I woke up from my first night in the Underworld. I had slept angry. I mean, why would John think it would be okay to take me into the Underworld? But, I was ready to forgive him; after all, he was the only person I knew at all here.

I had made John sleep in the other bedroom because I wasn't quite ready to sleep with him and also, I just needed some time alone to think. The huge canopy bed, perfectly made up at one time, was now a jumble of the silk sheets and the tulle canopy.

I rolled over on my back and looked up at the chandelier hanging from the high ceiling. The flowing white nightgown that John had given me to wear had bunched up around my waist and exposed my untanned thighs. My hair was spread out on the pillow beneath me in waves. I felt like a Greek goddess, which fit since my life was turning out a lot like one of those myths.

The crystal doorknob turned and John came into my room. He was wearing black jean and a black shirt with bare feet. His hair was slightly ruffled from sleep, and his gray eyes appeared hazy. I pulled down silky nightgown and propped myself up on my elbows to stare at him.

"Are you continuing the anger act?" John asked me.

I remained silent and looked away as he came and sat down on the side of the bed I wasn't on.

"Oh, so it's the silent treatment, then," he said looking amused.

Again, I did not reply and instead turned to look away from him. John leaned in closer until his eyes were even with mine. His gray eyes didn't look stormy as they had before instead they looked bright.

"Pierce," he said while cupping his hand on my chin and gently turning me to face him.

"What?" I finally said.

"Don't hate me. I'm just trying to protect you from the Furies."

"Yeah sure, that's why you basically killed me again."

Hurt resonated in his eyes.

"I just want the girl that I love to be safe. Is that so wrong?"

He looked deep in my eyes, and I couldn't keep up the act anymore. I pulled his face to mine and kissed him. He seemed surprised, but reacted quickly and kissed me back tenderly. I ran my hands through his shaggy hair as his arms wrapped me in closer to him. I had to admit that he was a seriously good kisser.

We pulled away, breathing heavily. My nightgown's strap was off my shoulder, and John's hair was ruffled up from my hands. I collapsed onto my back and lay down on the bed and John lay down beside me on his back also.

The canopy now fully surrounded us in a thick lacy curtain, which made me feel even more like a goddess.

"I take it I'm forgiven," John said, grinning.

"Yeah, whatever," I replied.

"Will you let me sleep in here tonight?" he asked.

"Maybe," I said, sitting up on the bed and stretching my arms.

John also sat up and watched me. His hair still stuck up in odd places so I reached out and smoothed the parts down.

"Back to normal," I said and hopped off the huge bed while managing to entangle myself in the canopy. I struggled in the tulle like a fish in a net before John helped me out.

"How did you manage that?" he asked.

I shrugged and walked to the hearth, the same place where I had thrown a cup of tea into my current boyfriend's face.

"So, what do you do here anyway?" I asked him.

"I just sort through the different souls," John answered, "But today, I'm going to show you around the castle."


"Oh don't worry, it will definitely be interesting."

Now, all I wanted to do was get back under those silky warm sheets and spend all day kissing John. But of course, I had to explore the place to which I was imprisoned.

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