AN- From a prompt in the TARDIS weekly prompts.


The Doctor did not get this. Why were humans so obsessed with these colourful things in the sky? It was getting on the Doctor's nerve. Here were Amy and Rory gushing over this dumb thing in the sky while they could be concentrating on the very, very cool waterfall of different colours. And he knew it was cool as he was Mr Cool. He didn't bring them to Slazk 5 to look at rainbows where they could do that at home.

Humans are very weird sometimes. It was just like when he took Rose to Las Vegas, she wanted to go to a casino. Why go somewhere you can go to at home?

Martha was the same. He took her to see a Broadway musical in the future, but she wanted to go watch something at Earth. He said to her, "Let's go and watch Space Love. You can go and watch all the musicals you like at home. Just get the Wicked and West Side Story DVDs, okay?" But, no use. He ended up watching Space Love on his own while the medical student went and watched Wicked. Yeah, he did admit it was a good musical, but why see it here? And why see it in the future anyway? He could take her to see it with Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth, actors she actually knew.

Also, the thing he couldn't get was beaches. He only took his companion's to a beach if it had a better view than an Earth one.

"Doctor, it's got pink in the rainbow!" Amy called, bringing him back to Earth. Oh, this was going to be a long day...