certain that the dimension cannon was ready. But something was stopping it from working. It was like after the breach had closed and the jump refused to work. This meant that she'd only be able to get back when the walls between the worlds were weak… and she didn't exactly want that.

Well, she did, because she wanted to get back. But if that did happen, it could only mean that something horrible was happening. And she'd learnt the hard and heartbreaking way, that not even the Doctor could stop everything.


It had been a year since the painful day she'd been trapped here. A whole year of being broken. She'd tried, she really did. She did it for her family's sake, and Mickey's sake… and the Doctor's sake. They all worried about her, so she tried to act like she wasn't slowly dying.

She went to work at Torchwood (the closest she could get to the life she longed for, and her only salvation, her only chance to get back), she went out with the few friends she had, and she played with her baby brother… She lived the fantastic life he had asked of her. Or at least she tried to live the fantastic life. But it didn't feel fantastic or brilliant.

She felt like her mind and heart were slowly being ripped apart. She felt empty. It was as if she were missing something inside her. Yes, she felt empty and broken from the loss of her Doctor… but it was something else too.

A lot of the time she felt as if she were drowning, that her oxygen was being taken away, suffocating her. It was the same feeling. It was like her life line was slowly being dragged away from her, killing her painfully and slowly. And it was only getting worse.

She was sick. Badly sick. She'd tried to hide it from her family, but they had noticed. They had noticed the fevers and deliriums. The occasional hallucinations or seizure. The days when her migraines were so crippling she wanted nothing more than to curl in a ball and scream. Yet, still she went on.

Grief causes sickness. People could die of grief… her family thought that perhaps grief was the cause. Because the doctors' could find nothing wrong with her… that they would tell her anyway. (They had said that something was not right with her brain scans and her DNA, but that the differences to a normal human weren't harmful. In the end she had chalked it up to side effects from travelling in the TARDIS).

But people only died of grief when they gave up. She hadn't given up. She refused to. She wouldn't give up until she was safe and happy in his arms once more.


But right now she was too tired and so sick that she fell on the couch and was unconscious in seconds.


Rose was woken by singing. It was a familiar song… an eerily haunting tune. She'd heard it before, but she just couldn't place where.

The next thing she noticed was that she didn't feel quite so broken or sick. She found that she could almost breath normally again and that her near constant headaches were gone. She almost felt whole again.

And the third… was a golden glow in the middle if the room. The cloud of golden dust like energy swirled around for a moment before it clumped together, and with a final flash, formed into a rather familiar looking woman.

The woman gasped as she came into being and immediately fell to the floor. Rose rushed over to help her up… only to see that the woman was her. The other her looked younger, only about nineteen or twenty. (Okay, so she hadn't really changed appearance wise since then anyway. But there was something about her that just screamed 'young'. And the clothes she was wearing were setting alarm bells off in her mind). But she couldn't be, because if she were younger, then surely she would remember this. So she could only be her future… Either way, she was crossing her timeline. This was very risky.

"Oh… that's a new feeling," the other she said. She pulled a face, almost as if she were startled at her own voice. She was very shaky on her feet and almost fell over again. She let out another sharp gasp as she doubled over. "Oh, and it hurts! Just wait until I get my hands on that stupid Master… If I still have hands when I get back."

"Wh - what?" Rose asked in confusion.

"Rose!" the other her suddenly cried in delight , as if she'd finally noticed her. "Thank Rassilon you're still alive! Sorry, I was cutting it so close, but I haven't been able to do it till now. Wow, this talking thing is fun!" Experimentally the other Rose began to flex her jaw and pull funny faces.

"Okay…" the normal Rose dragged out the word. "Either I'm insane in the future, or you're not me."

"Not you? Of course I'm not you! I mean, I know how closely we're-" Suddenly she stopped when she saw her reflection in a mirror. Hesitantly she reached up and felt her face. Then a loud high pitch squeal came from her lips. "I look like my human!" she yet again seemed delighted about this.

"So, who are you then?" Rose asked, ignoring the possessive way it appeared the being who looked like her had claimed her.

"I'm-" she paused as if she couldn't quite remember. "Oh what do you call me? I'm blue… we travel… I go-" Rose jumped a mile in the air when the familiar sounds of the TARDIS dematerialising came from the other her's mouth.

"The TARDIS?" she said in shocked disbelief.

"Time And Relative Dimension In Space. Yes, that's it. Names are funny. It's me. I'm the TARDIS."

Rose sat down weakly. "What? But how? And why do you look like me?"

"That one's easy," the TARDIS told her. "I couldn't just - poof! - get a body. I needed energy and DNA and a whole bunch of other stuff your mind won't comprehend yet. Since you're the only one who's ever actually touched me, it was the only DNA I could use. Though, I'm afraid I'm terribly weak. I'm using what little energy I have left to do this-" Suddenly she whimpered in pain and sunk down into the couch with Rose.

"Are you okay?" Rose said in concern, her hands flitting over the her shaped TARDIS.

"I'll be okay eventually," she tried for a smile, a weak one which Rose knew all too well was covering up the pain. "Just, an insane Time Lord - and for once I don't mean the Doctor - has stolen me and turned me into a paradox machine."

"Oh, that's not good."

"No, it's not. But it's worth it. The paradox has weakened the walls between the universes. It's the only way I could get here. I'm so glad I did." The TARDIS took a long pause. "The Doctor and I can't live without our human. We hate it. And you feel the same. But you, Rose Tyler, literally can't live without us… well, me."

