Chapter 8: Dawn

As the activities of the party goers began to taper off, the sky began to lighten as the night started to give way to twilight and the breaking dawn. Cherilee had fallen asleep watching them in their depravities and throughout the library were small piles of ponies having passed out from their late night and early morning activities.

Twilight yawned and stretched before getting up from a cuddle with Fluttershy and Applejack, and had a brief moment of panic as the warm after-glow of their party wore off and the massive mess was no longer seen through the rose colored glasses of a sexually charged evening. Trying to keep from waking her friends she frantically started cleaning, pulling clean towels from some hidden cache in the tree house and simultaneously scrubbing down and around her friends. Nearly tripping over the slumbering ponies several times as she stretched to reach some of the distant crannies of the ceiling.

It was nearly noon when the others began to wake. Rarity and Spike sleepily walked up the stairs together and Cherilee was in the middle of apologizing profusely for intruding on their sleepover. Big Macintosh was one of the last awake, having been completely exhausted from being beset by anywhere from one to five mares over the course of the night.

" I'm so glad you could all make it... even if not all of you were invited. If there is a next time however, I think someone else should host. After all, why should I have all the fun?" Twilight said in a strained casual tone, attempting to keep the closing of the party light and carefree.

" Did ya really make us breakfast, sugar?" Applejack asked as she smelled a massive meal in the kitchen.

" After all the... exercise we did last night, I thought it was the least I could do." Twilight said smiling awkwardly.

Reader's Note: Sorry it took me Three Months to finish this up and it's not even a really good ending. I sort of left it open to sequels but don't really feel up to writing more lemons at the moment.