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The Nightmare Game Ch 1

Sarah Foster ran. She ran far and fast, her heart hammered in her chest, sweat trickled down her face.

Sara dashed through the endless darkness, ducking past large obstacles and obstructions. She could barely see five feet in front of her but she didn't care, all she knew was that she had to run as fast as she can, that's what he wants.

If she stopped running then he will get her like Jack, Lily and Allen.

She glanced back behind her and saw shadows moving after her slowly but relentlessly. The sounds of squeaks, creaks and other odd sounds drifted through the silent dark followed by soft voices chanting a nursery rhyme with glee.

Sarah's leg connected with something solid and she was sent stumbling over the solid object and her face connected to solid ground. Sarah groaned, her head spun and she scrambled to her feet awkwardly, hearing the voices and noises getting ever closer she turned quickly and hid behind a large dark shape a few feet away, she held her breath, her heart hammered in her chest rapidly as she listened for her pursuers.

For a few minutes all was silent but the creaking and squeaks grew louder and louder till she saw a single bright light, emanating from a rusty old lantern.

The lantern casted a pale light over their surroundings, showing the mountains of junk that inhabit the forsaken realm she was trapped in. She noticed that that the object she was hiding behind was a large wooden chest. Sarah watched her pursuers glance around them, looking for a sign of her; she ducked behind the chest praying that they didn't see her and they would just move on.

She glanced to her side and noticed a small mirror showing the reflection of her pursuers, they just glanced around then continued marching onward. Sarah sighed and relaxed a little; she slowly drew quiet breaths as she pulled out a small pencil and a few crumpled pages she tore out of her notebook hours ago.

She began scribbling down hastily a warning to anyone else that might be sucked into the same nightmarish problem like her and her friends. She frowned and tears formed in her eyes, her brother Jack, and her best friend Lily and Jack's friend Allen, all gone leaving her alone to die in the dark. She glanced at the mirror and she could barley make out her reflection.

Her auburn hair was frazzled and unkempt, her blue sweater was covered in dark stains.

Sarah frowned and shoved the note and pencil back into her pockets and got up slowly, she looked around, and everything was clear and quiet.

A little too quiet for Sarah's liking, but suddenly something heavy landed on her back and latched itself to her, wrapping its arms and legs around her arms, pinning them to her sides and it began screaming a high, earsplitting scream. A screamer she thought, she then cursed loudly and began running into the darkness.

Sarah tried to throw it off her back but its grip was too strong. She was so exhausted, she wanted to just give up but she forced herself to keep running, she couldn't afford to give up.

Sarah kept running, breathing heavily but the sounds of her pursuers reached her ear again, frantically she looked around for a way out but saw nothing. Sarah stopped for a moment to catch her breath but suddenly everything was silent. Sarah sighed in relief, believing she has out of the woods but something felt wrong.

The darkness and silence made her tense and she realized that something was wrong.

It was way to quiet, there was no sound from her pursuers, it was like they had stopped moving but they hardly ever stop for anything.

Even the screamer attached to her back was unusually silent which made her tense up even more; the screamers never went silent for anything, except only when he is near.

"Oh God" she whimpered, if he catches her she will be killed, or worse. She tried to move but she couldn't, she tried again but she lost her balance and fell to the ground, she squinted and saw that her legs were tied together with rope. Sarah tried to get up but she saw hundreds of small shapes move in the dark, they all piled onto her pinning her down, she fought to get up but with each second more and more small shapes jumped onto her holding her down, soon she most of her body was buried under a mountain of small shapes.

Sarah swore and kept struggling to get free but she was stuck.

Sarah listened and heard the creaking and squeaking and a soft voice reciting an old nursery rhyme, which caused Sarah to shiver.

The squeaks and creaks had stopped but she heard soft footfalls and she saw him standing over her with a big grin on his face

"Caught you" he said in a singsong voice Sarah pursed her lips together "that was fun, another game, another game!" he cried.

But Sarah stayed quiet as she glared at him, his grin faded slowly from his face and his face melted into a frown "What is it?" he asked innocently he knelt closer to her face and asked "Is there something in my teeth?" he rubbed his teeth on his sleeve, trying to clean his teeth but she kept glaring at him.

It finally dawned on him why she was glaring at him and he pouted, "Is that why you are mad? All those guys played my games but they just weren't good enough so they got the prize for those who loose, well I wouldn't be mad those losers were just no match for me"

"Those losers were my friends! And I had enough of you're stupid games" Sarah snarled.

He frowned looking hurt "My games are not stupid" but he stood up and grinned broadly which Sarah's heart skip a beat, when he smiles something horrible happens.

He tilted his head a little "Well since you feel that way I guess I could abide by you're wishes" Sarah's eyes widened, this sounded too good to be true she thought.

His face looked friendly but his voice added venom in every word that came from his mouth "I'll abide by you're wishes but I'll give you a little consolation prize for all you're troubles". Sarah's heart dropped into her gut and she squeaked, "N-no please don't!".

But he just held up a hand and continued cheerfully "I know that you've just lost but I feel that you shouldn't go home empty handed" he pointed a finger at her forehead, there was a soft humming sound but the sound grew louder and louder, a small sphere of azure light appeared on his finger tip, the small sphere grew with the sound till it was the size of a baseball.

Tears streamed down Sarah's face "Please don't do this!" she sobbed but he ignored her cries, he lowered his finger towards her forehead till the sphere of light touched her forehead.

Once the orb of light made contact with her flesh, it began to sink into her head. Sarah's cries stopped for a brief moment, her blue eyes went wide as dinner plates. Suddenly she began to thrash around violently, screaming in agony and her body started glowing a faint blue color.

Loud creaking sounds emanated from her, the creaking continued for a few moments then the sounds stopped abruptly and Sarah stopped thrashing. He crouched down and inspected her pale and still face.

Her face was very pale and was drenched in sweat, her eyes were still wide open but a large crazed looking smile was on her face "how do you feel?"

"Great" she replied in a lofty tone he grinned "good but I'm afraid that its time to go home now".

Sarah frowned and whined "Noooo! I don't want to go!" He frowned and poked her on her forehead "Sorry no can do, you've played and lost better luck next time" Her frowned deepened and he placed a hand on her head gently, her body glowed blue faintly then she vanished.

He sighed "Nice girl" he got up and inspected his surroundings.

His realm was silent as a grave, it always filled his heart with loneliness and boredom, and He has always tried to fill the void with some form of entertainment but the joy was fleeting. "I need new playthings!" he declared to his subjects but they just remained silent and gave him blank looks but he continued on anyway, not waiting for any form of answer or questions from his friends "But not just any playthings no more of those fragile little humans, I want one of those meta humans from the news" he started rubbing his hands in excitement.

This time he wanted to play with new toys; he wants more toys, better toys! Better then those boring old humans then he was struck by an idea "I know! To make things interesting I'll invite my old friend! I'm sure he'll enjoy playing with me again" he hopped around on one foot trying to contain his happiness.

He then realized something then he clapped his hands together exclaiming, "So much to do, so little time" he began ascending from the ground slowly, he soared upward into the darkness then he zoomed off in one direction followed by his companions.

End of chapter 1

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