A/N: Hi everyone! I've been itching to write a crackfic for a while now and this sort of just ran way in my mind. A while back, I read the story "Facebook" by the-stretch-beyond-spandex. This story is an excellent read for anyone familiar with the Marvel universe, and I strongly recommend it. So I read it, thought it was hilarious, and after watching Terra Nova I got an idea to do a similar story for them. Yes, this is cracky, but I hope you think it's funny anyhow. Again, I take NO CREDIT for this idea—this is all the idea of the-stretch-beyond-spandex. I'm just borrowing it and applying it to a different fandom. Please leave a review, I love those!

Side note: Names are bolded.

Maddy Shannon is in a relationship with Mark Reynolds.

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Josh Shannon: 'In a relationship' seems remarkably casual…

Maddy Shannon: Sorry, but 'in a courtship' isn't one of the choices.

Jim Shannon: So…it's official, then?

Maddy Shannon: :D

Jim Shannon: Reynolds better watch himself…

Mark Reynolds is in a relationship with Maddy Shannon.

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Maddy Shannon: We are now official!

Dunham: Yeah, buddy!

Mark Reynolds: You bet we're official!

Mark Reynolds is now friends with Jim Shannon.

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Jim Shannon to Mark Reynolds: I'll be keeping an eye on you. Be careful with my daughter. I've got a weapon...

Mark Reynolds: Of course, sir. I would never do anything to harm Maddy…

Maddy Shannon: Dad, what did we say about scaring my boyfriend?

Elisabeth Shannon listed Jim Shannon as her husband, Maddy Shannonas her daughter, andJosh Shannon as her son.

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Jim Shannon and four others are now friends with Nathaniel Taylor.

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Nathaniel Taylor to Mark Reynolds, Jim Shannon, Tim Curran, and two others: Meeting tomorrow morning, 0900 sharp. Can you make it?

Dunham: As if we had a choice…

Mark Reynolds: I can make it, sir.

Tim Curran: I'll be there.

Reilly: Me too.

Jim Shannon: I have to drop Zoe off to school so I'll be a few minutes late.

Elisabeth Shannon is now friends with Malcolm Wallace.

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Malcolm Wallace: The awkward moment when your new hair growth formula grows hair in all the wrong places…

Jim Shannon: That is seriously disgusting.

Elisabeth Shannon: I doubt anyone at the clinic will be able to help you, Malcolm…

Nathaniel Taylor:

Malcolm Wallace: Oh come on! It was a noble goal!

Jim Shannon: The plight of the old and balding…

Maddy Shannon: Should I be disturbed that Andrew Fickett (Ken Horton) is attempting to send me a friend request?

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Jim Shannon: The sneaky bastard's been hacking the internet signal from the brig again, hasn't he?

Nathaniel Taylor: Problem solved.

Mark Reynolds: Date tonight with Maddy Shannon. Did you decide what you'd like to do yet?

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Dunham: I'm sure she'd like to do you!

Maddy Shannon: I guess we could just go to the marketplace and wander the stalls. There's tons to see.

Maddy Shannon: And Dunham needs to stop creeping…

Reilly: I'll take care of that for you…

Josh Shannon is now friends with Skye "Bucket" Tate.

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Josh Shannon: It's about time you created a profile.

Skye "Bucket" Tate: I've been busy.

Lucas Taylor listed Skye "Bucket" Tate as his sister.

Skye "Bucket" Tate: Hell no! How did you even get onto my friends' list?

Lucas Taylor: I always admire a woman who shoots me twice…

Skye "Bucket" Tate: Sorry to disappoint you, dear brother, but I will be blocking you right away…

Maddy Shannon likes "Dayflowers," "Brachiosaurs," and two other pages.

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Mark Reynolds: Good times…

Maddy Shannon checked in at "Terra Nova Marketplace" with Mark Reynolds.

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Jim Shannon: Tell Mark Reynolds that I'm sitting right across the market from you. I can see him.

Maddy Shannon: Go home, Dad.

Zoe Shannon is now friends with Maddy Shannon, Elisabeth Shannon, and three others.

Elisabeth Shannon: Zoe, I thought we discussed this already. You are too young to have a social networking profile!

Zoe Shannon: But Mommy! Nina has one!

Nina: Would anyone like to help me look for the vampire who came through on the tenth pilgrimage?

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Zoe Shannon listed Maddy Shannon as her sister, Josh Shannon as her brother, Elisabeth Shannon as her mother, and Jim Shannon as her father.

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Maddy Shannon is now friends with Tasha Guzman, Hunter, and two others.

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Skye "Bucket" Tate: Chess game with Nathaniel Taylor. Lay your bets now…

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Josh Shannon: Ten terras on Skye.

Hunter: I'll take that bet. No way she's going to win against the commander.

Tasha Guzman: I'll take Josh up on that offer too.

Skye "Bucket" Tate: Thanks for the confidence, guys…

Josh Shannon: Hunter and Tasha Guzman now owe me ten terras each.

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Nathaniel Taylor is now friends with Mira.

Jim Shannon: WHAT? I think I just choked and died…

Nathaniel Taylor: The way I see it—if she was stupid enough to friend me, who am I to say no?

Mira: That was a mistake! I meant to friend Lucas Taylor. You, on the other hand, will be deleted and blocked.

Nathaniel Taylor: I'll try to hide my disappointment, then.

Hunter: So who's up for a trip to the waterfall?

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Josh Shannon, Skye "Bucket" Tate, and three others checked in to "The Waterfall."

Tommy Boylan to Josh Shannon: I do read my newsfeed. Thanks for letting me know that you were going to be out of work today…

Josh Shannon: Sorry, Boylan.

Tommy Boylan: You're lucky I like you, kid…

Nathaniel Taylor listed Lucas Taylor as his son.

Lucas Taylor: You're kidding, right?

Nathaniel Taylor: Had to try…

Nathaniel Taylor changed his relationship status to "Widowed."

Jim Shannon: I feel sad now.

Elisabeth Shannon: Agreed.

Elisabeth Shannon: I just pulled an enormous parasite from a patient. Off to meet Jim Shannon for lunch now!

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Maddy Shannon: Barf.

Jim Shannon: Hopefully we'll talk about something else over lunch?

Skye "Bucket" Tate: Was Hunter involved?

Hunter: Cheap shot…

Mark Reynolds to Maddy Shannon: So, where should we go tonight?

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Maddy Shannon: The Eye?

Mark Reynolds: Sounds good. I'll pick you up at eight.

Jim Shannon: And bring her home by nine.

Maddy Shannon: FML…

Maddy Shannon checked in to "The Eye" with Mark Reynolds.

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Maddy Shannon to Mark Reynolds: What an amazing night!

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Mark Reynolds: Better than mud and climbing trees?

Maddy Shannon: Easily.

A/N: There. That's a chapter. If you guys like it I'll try to do more. Again, this was all the idea of the-stretch-beyond-spandex, not mine at all. But I hope you enjoyed it anyway. Please leave a review and, if reader response is good, I'll add more to it. Thanks, everyone!