It is the third of January, two days before Emery's birthday, and Crowley doesn't know what to do.

He thought of taking her to a restaurant, but she wouldn't like that. He then thought about taking her to Disney World, but she's a baby, so she wouldn't be able to go on very many rides, which isn't fun. Then he thought about celebrating her birthday with Dean, Sam, and Bobby at Bobby's house. He had made his choice.

"Robert Singer?" Bobby Singer was sitting in his office when he heard that familiar voice in his house.

Bobby got up from his chair and walked into the livingroom, finding Crowley sitting on his couch... with a baby. "What in the hell..? Crowley why are you here? And why do you have a baby with you?"

Emery fixed her brown eyes on Bobby and giggled. "Well, for starters. This is Emery. Emery, this is Bobby." Crowley stood up and walked over to Bobby. "She will be turning one in two days."

"Yeah... so why are you here? And I'm gonna ask again, why do you have a baby with you?" Bobby asked, annoyed.

Crowley sighed. "Well, firstly, is Sam and Dean here, or will they be here?"

Bobby arched an eyebrow at the question but answered it anyways. "Yeah... They're going to be here for a week. Why?"

"I was wondering if you, Sam, and Dean could possibly celebrate Emery's birthday on the fifth with me." Crowley said as he shifted Emery in his arms.

"Now why would we do that?" Bobby asked gruffly.

"Because you guys are my friends..." Crowley said, grinning sheepishly.

Bobby rolled his eyes. "Fine. But know that I'm only allowing it for the baby. It is her first birthday anyways."

Crowley beamed at Bobby. "Thank you!" he then started to dance in a circle causing Emery to giggle. "You're going to have the best birthday ever!" he said before kissing her cheek.

Bobby smiled a little. Seeing Crowley with a baby was odd, but adorable. His smile then turned into a frown. "Hey, you didn't answer my question. Why do you have a baby?"

Crowley looked at Bobby with wide brown eyes. "Ask Dean when you get the chance." and Emery and Crowley were gone.

Bobby blinked before shaking his head. "What did I get myself into?" he asked himself.


"Happy Birthday, Emery!" Bobby, Sam, and Dean shouted in unison after Crowley and Emery walked into the kitchen.

Emery giggled at the shouts. Her eyes then landed on Dean's and reached out for him. "Deeee!"

Dean chuckled as he walked up to Crowley and up Emery out of Crowley's arms. Emery giggled as Dean spun around in a circle and danced.

Crowley smiled at the scene, then walked up to Sam. "Hello there, Moose. How have you been?"

Sam rolled his eyes. "Fine."

"Fine?" Sam nodded.

Crowley shrugged then walked over to Bobby who had a beer in his hand. "Ah! Put the beer down. No need for alcohol for a baby's birthday."

Bobby grumbled as he put the beer in the sink. "Happy?"

Crowley grinned. "Very."


Sam, Dean, and Bobby stopped what they were doing, and looked at Emery.

"Daddy!" Crowley walked up to Dean and picked Emery out of Dean's arms.

"Did she just called you daddy?" Dean asked, bewildered.


Emery fell asleep two hours after they got to Bobby's and in those two hours, Emery had her first birthday cake and opened presents. She got more clothes, a couple books, a couple toys, and a new blanket.

Sam, Dean, Bobby, Crowley, and Emery, who was asleep on the couch, were in Bobby's livingroom, sitting in awkward silence until Dean had the guts to say something.

"She called you daddy. Why's that?"

Crowley sighed. "I guess she thought of me as a father figure. I don't know." he half lied. He did kind of know why, but he wasn't sure exactly. "So, Bobby, did Dean tell you why I have a baby?"

Bobby nodded. "He also told Sam, so he wasn't left in the dark when you two came here."

Crowley nodded then sighed before getting up off the couch. "Well, we better get going. Don't want to bother you guys anymore." he said as he carefully picked Emery up off the couch. "Thank you. I really appreciated it."

"No problem." Dean, Sam, and Bobby said in unison.

"Oh, and I will pick up the presents once I put her in her crib." and they were gone.

Crowley put her in her crib and went back to Bobby's to pick up the presents and came back moments later.

He walked over to her crib and muttered quietly, "I hope you had a good first birthday, darling." he leaned down and kissed the top of her head before walking out to the livingroom and turned on the TV.

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