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Misaki's half-hearted protests died down as Usagi-san sat him down on the bed and began to lick and nip at his neck. He didn't even know when Usagi-san had stripped him of his shirt, nor did he care. He blushed when Usagi-san stopped his attentions and kissed him, making him moan into his mouth. Their tongues battled the inevitable battle for dominance that they both knew Usagi-san would win. Misaki would let him, enjoying every minute of it.

"Misaki, you need to be punished."


"I'm thinking that your punishment is… not leaving my room for the next two days."

"W-what? Two days! No way! I have school—"

"Fine. You'll stay the night with me for two nights, no complaints. And, you don't leave my bed for the next two hours."

"Two hours? Why—Oh. You perver—" Usagi-san silenced him with a kiss.

"Unnngh! Haa….Mmmnn!...Ah!" Usagi-san sucked harder, enjoying the sounds his lover was making. He was enjoying the fact that he'd be the only one who ever got to hear them, the only one to cause them. He swirled his tongue around Misaki's hard member and once again englofed him in his hot mouth. He loved the way Misaki blushed, but he didn't like it when he turned his head so Usagi-san couldn't see his beautiful face. He would have none of that.

Misaki felt Usagi-san pull away, and when he went to ask what was wrong, he gasped. Usagi-san had begun to pump him with his hand, and he had also began licking up Misaki's sides. He licked up his hip, across his stomach, and up to his chest. He stopped at Misaki-s right nipple and began to nip lightly at it. It was too much combined with what his hand was doing.

"Ah! Nnn….Mmm…Haa…Ah! I-I'm c-cumming!" He cried as his seed spilled out onto their stomachs and the bed-spread. Usagi-san pulled him in for another kiss. This was killing him. He loved to pleasure his Misaki, but when he cried out like that, it made it hard to resist penetrating him without preparation. He had to restrain himself though. He knew it would only hurt Misaki and he'd never want that. He ran his fingers all over Misaki's body as they kissed passionately. He felt Misaki shudder with pleasure as he moaned into Usagi-san's mouth. It was getting to the point where he couldn't wait anymore. He snaked his arm around Misaki and slowly pushed on finger in.

Misaki's gasp of surprise was muffled by Usagi-san's lips crushing his. After a few seconds, a second finger was added, and Misaki started to buck his hips a little. When the third was added, Misaki moaned and Usahi-san couldn't take it anymore. He pushed Misaki onto his back and pulled him close, positioning his painfully erect member at his entrance. After a nod from Misaki, he slowly thrust in. It took all he had to hold back and not fuck his Misaki into oblivion right away. Once he was all the way in, buried to the hilt, he began to move slowly.

"Oh.. Misaki, you're so tight."

"Mmm….Nnnnn….haaa…" Was all he could manage. Usagi-san began to increase his speed, hitting Misaki's sweet-spot dead on with each thrust.

"Ah! Oh!...Oh…Nnn….Mmmm…Ah!" Misaki began to meet Usagi on each of his thrusts, driving him to go faster. Sensing he was close, Usagi-san reached for Misaki's hard member and began to pump vigorously, in time with his thrusts. Misaki couldn't take it.

"Oh!...Ah!...Ah!...Ahhh! A-Akihiko!" And he came, onto their chests and stomachs.

"Misaki!" Usagi-san groaned, riding out his own delicious orgasm. Hearing his name from Misaki's lips was enough to send him over the edge. He'd definitely have to make him call out his name more often, but he still liked it when Misaki called him Usagi-san. Everything sounded perfect coming from those perfect lips.

Usagi-san laid next to Misaki, pulling him close.

"Mmm… I love you, Misaki."

"I-I….I love you too, Usagi-san."