They stood outside the café, wrapped in each other's arms.

"I'm so sorry, my darling." Daphne said tearfully. She held Niles in her arms while he cried, rubbing his back.

Between them, David was unaware of his parent's sadness and loss, instead finding interest in his colorful baby rattle.

"Dr. Crane! Mrs. Crane!"

The sound of his name startled them apart and they walked back into the café, hoping no one would notice the tears in their eyes.

"You forgot this!" Taylor said, rushing toward them. She handed Daphne a blue and purple polka dot blanket with a white background. "I figured David might be wanting that."

"He certainly would." Daphne said. "It's his favorite. Thank you, Taylor."

"It's my pleasure. Well, my shift's about over so I'll see you tomorrow? 10:30?"

Niles blinked in surprise. "Tomorrow? But-."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to assume. I mean... I know you're busy but I always look foreword to seeing you. Plus, we're getting a new shipment of our special blend and I know you're always one of the first to buy a bag and-."

"Excuse me." Daphne said. "Did you say shipment?"

"Well, yes Mrs. Crane. But-."

"How can you be getting a new shipment in?" Niles asked.

"We get shipments in every week at this time." Ryan explained. "But Mrs. Nervosa had the date changed because it's easier on everyone. In fact she said that-."

"I-I thought you were closing your doors." Niles said.

"You mean, no one told you? God, no wonder you both look so upset. I'm so sorry!"

"Told us what, Taylor?" Niles asked.

The four baristas exchanged stunned glances, confusing Niles and Daphne even further.

Still wearing the same stunned glance, Taylor stared at Niles and Daphne; her hand over her mouth.

"Oh my God... I can't believe you haven't heard!"

Daphne's heart began to race and she squeezed Niles' hand.

"Taylor, just tell us! Please!" She said, willing her voice to remain steady.

"Dr. Crane, your brother called and said he found out about our... situation, so he donated a huge sum of money... more than we could possibly need. He said he'd just found out and that even if he was in San Francisco, he just couldn't imagine Seattle without Café Nervosa, so-."

"You mean you're staying open?"

Taylor smiled. "Yes. For a long time, I hope."

Overcome with happiness, Niles hugged Taylor fiercely and kissed her cheek, doing the same to Elizabeth. Then he walked over and hugged Ryan and Eric as well.

"Oh, I can't believe it! This is such wonderful news, isn't it my love?"

Tears streamed down Daphne's cheeks and she hugged Niles, kissing him over and over again.

Finally, Niles and Daphne returned to their table and sat down where they were immediately greeted by Elizabeth.

"Back for another latte, Dr. Crane?"

"Yes. The first of many." Niles said, smiling when Daphne leaned her head against his shoulder. "I'll have a half caf non fat latte with the faintest hint of cinnamon and please bring Daphne a cup of your cinnamon tea."

"Cinnamon tea? Sounds heavenly." Daphne said.

"As a matter of fact, this calls for a celebration." Niles said. "Drinks for everyone!"

The customers around him applauded in appreciation.

Minutes later, their drinks in hand, Niles and Daphne turned to each other and shared a series of tender kisses.

"I propose a toast." Niles said. He raised his glass and smiled.

"All right." Daphne said, doing the same. "What shall we toast to?"

"To the most beautiful wife and handsome son in the world." Niles said.
Daphne smiled and kissed Niles' cheek. "You're forgetting the most handsome husband."

"Thank you, my sweet." Niles said, touching his forehead to hers.

They clinked their cups together and enjoyed their drinks with a newfound sense of happiness.

"Wait... This is wrong." Daphne said suddenly.

"What is?" Niles asked.

"This toast. There's something missing. May I propose one myself?"

"Of course, my love."

Niles held his cup and rose from the bench. "Attention all! My beautiful wife would like to propose a toast."

Daphne raised her cup and smiled.

"To Dr. Frasier Crane... whose generosity and love means more to Niles and I than he will ever know."

"To Frasier Crane!" The patrons echoed, raising their glasses.

"That was beautiful." Niles said. The minute he wrapped his arms around her, she sighed contentedly and leaned against him.

"Are you as happy as I am?" He asked, kissing her cheek.

Daphne took his face in her hands and kissed him tenderly. "I think we should celebrate."

"I thought we were celebrating!" Niles said.

Daphne kissed him again, longer this time. "We are, but we really should go home and put David down for his nap."

"Okay, but can't we just stay here for a while?"

She grinned mischievously. "I suppose, but I was thinking... While David is asleep, we'll have the house to ourselves for a while and we can-."

As she whispered in his ear, the latte in Niles' hand fell to the floor and his face turned a bright shade of pink.


"Oh, Dr. Crane! Your drink!"

Niles looked up to find Elizabeth running toward them. "Here, let me clean up that mess for you. I'll get you another one right away."

"Thank you but that won't be necessary." Niles replied. "Daphne, David and I were just leaving."

"Leaving? But don't you want another latte? I could even bring something sweet to go with it. Mrs. Nervosa made a cake and-."

"That sounds wonderful, Taylor." Niles said, turning to Daphne. "But I already have something sweet right here."

"Oh Niles..." Daphne said; her voice trembling.

"Niles and Daphne rose from their table and walked to the door, stopping to share a kiss. The romantic gesture caused Taylor and the other baristas to sigh.

"See you tomorrow, Dr. Crane?"

"I'll be here at 10:30, Ryan." Niles replied. "But I'm spending tonight with the love of my life."

With David in two and their hands joined, Niles and Daphne walked out of Café Nervosa, feeling happier than they had in a long time.