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Tony and McGee had been back state side for six months now. In that time they both had to go to mandatory psych evaluation, both on their own and together. Once they were both cleared to start field duty again, they began their new jobs as the traveling MCRT. Even though their main office would be in DC, they focused on cases that were out of the Tri-State area, leaving that for Gibbs, Ziva and their new probationary agent.

Gibbs was glad to have his boys around again. Even though they weren't on the same team, he felt better knowing that if they ever got in trouble, he wouldn't be far away. Ziva also was excited to have her friends back. Things just hadn't been the same since they left. The happiest to have them back though had to be Abby. Like Gibbs, she felt better knowing that they were close by again. She was also happy to get to work with them again, even traveling with them sometimes.

Both men settled in DC quite well. Even though they went back to living on their own, their apartments were in the same building. It would have seemed a coincidence to anybody that wasn't trained by Gibbs, but Tim knew better. Telling Tony he had found a place, only to find that he got a place in the exact same building two days later, was definitely not a coincidence (though neither men would ever admit it).

Now that it seemed that everything was getting back to normal, Tony made his way to the director's office to be briefed on their newest assignment. "I'll be in Abby's lab, if you need me." Tim said as he made his way to the elevator and Tony began ascending the stairs towards Jenny's office.

"Ok." The man answered back. "I'll call you when I'm out."

Tony made his way into Jenny's office, passing right by Cynthia. The secretary shook her head at how much the younger man was just like his former boss.

Jenny looked up at Tony as he walked in and smiled. "Hello Tony."

"Director." Tony said curtly as he sat down. "What do you got for me?"

Jenny slid a file over towards him and he picked it up. "Le Grenouille? The arms dealer? Isn't that CIA territory?" Tony asked as he skimmed over the file.

"Yes but I need you to get in, in not a business way but a personal way." Jenny explained.

Tony began to look at the file again, to find what he missed. "You want me to date his daughter?"

Jenny nodded. "Yes. You're cover is Tony DiNardo, a film professor. I want you to get in with the daughter, gain her trust, and then get to her father."

Tony wasn't too sure about this. He'd gone undercover many times before to gain the trust of many people. All of them were criminals though. It would be different trying to deceive a person who had done no wrong. Still he thrived on undercover work. There was no way he was going to turn it down. "Okay, how deep is this cover?"

"Very deep. Nobody must know about this." Jenny told him.

"What about Tim?" Tony asked. He didn't want to lie to his partner about being undercover.

Jenny saw the worry in the younger man's eyes and quickly decided that maybe it was better if McGee was brought in on this. Ever since she had given Tony the Rota job, him and Tim had become a package, you didn't get one without the other. "Well I'm not going to send you undercover without back up." Jenny said, playing it like it had been her intention to include McGee from the beginning.

"Okay, I'll call him and tell him to come up here." Tony could tell Jenny originally didn't want Tim in on this, but didn't say anything. He was just glad that he didn't have to keep anything from Tim.

A few minutes later, Tim was in the director's office and had been filled in on Tony's assignment. "So what part do I play in all of this?" McGee asked.

Jenny was glad that she was able to come up with something so fast. "Since I need eyes on Tony at all times so I want you to go under as his brother." Jenny explained. "I'll get you an ID and all the credentials."

Tim looked at Tony for reassurance. The biggest undercover work he had ever done was a waiter when Tony and Ziva had played married assassins. This would be his first big undercover assignment. Tony saw the unsure look in his friend's eyes and gave him a reassuring smile. Tim looked back at the director and nodded. "Okay, I'm in."


"Okay, let's go over this again. What's your full name?"

"Timothy Michael DiNardo."

"Where did you go to school?"


"What do you do for a living?"

"I'm a journalist for an online magazine."

"What do you report on?"

"Advances in technology around the world."

"I think you're good." Tony said, after quizzing McGee about his cover.

"I hope so." Tim said, with a little worry still in his voice.

"Don't worry about it, Tim. You'll do fine." Tony told him.

"You think we'll be able to pull off the whole brothers things?" Tim asked, joking really. They've had the whole brother thing down for a while.

"Well Kate always said that we reminded her of her brothers." Tony joked.

"Yeah, I always thought she meant that as a bad thing though." Tim laughed. He'd almost forgotten about that.

"Yeah well most of everything she said about me was a bad thing." Tony said laughing too. "What we really have to worry about is Gibbs."

Tim paled. "I didn't even think about that. Oh God, I'm never going to fool him." Tim panicked. Things had just started getting better with Gibbs and their relationship was in a good place. Lying to the man was definitely going to be good.

"Don't worry about Gibbs." Tony reassured. "Gibbs is the king of undercover. He knows how important it is that nobody knows that you're undercover. He'll understand."

"You better be right because I really don't want to deal with the wrath of Gibbs." Tim said.

"Like I said; don't worry about it."