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The Vow

by Shaariin 13


The priest hardly got the last word out when Len suddenly declared: "I am against this marriage!"

Everyone gasped, and our close peers made a slight cheer. I looked at him, hope rising to my chest. He nodded at me. I got his message.

"Me, too. I oppose this union," I stated firmly.

Rinto was encouraged. "I also beg to differ!"

"I disagree, too!" Lenka announced, standing beside Rinto and holding his arm.

Rinto looked at me, and I nodded. He dropped my arm and latched onto Lenka. Len made his way towards me. I reached for him, and I fell into his arms.

"What is the meaning of this abomination?" my father roared. "What a disgrace!"

"Outrageous! What do you mean to achieve with this atrocity?" Rinto's father demanded, his keen blue eyes piercing his son.

"Freedom," he answered firmly.

"Why you-!" the two older men were about to lunge toward the platform, but their wives stopped them.

"Takeru, stop it now!" Mother commanded. "Let them be! You've caused all of them enough pain! Let them be happy!"

"Karin is right, Renton," Rinto's mother agreed. "I've had it with you controlling our son's life! Let him decide for himself."

The two men argued with their wives at the same time.

"But, Ai," he pleaded to his wife. "I only want what's best for-"

"My dear!" Father had exclaimed. "I just want to make sure-"

"Enough!" the two women pronounced, before walking past their husbands towards the podium to speak to the priest.

"Father," Mother started. "If it's not an inconvenience to you..."

"Would you mind binding these pairs in marriage?" Rinto's mother finished.

The four of us looked at each other, then at the priest who was scratching his head.

Cheers flew all around as Len and I came out the doors of the church and went down the steps.

We have this superstition that siblings cannot marry within the same year. Rinto and Lenka gave way when I confided to them that I was actually already five weeks pregnant with Len's child.

"Besides," Lenka said. "I wouldn't want to get married in a maid of honor's dress! I want my own wedding gown!"

"Well, it's already the end of October," Rinto agreed. "Only two more months to go!"

I passed by my father, sitting on the bottom step, totally dejected. I locked eyes with Len, and he nodded, loosening his hold on my arm. I went to my father, settled beside him and leaned on his shoulder.

"Sorry, Daddy," I apologized softly. "But I really, really love Len."

He snorted. "What do you see in that pauper?" he said disdainfully.

I looked at him, shocked. "Daddy! Why did you say that?" I hissed.

He sighed, shoulders slumping further, head dropping lower.

I heaved a sigh of my own, and went back to my old position. "Well, he and his sisters aren't poor," I offered. "Len's left modeling and is practicing law again to manage their firm, now that his dad's retired and touring the world with his mom, Lenka's a senior engineer, and Neru just graduated from Business School."

He made a gruff sound, still unsure.

I rolled my eyes. "Daddy, just because he wasn't born rich like me doesn't mean he doesn't deserve me." I looked over my father and gazed at my now husband. "Sometimes I think it's me who doesn't deserve him."

Father sounded indignant. "Of course you're deserving! He's not, though! And nothing will change my mind!" he stressed.

"Nothing?" I teased.

"Nothing!" he asserted.

I hugged him. "You're going to be a grandfather~" I egged.

"I'm going to be a grandfa-" he stopped his stubborn proclamation. "I'm going to be a grandfather?" He asked, looking at me intently.

I nodded, wide-eyed, my heart pounding in my chest.

"Can he make you laugh?" My Father queried out of the blue.

I nodded. "Yes."

"Are you a priority to him?"

"He says I'm on top of the list."

"Can he take care of you? Comfort you, give you what you need? Be there for you, and never whine or complain, or raise his voice or hand against you? Wake up every morning and thank God I let you marry him?"

"Dad-" I started to whine.

"Just answer," he instructed.

"Yes," I obliged.

"Last one?" he asked.

"Fine, Daddy," I gave him my permission.

"Will he love you until the last day of his life? You and only you."

"I will," a baritone voice answered behind me. I looked up and saw Len standing on our step.

My father got up, helping me along. He stared at my husband, eye to eye. Then, he resignedly gave Len my hand.

I giggled.

Len looked at me amusedly as he took my offered hand. "What's funny?"

"It's just that..." I laughed. "Isn't it a bit late? We got married before Daddy gave you my hand."

My father let out a small laugh. "It is, isn't it?" He glanced at Len once more. "You hurt my daughter, and it's off with your head."


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