08:03 – Monday, January 9th 2012

To: All Students

From: student-council (at) world academy w . edu

Message: An Important message from the staff at World Academy W

Dear students,

It has come to the attention of the staff that cliques are forming amongst the student body at World Academy W. Students are deliberately segregating themselves from each other in a disappointing display of immaturity unbefitting of the high standards we expect of those chosen to attend our establishment.

As an ancient and prestigious international school, World Academy W boasts a proud reputation for promoting inter-cultural exchange and understanding among its students. However, this should apply not only to inter-racial cooperation and friendships (which we are pleased to note are as strong as ever), but also to the students' tolerance and acceptance of those who are different from themselves in all aspects of life: whether those differences concern hobbies, cultural affiliations or life choices. It is in this area where the student body is failing to live up to its potential for diplomacy and solidarity.

We, the staff, are most disappointed in the students' current trend to socialize only in homogenous groups. It shows a severe lack of enterprise, progressiveness, and empathy – all of which are characteristics we try hard to instil in our students. Furthermore, by restricting yourself to associating with only one group of your peers you let yourselves down both in your standing as exceptional adolescents and also in your opportunities for the future.

Do not forget that it was you alone who were chosen from among the best and brightest of your generation to attend the Academy. For you, there should be no limitations; every opportunity is within your reach. And yet you purposefully build these walls around yourselves, imposing your own boundaries. In doing so, you prevent yourselves from reaching your full potential by ignoring the rich opportunities which alliance with your peers can offer you.

We ask you to think of how much all of you could accomplish together, if only you had the courage to talk to one another.

For these reasons, the Academy is introducing a new anonymous email exchange program.

Starting this Tuesday (January 10th), students will be called to the computer labs and asked to create a personal email account. (Please see the attached timetable to find out when you must report to the lab.)

Your email accounts will be completely private: no record will be made of each student's address or password, and no member of staff or the student body will be able to access your account. As such, everything for which you use this email account will remain confidential, with no staff interference or outside supervision.

On Friday (January 13th), during afternoon registration, you will be randomly assigned a recipient email address belonging to another World Academy W student. You will not know whose email address you have been given and, likewise, your identity shall remain a secret from your partner.

Using your new private email account, we encourage you to get in contact with your recipient student.

This anonymous email exchange program aims to bridge the gaps and tear down the walls which students have allowed to grow between themselves. There is no need to reveal your identity to your partner, so you may feel free to talk about school work, personal matters, or social issues whilst enjoying complete anonymity and privacy from your partner and the rest of your peers.

Once free from the instinctive prejudices and bias you encounter when dealing physically with your peers, we are sure that you will learn a lot through this anonymous form of interaction, and be surprised to discover the similarities that exist between you and perhaps the most unlikely of your peers.

As the emails will remain confidential, you might even consider taking this chance to discuss private concerns that you have so far kept to yourself, as we are sure that the student body of the Academy is full of intuitive and compassionate individuals ready to lend an ear and offer worthy advice. We believe that you should have more faith in the sympathy and understanding you can find in your peers, just as they should have more faith in you. Please do not let yourselves, and each other, down.

Although the staff cannot force you to participate in the program, or use your new accounts appropriately, we recommend that you treat this seriously, and take advantage of the opportunity that the Academy is affording you. A new start for a new year.

We hope that by emailing your partner and sharing your thoughts and experiences, you will come to understand that there is no need to be so prejudiced and discriminatory against your peers due to your superficial differences. The goal of the program is to encourage students to see the equality between everyone, and for you to become much more open and fair towards your fellow students.

We want only for all of you to live up to your potential, and not to dismiss the firm and lasting friendships that you can make during your short years here at World Academy W: friendships that will only become more precious and important in the years to come.


The professors and staff of World Academy W