Hello Crazy Cats! So, I know it's been awhile, but I have a big girl job now that, on top of going to school, is eating my time. So now that its spring break, I'll go as far as to promise you guys another installment after this one.

So, I hope you all enjoy!

Percival's Sleeves

Dear Wardrobe Department,

I'm a man of few words. Very few words. So, I'm just going to come out and say it. Why do I not have sleeves? Does it make me look manlier? I get that I am supposed to be the muscle of the knights, but seriously?

As a knight, it would be really tragic if my arms were to be cut off. I am around swords a lot of time, so that possibility of me losing a limb is large. I also know that cloths are not made one-size-fits-all. I know that, given that I am a knight of Camelot, it can't be that hard to get some chainmail that fits my enormous muscles.

So how about you all work on that. I look forward to the day where I finally have a full suit of armor, like a serious knight. Then I also won't have to worry about sudden amputation.

That's a good thing.


Short, but I don't think that Percival would have it any other way. So, let me know what you think!