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The sky was an odd periwinkle gray. Every time I looked up at it, I was reminded of my unusual surroundings. John had decided that showing me the place where I had been traumatized after my death would not be a good idea, so instead he took me to the stables. I had always loved animals so, I was happy with this decision.

John left me alone in our shared room so that I could change. He had left out another flowy, Grecian style dress. I could seriously tell John's sense of style now. The dresses he set out for me all looked the same but they were different colors. This one was lavender. I knew I was going to feel awkward standing next to John, in his t-shirt and jeans.

"Are you almost ready?" John asked, opening the door slightly.

"Um, yes," I said, hurriedly pulling on the dress that was very comfortable.

He opened up the door further to take a peek at me in the elegantly draped dress.

I heard an intake of breath.

"How did you know my size?" I asked, confused at how perfectly the dress was made for me.

"I measured you when you were sleeping," he said, looking down and blushing.

I imagined John watching me sleep. If anyone else had said that, it would have sounded creepy but, when John said it, it seemed romantic.

I followed him out the door, and he led me out of the majestic castle like building that I had been in ever since I arrived. He walked with purpose, a stern stride.

Outside, I noticed the odd weather. While it looked like it was going to rain, the air felt like it had no temperature, the perfect normal feeling. I wondered if John could control it, and I guessed that he could.

"Here we are," John announced, gesturing to a large brown barn. He opened the heavy door for me but, as I went in, the door slammed shut behind me and locked out John. I assumed that it was just a gust of wind and tugged on the door, but it seemed locked shut.

"John, I'm locked in!" I shouted at the barn doors, though it was hard to see anything because the only light was coming in from outside through the cracks of the barn.

"Did you close it on yourself?" he asked.

"No, something locked you out!"

I could hear him desperately pulling on the door from the other side. I smelled horses, and I blinked quickly to try to adjust my vision.

"No," John replied, "I think something locked you in!"

"But you said we were safe!"

"I thought we were."

'This doesn't make sense!" I shouted, utterly terrified.

"Just stay calm, and keep your breathing under control," John said, trying to keep me from fainting.

"How about you pull on the door and I push," I said.

"Okay. On three, 1...2…3!"

We pushed and pulled with so much force that, I was now sure an outside force was acting on the door.

"Who's doing this?" I screamed to the dark barn.

Immediately after I said this, I felt hands gripping my wrists and forcing them together behind my back. I screamed at the top of my lungs as my wrists were tied together with a rough rope. Then, my legs were tied together, as I thrashed with all my might.

Through all of this, I could hear John asking me what was happening and if I was all right. I couldn't answer him, being in such a state of frozen shock.

The person who was restraining me grabbed me by my long dark brown hair and forced me down into the hay. A blindfold was put over my eyes and someone inserted a gag into my mouth. I stopped screaming and settled for moaning while John threw all of his weight against the barn door repeatedly.

Then, there was a sharp pain in my arm, a needle, immediately making me feel tired. The last thing I remembered was hearing someone say, " That's right Pierce, close your eyes"

Then I blacked out.

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