"Literally, huh?" Rose raised her eyebrows in question. She was trying to hide her worry. There was so much wrong with this… but somehow she couldn't help but be overjoyed and excited. She knew something was about to change.

She was talking to the TARDIS for god's sake!

"You've already noticed it, haven't you?" the TARDIS asked her. "Ever since I've been here you haven't felt quite as sick. You've been sick for a long time haven't you?" Rose nodded, but then stopped as she was shocked by the TARDIS's next words. "You were dying."

"What?" she said.

"For the past year you've been slowly dying," the TARDIS paused a while to think how to say this before continuing. "You weren't meant to live after the Game Station. You shouldn't have been able to survive holding the Time Vortex within you. Only I can do that… And you didn't. You didn't survive. But the Doctor and I, we both loved you so much. We couldn't let you die. He gave up one of his regenerations to at least take it out of you. He hoped he could save you, but he knew you would die. And he didn't want to go on like that without you.

He didn't understand how you survived. He thought there must have been something very special about you. And he was right. Because no other human would give up their life like that to save him. No one else had ever won the heart of the TARDIS - my heart. And you did Rose. I love you as much as he does. I couldn't stand to see you die, to see the devastation it would cause him.

So I bonded myself to you… I've never bonded to anyone before. Not the way we are. The Doctor and I are bonded, when he dies I will die too, but if I die he will live on. Our bond… we can only die when the other does. Our separation through the Void… it was slowly killing the both of us. But this universe's time is acting differently. It would have taken a couple of years for me to die. But you… I'm surprised you lasted a year. I'm glad. You're a fighter."

"I'm sorry. Wh - what?" Rose cried in disbelief. She could hardly comprehend what she was hearing. Her world felt like it were spinning. But it made so much sense. "So I'm bonded to you - to the TARDIS, because I died. And the only thing keeping me alive is being near you?"


"So, you're taking me home?" she couldn't the hope creeping into her voice.



"I can't," the TARDIS whispered. "I want to, but I can't. I don't have enough energy. I wouldn't be able to bring your physical form across the Void without killing you. But there is something I can do. I can stop it."

"You can stop what?" Rose asked in the same quiet tone.

"Well, technically speaking, I can't. But I can help you stop it. Canary Warf, the separation, we can stop it from ever happening. And much more."

"How?" Rose asked eagerly. She trusted the TARDIS… which was a good thing. Because at this point she would try anything, even if it was dangerous. "We won't have to worry about Reapers, will we?"

"No, we won't. Because Reapers only clean up if time has been disrupted. But we're not disrupting it, we're rewriting it... It'll be a completely natural occurrence. The only part of you I can take back is your mind. And not only that, but the only way to ensure we don't disrupt anything is to take you all the way back… Back to the first time you set foot in the TARDIS."

"So I'm pretty much going to relive my life from after I met the Doctor?" The TARDIS nodded. "And I could change things? Save innocent lives?"

"As long as it doesn't affect the timelines," she smiled, glad that Rose was still just as compassionate. That her years here in the parallel world hadn't hardened her.

"And how will I know if it's going to affect the timelines?" Rose asked, her brows crumpling together. She had no way of knowing what the timelines would do. What if she screwed it all up?

"I'll be with you in your head," the TARDIS told her. "You'll have to figure things out on your own. But I can talk to you when you're inside the TARDIS. And I can send you little mental nudges to warn you if you're not."

"Okay," she nodded in understanding.

"Other than major things, try and keep everything else the same as possible. The Doctor can't know about it. That is very important. Oh! But one thing here and now," the TARDIS grinned Rose's cheeky tongue in cheek smile. "When he asks you to travel with him, don't accept right away. Let him ask a second time, again."


"Because he's never asked anyone twice before. You're the first and only. He thinks about that a lot."

Rose smiled. She couldn't help the butterflies that fluttered madly about every time the TARDIS told her that the Doctor loved her, or mentioned how much he cared. There were still times, even now, that she doubted he ever could. After all, she was only a human.

Only a human who was bonded with the TARDIS in a way not even he was…

"Hold on!" she gasped. "So you die when the Doctor does?" TARDIS nodded. "And I live as long as you… then…?"

"You will live as long as the Doctor. As long as I'm okay, yes. You won't age past a few more years. You can be hurt, but you won't die. It's the separation that kills us. If he left you behind - which he would never do - or if I died, you would be dead within the year… I'm sorry, it was the only way."

"Do I look like I'm complaining?" she laughed with happy tears welling in her eyes.

"No, I didn't think you would," the TARDIS smiled softly.


"So when do we go… how do we go? Should I say goodbye to everyone?"

"You can if you want. But we're - hopefully - effectively cutting this reality from existence. You will be the only one who will remember it. But you can say goodbye if it helps you."

"It's okay," she said. "I've been with them a whole year. I want my Doctor. Besides, I'll see them when I get back, won't I?"

The TARDIS gave her that same familiar soft smile she saw in the mirror. "So you're ready, then?" She could practically taste her human's excitement. "Now, remember, when you get back we won't be linked physically anymore. Not until you absorb the Time Vortex again. But we will be linked mentally."

Rose nodded and the TARDIS placed her hands on her temples.

Rose felt a harsh jolt in her mind…

And she was gone.