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Misaki felt the bed move and awoke with a start. He sat up to see what it was and noticed Usagi-san standing at the foot of his….wait a second! This isn't my bed! Then he remembered the events from the previous night. Judging by Usagi's smirk, he was doing the same thing. Misaki groaned and tried to stand up. Big mistake.

"Ouch." He winced. Usagi-san's smirk vanished and was replaced by concern.

"Misaki? What's—oh." The realization donned on him and he smirked again. Misaki glared at the beautiful silver-haired violet-eyed man before him and went to take a shower. He locked the bathroom door behind him to ward off anymore of Usagi-san's attempts to 'fill up on Misaki'. The man had only been on tour for a week! Well, five and a half days is more like it. He'd left early claiming he 'really missed his Misaki'. Misaki would never admit that he'd missed Usagi-san as well, he was just now barely able to say a coherent "I love you".

"Misaki, I know I only just got back, but do you think you could go another hour without me here?" Misaki rolled his eyes.

"Baka! Of course I can! Where are you going, anyways?"

"I gotta drop off my manuscript at Marukawa because the She-Demon is sick today."

"She-Demon? Oh, Aikawa-san! Oh how terrible!"

"Relax, it's just a cold."

"Anyways, I'll be fine. I just have to go over Ijuuin-sensei's manuscript—"



"No. He's clearly pining after my Misaki."

"Not everyone is a homo, Usagi-san!"

"Maybe so, but you tempt everyone." He growled.

"I do not!"

"Do too. Misaki, you're too cute for your own good….and mine…"

"Sh-shut up. It's not like I would do anything with him even if he did like me."

"Oh? And why is that?" Usagi-san asked, enjoying where this was headed. Misaki blushed and sputtered,

"B-because I-I..I'm w-with you….."

"And don't you forget it." He said, pulling Misaki in for another kiss.

"Baka! You'll be late!"

"Fine, but when I get back…" Misaki blushed even more.

"Go on!"


Usagi-san sighed. He was tired of going over manuscripts already. It only took about twenty minutes, and he told Misaki it would take an hour. Oh well. That means I can 'fill up on Misaki' again sooner! He rushed home.

He was about to unlock the door when he heard something that made him stop dead.

"Ah! Hey! Don't lick there!" Misaki? What the hell—

"Hey, stop! That-that feels weird!" Usagi-san snarled on the inside as well as the outside. How could Misaki do this to him? Ijuuin was a dead man.

He burst through the door, his eyes dark and scary. He didn't see anyone but Misaki there. Misaki flinched when he looked at him.

"U-Usagi-san? W-what are you doing home so early?"

"Where. Is. He.?" He snarled.



"Huh? Ijuuin-sensei? I haven't even gone over there yet! What's going on? You're scaring me!"

It was then that he noticed a small green bundle in Misaki's arms. Inside the green blanket was a little black puppy. It was quite cute. Usagi-san felt bad for not trusting his Misaki more. It's not my fault everyone wants what's mine though…

"What's with the dog?"

"M-my friend, Onodera-san's dog had puppies, and he wanted to know if I could watch one for a few days…"


"I…I said yes?"

"Oh, Misaki…. Now I have to punish you for not asking permission…"

"What?" Misaki cried, as he was thrown over Usagi-san's shoulder. The puppy was left sleeping on the couch while Misaki was 'punished' in Usagi-san's bedroom.

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