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On the ground the blonde lay.

His eyelids opened in a daze as he looked all around him. A warm, orange glow of sunlight brought him to his senses and he quickly got on his knees to examine where he was.

"…?" He paused clutching his head. "W-where am I?"

Then he froze as his eyes locked on a fallen figure as he once was. His blue orbs widened as he noticed the girl on the ground, collapsed with cheeks flushed as if she had gone through rounds of fighting. Smears of dirt and sweat dirtied her pale face and her body was flattened on the ground. The most peculiar thing was that there were golden shards of glass rising up from her body into the sky.

"A girl…?"

His eyelids slowly blinked and he crawled towards her to hold her in his arms, his right hand supporting her head.

"Hey, are you alright?" He shook her a little. "Come on, wake up!"

The raven haired girl's eyelids opened to a small slit. The blonde could see that her eyes were blue, just like his.

What…? This girl...she looks familiar.

"Are you alright?" He blurted out.

"Mmhm…" She could barely sound it out. "Don't worry, I'm fine."

The boy, clearly not convinced, held her closer and took something out of his pocket.

"I have something for you, drink this!" A small energy drink was in his hand. "It's an elixir!"

The girl shook her head and looked at him with pleading eyes. "Roxas, don't worry about me, please just listen."

At this, she took a deep and long breath to say her next words. "Please…destroy Kingdom Hearts."

"Eh..? Kingdom Hearts?"

How is she supposed to know? W-who is this girl?!

"For everyone. Do it for everyone Roxas. Please?"

He looked upon her with worry with only feelings with guilt as he watched the shards rise into the sky. Her body shifted in his arms making him look down on her. The girl's ocean blue eyes were closed and quickly alarmed, Roxas shook her awake.

The blonde's grip on her stiffened. "Am I…the one who did this to you?"

The raven haired girl smiled and she held her hand up to his face. "No, I'm the one who decided to go away now…"

Her thumb ran across the skin of his cheek and Roxas shivered. And not of the cold. A pink blush could be seen on his face.


His eyes looked to her face again. "I have to go back to Sora now. Xemnas doesn't want me to go. That'll ruin everything for him. But, you can't let him get Kingdom Hearts. You just can't."

Roxas' eyes widened wondering how this girl knew about Xemnas, but he nodded slightly and with the girl's hand still on his cheek, he leaned forward slightly and held his own free hand to keep the girl's hand to his cheek.

He felt strange. Number XIII actually had no idea why he was doing all of this even. He especially questioned why he was showing all of these acts of affection to her as well.

"I understand." He murmured to her shakily.

She nodded and her lips curled up in a precious smile. Her head nodded slightly in his hand and she looked to the sky, watching the shards disappear.

Crystals of light began to creep up her legs and he heard strange crackling sounds as if they had turned to ice. The key of destiny gasped and held out a hand to her crystallized body but knew that he could do nothing to reverse the process. So with only shock in his mind, he turned to the girl once more.

"I'm glad."

"Hm?" Roxas looked upon her with questioning.

"I'm glad that I got to meet you two. Roxas…Axel too. It was nice spending all of those times with you guys. Especially you."

His eyes widened at the last two words. Were they friends?


A flash of thought fired in the blonde's mind. Memories flashed before his eyes and he remembered everything. Her personality, her smile, all of the times they spent together, her name.

And for that one second with her in his arms, he felt a pang of sorrow and shock in his chest.

"No! XION!" He almost screamed out her name.

Her hand fell back from his face but he caught it in his hand tightly once more. Roxas shook his head vigorously and leaned even closer to her and spoke to her.

"Y-you cant go!"

"So you finally remembered…"

He shook his head again and spoke to her once more. "I still have that elixir!" He took out again the elixir he had put back in his pocket only minutes ago. He held the bottle to her face but she shook her head.

"No…It can't happen…" He shuddered with tears pouring out of his blue eyes. "Just hold on…and the three of us can eat ice cream together on the tower again! Please?!"

"Roxas…" She whispered in an attempt to calm him down. But all the while her voice was beginning to shake just like his own.

He stopped talking and stared at her with disbelief and salty tears at the brim of his eyes.

"I'm so sorry," Her brittle voice trembled and tears began to pour out of her eyes as well, mixing with Roxas's. "But I have to go now…"

Roxas just clenched his eyes shut and used his other arm to bring her closer to him. She was staring intently at him now as they both shed tears. But the blonde barely opened his eyes to see that he saw something there. Her eyes were filled with longing.

Then he felt her hand go limp.


The boy desperately squeezed her hand, hoping she would come back to her senses. And he spoke loudly with a wavering voice,

"Xion! Please, don't go. We'll have ice cream again. Together!"

Tears flowed down his face nonstop. Her life was slipping away quickly right before his eyes and only a slit of her blue orbs were visible

The crystals were up to her chest and her hands were beginning to feel so cold and clammy that at first glance you would think that she was gone by now.

He saw a few more tears slip out of those eyes as she held her longing gaze at me. There was no smile on her face. He clutched her hand tightly as my tears fell. Some landed on her face.

The boy could feel Xion's cold and stiff fingers wiping away his tears, wasting the last of her energy for him.

Roxas squeezed his eyes shut and in one move, leaned even closer to her face and felt his own lips reach out and make contact with hers. A newfound sensation tingled throughout his body but was quickly spoiled by his sorrow. But he placed his free hand that wasn't clutching hers to hugged her body closer. Then her body become completely limp a even more shards rose. Then her whole body at once faded away in a crowd of shards leaving him with completely empty arms.

His eyes slowly opened in disbelief and his mouth slightly hung open. His gaze averted up to the sky watching the final shards disappear into the sky.

When the final shards were gone, he looked down to the ground where she used to lie and saw a shell appear. It was her favorite seashell.

His fingers reached forward to gingerly touch the pink and gold colored shell. A final image of her face passed through the blonde's mind. Tears still flooded from his eyes as he stared ahead in complete shock. It was as if a million spears have been pierced through the boy's chest.

He he had a heart. A heart full of suffering.

The Key To Destiny clutched her shell in his hand and held it against his burning chest. He felt like he was breaking. Like his own body was shattering to pieces.

Then the only thing the blonde could remember after that was his lips parted with her name on his lips.