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The New Platoon

Darius stepped off the roaming bus and walked up to his twin sister Lexus. She smiled and they walked

towards the School Campus. They walked through the gates and were graced by a pristine campus.

They were escorted into the President Kalian's Office. "Thank you, two for deciding to come to Zuellni, its

a rarity for us to receive students from Maelstrom. Your city is fairly unknown but those who do come

from their almost rival those from Glendan, I've already authorized class A scholarships for both of you

and Lexus, you will be joining the new 25th platoon and Darius you're to be the captain. Its going to be

consisted of all recruits, a first for Zuellni. My assistants will take your measurements and fit you for your

uniforms" and with a snap a wave of girls pulled a privacy wall over and stripped them naked and began

to measure every part of him and he saw the same thing happening to his sister. After 10 mins, he

walked out in a uniform that was fitted perfectly. He waited and soon his sister walked out in a skirt and

blazer. He chuckled a little "I don't think I've ever seen you in a skirt before." She just flipped him the

bird and walked off. They were lead to the school and the got their schedules. Their first hour was

history,Dr Wilbur discussed the history of the Regios and how the earth was polluted until life was

unsustainable and humans were forced to build the Regios and how certain organism evolved into what

was now known as Contaminoids. Next the moved to a Dite introduction class. The teacher brought

them into a workshop and they were slowly given turns with Dite Engineers. Darius picked up a black

and red Dite and said "Restoration". A long katana extended. He swung it around a couple of times and

liked the feel. He channeled his kei and released a little and the air around him began to electrify. He

pocketed the Dite and moved on. He found his sister in a corner reading a magazine. He walked up and

she smiled at him. She stood up and then suddenly he found himself staring at the barrels of twin

pistols. She winked and walked off. "That girl is going to kill me one day". They continued through the

day until the final bell rung. Then they went to the 25th Platoon Barrack to meet their other teammates.

He was the first to arrive then a girl with black hair with red in it who just simply walked in and sat

quietly, next came a guy who was tweaking with a device, he waved the returned to his work. He sister

strolled in with a blue-haired girl who she was giggling with. He checked the roster and that was

everyone. "Hi, my name is Darius and my sister is Lexus but she prefers Lexi. I'm the appointed captain

so I want everyone to get dressed in sparring gear. They moved out into the sparring field and they

paired up and started to spar. Darius went up against Lisa and even though she could only use Nen-I

she had great offensive and defensive power using her staff to conjurer kinetic barriers and petals that

shifted into sharp arrows. He was on the defenisive most of the time until she slipped and he was able

to use External Ballistic Kei and knocked her over. She got up and shook his hand and walked away. He

sighed and followed. Next came his sister and Sarah. Lexi twirled the Dite's and yelled Restoration and

she wield her pistols. Sarah had a dite with many grooves and when she said restoration it became a

blade that was made of interlocking pieces. Lexi began to fire maniacally at Sarah,Sarah easily dodged

and raced into a close combat fight. She sliced at Lexi but she blocked it with one of her handguns

before using external kei to pistol whip her backwards. "External Kei Dragon-fire" yelled Lexi, her barrels

glowed how red and she fired a jet of flames at Sarah who dodged but suffered a few burns. She stood

up and noticed her hair was singed. She growled and then whipped her sword around and the pieces

disconnected and charged at her. The match waged on for another 15 minutes until the girls collapsed

from exhaustion. They pulled out the stretchers and carried them to the infirmary. Darius worked on

some homework while his sister slept. Suddenly someone knocked and came in. A girl with purple hair

and wearing the uniform of a second year martial artist. She walked over to Sarah and stroked her. He

coughed and the girl turned startled. "I'm Darius, you sister's captain and it my sister she was fighting.

She's a little spitfire for sure." The girl chuckled and nodded. "I'm Sarah's older sister, Naruki, Naruki

Gelni." They chatted for awhile until visiting hours were over. They walked outside and took the tram to

the dorms. Darius got undressed and took a shower and hopped into bed. He quickly fell asleep. He

woke up the next day and went to class. They were practicing Internal and External Kei techniques.

"Restoration", his katana formed and he practiced his Internal Kei, using his kei to strengthen the

muscles in his body. Soon he had broken out into a sweat so he took a break. He watched Naruki

practice some techniques for the police force then returned to his practice. After they finished Darius

went to check in on his sister, she was awake and they were just about ready to discharge her. Naruki

came in halfway to see Sarah. After awhile Naruki and Darius left. They decided to grab a bite to eat so

they went to Cafe Milla. A waitress in a black outfit walked up to them, "Oh hey Felli" said Naruki. Felli

kept a dull look and asked for their orders. Darius got a hamburger and fries and Naruki got a chicken

salad. They got to know each other while they ate. "So your from Maelstrom, Darius". He nodded. "It

mostly stays in the mountains of the north where there is less contaminoids but those ones that live

there are strong. Are electric fairy is a Storm-bird". They just chatted until they were done. He paid for

the meal and they walked through the campus. It was finally getting dark so they rode the tram to the

dorms. When they got to Naruki she was about to wave goodbye when he grabbed her and pulled her

into a kiss. Her eyes fluttered wide for a second then she got into the kiss and kissed him back. He left

her there standing goofy looking. He got ready for bed and soon was out cold.

25th Platoon

Sarah Gelni

Weapon: Whip Sword

Relatives:Naruki's younger sister of 1 years.


Dite Engineer


Weapon: Twin Pistols


Weapon: Katana

Weapon: Staff/Nen-I