My first story on here in a few years, I just saw Ryan Corr on the rafters and I was inspired to watch my season two box set of BWH which in turn inspired me to write this. I'm not sure if people will read this but I just needed to get my ideas out of my head haha, hope you enjoy, Kaia (:

He left four years ago. He had left 'us' four years ago but at the time he thought he was just leaving me. I was so happy for him, truly I was. He never thought he had it in him to win, a small town sixteen year old getting a place at Blue Water High was literally the stuff dreams were made of and when he won the wild card spot on the pro circuit tour with Brooke, his eyes literally shone with opportunity. He wanted us to get back together; he asked while I was dancing with him, reminding me that the deal was to reassess whatever it was that we had between us after the competition was finished. "You're going to Rio in the morning" I told him, I even remember the feeling in mystomach as though I was already holding him back, I would be in Australia and he would be on the other side of the world making his mark and I would find a new job, surfing would become my hobby not my life and I would always wonder what would have been between Eric and I. We said we would stay "friends" I thought flipping through the latest pro surf magazine's that Mike had left when he had come over to visit, splayed across the front was a picture of Eric holding a surfboard and beautiful woman in bikinis who probably didn't even surf were hanging of him.

The "friend's" pack we made didn't last long and while Brooke and Rachel fell asleep downstairs with the rest of the boys including Simmo whose partying ended hours before the rest of us got really into it. I took his hand and led him up the stairs my dress still damp from when we all jumped in the pool, I closed the door to the room I shared with Brooke and Rachel and I let him put his hands on either side of the door so they were on each side of my head, inclosing me in him inches away from my face.

"Ames, I was under the impression we were just friends" he said jokingly, I could feel his hot breath below my ear and it literally gave me shivers. I placed my hand on his neck so I could feel his pulse beating below my thumb.

"Eric I-I want to give you something t-to remember me by". I stuttered the sentence out, going red and losing my composure that I usually had.

"You're not exactly going to be easy to forget." He smiled and leaned his head down closer to my lips.

"You promise you won't forget me?" I whispered back to him.

"Duh, Amy" he said jokingly stroking his thumb against my cheek. "You know I'm bad at talking about stuff like- like this" he said looking down embarrassed. "But you know I'm in love with you and I don't think I could ever let that go." After that I kissed him and he kissed me back, we climbed up onto my bed and I let him undress me and kiss me in places that before I had never let any other guy go, I let him be as close to me as I had ever let anyone go before and afterward as my head lay on his chest listening to his steady sleeping breaths I finally understood the stupid, soppy term "making love" because what I just did with him wasn't just sex, I would never think of what we did as just sex. I felt a hot, salty tear run down my cheek and onto his chest knowing that our bare bodies currently intertwined within the sheets couldn't stay like this forever and in a few hours he would have to sneak out of my room and pretend that we were just friends like everyone else thought we were back to being. Then he would be on a plane and I would never be sure about the next time Eric Tanner would be in my life.

"AMY!" I heard Rachel shout from the lounge, seemingly annoyed.

"I'm in the kitchen" I shouted back.

"You could reply! I was shouting for like two minutes, I didn't want to go in any further than the lounge in case it was some sort of CSI thing, you scared me." She said, hitching Lea further up her waist. The three year olds arms outstretched towards Amy. "Do you want to go to your Mummy-Wummy?" She said in a baby voice cooing over Lea, Rachel was an extremely loving godmother; she always said she hated kids until she fell head over heels in love with Lea. I picked up my little blonde daughter with her silky hair put into pigtails by Rach.

"Thanks, how was she?"

"She was fabulous, as always" she smiled at Lea. "However her mother , who usually takes my Sunday godmother time to relax, clean up or treat herself to a manicure seems to have stayed in the same place I left her two hours ago when mike was still here visiting." She looked at me concerned and sat at the seat opposite where I was sitting at the dining room table.

"It's nothing; I'm just in a lazy mood." I smiled forcibly at my best friend. She nodded and began looking at the pile of magazines that Mike left.

"Does he have no life?" she asked, amused at his collection, she paused when she looked at the cover of the last magazine dated from a month ago.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're 'lazy' mood."She quoted lazy in the air with her hands. "Wouldn't have anything to do with a certain magazine I am holding in my hands?"

I just looked down, not bothering lying to someone who would just see through me. We were silent for a few minutes with Lea sitting on her lap picking up the magazine in question.

"He's a famous surfer if he has a picture!" exclaimed Lea to her mother. "When I'm a famous surfer, I get one too!" she said and pointed at the picture of Eric excitedly. We both looked at Lea, who had the same piercing eyes as her mother but the same sense of humour and identical smile as her father.

"All it takes is a call Amy." Rachel said to me, grabbing my hand as reassurance.

"Look at him Rach, he's living the dream, beautiful girls, huge flashy house, soon becoming surfing royalty, while I'm here in a two bedroom flat with a three year old daughter and a job as a waitress." She ran her hand along her daughter's hair." It's about four years too late for a call."