So, this is a possible multi-fic of drabbles that I came up with when I was on vacation. The general idea is that if the characters of Merlin get to write a letter to the outside world, what would they say? The first one is about Gwaine, cause I love him SO much. Basically Gwaine wants a love interest, so he writes the Merlin writers.

Dear Merlin writers (Julian, Jake, Howard, and Ben),

Long have I been a very lovable, friendly character on the show. I have had provided great comic relief, which you writers seem to love. I am a great friend to Merlin. I am extraordinarily good looking and make fangirls everywhere swoon over me. I am a great knight with loads of honor. Hell, you guys decided that Morgana would beat me up and starve me, but I remained loyal. By the way, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO ME? I mean seriously, do you really think that being forced to fight for food is really a necessary plot point, you bastards? Sure, it made me look like a complete badass, but it still hurt like hell!

I think you get my point. I am a great character, if I do say so myself, and I enjoy that you have written me this way. I am happy that you have kept me alive and active for most of this show, but there is still one thing that I feel, as writers, you should do. Sure, it might make a few fan girls mad, but it could also create some great plot points and comedic scenes. Even more important, I am a man, and I'm getting lonely.

So I beg you, dearest writers, to give me a love interest. For years, the only romantic interest I had was Gwen, and that was thrown out the window before I really even got a chance with her. I am a charming, compassionate man that would bring "aw" inducing scenes if only you were to give me a love interest.

If you decide to take my advice, I do have some requests. First of all, make my love interest somebody strong, but a bit darker than Gwen. Sure, Gwen is a sweetheart, but I am a knight and a slight alcoholic, and I need a woman that can handle that life. That leads to the second request: please make her fun to be around. I really don't want to have some person constantly nagging me about going to the tavern with my buddies. Third, but just as important as the first two, please cast someone hot. That request needs no explanation.

I feel like I could grow leaps and bounds with a woman to share my life with. Or maybe I'm just telling you that to convince you to write me a love interest. Either way, please get to work on that.



So, it's short, but I hope you liked it. Please review. Next one will be about the slash dragon's opinion about being known as the slash dragon.