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Ch.7-Task 3: Where Boys Fear to Tread

The small transport ship zoomed across the clear blue sky carrying its passengers to their next task. In the pilot seat was Captain Jack Harkness, sitting in the co-pilot's chair was the Doctor.

They had recently completed the second task in an abandoned city that was filled with shifting halls and invisible traps.

They managed to get to the escape ship on time but they had lost a member of their group, a girl they had rescued from their first task. She went missing and she had transformed into a horrifying monster that tried to kill them. Luckily they escaped but Maria was left stranded in the abandoned city and she drowned along with city.

Presently everyone in the group was preparing themselves for what my lie ahead.

Robin noticed that Miss Martian was staring blankly out the window "M'gann, are you ok?" asked Robin.

Miss Martian blinked and she looked to Robin "Wha? Oh yeah I am" she mumbled.

Robin frowned "What is it?"

Miss Martian hesitated but she told him "Its Maria"

"What about her?" asked Robin.

Miss Martian sighed "We should've done something, we could've saved her"

"How?" said Robin "Remember, she was a twelve foot monster that was able to hold this ship down, how were supposed to save her?"

Miss Martian shrugged "I don't know, but we should've tried something" "Even if we did bring her along, it wouldn't have made any difference" said a voice.

Miss Martian and Robin looked up and saw the Doctor standing there. He knelt down to meet Miss Martian's eye level "Maria was far too gone for us to have done something"

"But couldn't you have done something?" asked Miss Martian.

The Doctor frowned and shrugged "I'm not sure, I have never seen something like that before. Given time, I may have found a solution but even then I doubt I could save her"

"Why?" asked Miss Martian.

The Doctor sighed deeply "Maria was no longer who she was, she was hollowed out and changed into a doll" "But she seemed so human" said Robin

"She was in deep cover" said The Doctor "her programming was to convince us that she was human. It was so good, even she was convinced that she was human"

"How do you know that?" asked Aqualad.

The Doctor glanced at the atlantian and said "One of my companions had something similar happen to him but to a lesser degree. He was deleted from existence but a Nestene doll was made to imitate him and to gain my trust. But once the time was right, his programming kicked in and he was forced to kill his wife but he fought his programming and eventually, he was free"

The Doctor scratched his chin "What happened to Maria was similar but I would say its something far more powerful than what happened to Rory".

Silence befell the group. After a minute, Jack called back to the Doctor from the cockpit "Doctor, we're almost there! You might want to strap in, this is going to get bumpy".

The Doctor returned his seat and strapped on his seat belt. The transport shook and rattled. The transport angled and it slowly began to descend from the sky.

Outside, Locutus stood alone in a field. Behind him were a pair of tall grey walls that stretched high in the sky and stretched on for miles. Connecting the two walls was a tall, stone arch with iron gates. He watched as the ship slowly descended through thick cloud cover.

Once the ship landed and the ramp lowered. The passengers disembarked the transport ship.

Locutus spread his arms and smiled "Welcome, to the next task. Glad to see that you all survived" "Not all of us" muttered Robin.

Locutus's lip twitched and he continued, "Right, well anyway on with the challenge shall we?" Everyone focused on the silver haired man.

Locutus explained, "Behind me is a graveyard. Get to the other side and you can move on to the next challenge".

The group stared at the man in disbelief "Seriously?" said Kid Flash

Locutus nodded "Yes"

"What's the catch?" asked Superboy "There's always a catch".

Locutus smiled "Ah, good question" he gestured to the gates "Through those gates, lie one of the most fearsome predators in the universe. The Weeping Angels" The Team looked at the silver haired man in confusion but The Doctor, Martha and Jack paled.

Locutus continued, "Reach the other side and don't let the Weeping Angels catch you. If you are caught, they will kill you. Understand?" Everyone swallowed and they nodded.

Locutus clapped his hands together "Good, now lets get going" he spun around and he marched up to the gates with the group following after him. The silver haired man reached into his pocket and withdrew a golden key. Locutus unlocked the gate and the gates swung open with a creak.

Through the stone archway, they saw a long dirt path that led into a vast, grey graveyard.

Locutus stepped aside and he motioned them to pass through the gates, saying, "The challenge begins once you step through the gate".

The Doctor looked through the gate and he took a deep breath muttering, "Here we go".

The Time Lord stepped through the gate, passed under the archway and started down the dirt path. Jack followed after him with Martha and the others bringing up the rear.

Once they all passed through the gate, Locutus closed the gates and locked them.

The Doctor trudged down the path with the others following closely behind. The Time Lord scanned his surroundings for any sign of the Weeping Angels.

Aqualad noticed that the Doctor was tense and asked, "Doctor, what's wrong?"

"Nothing" said The Doctor casually "Nothing really, I'm just appreciating the fact that we're in a graveyard with a bunch of Weeping Angels waiting to pounce on us"

"What's a Weeping Angel?" asked Artemis

"One of the most dangerous creatures in the universe" said the Doctor ominously

"More dangerous than the Vashta Nerada?" asked Superboy

"They're worse" said Jack "Way worse".

Everyone looked at Jack in shock and The Doctor continued, "They are an ancient race. They were born at the beginning of the universe"

"What do they look like?" asked Robin. The Doctor glanced back at him and said "They look like stone statues of crying angels"

A chill ran down everyone's spine. Robin glanced around and he saw some stone statues but they were of men, women and some animals. Wally swallowed "Any tips on how to beat them?"

"Don't blink" warned the Doctor "Don't look away and try not to out run them"

"What happens if we blink or look away?" asked Nick nervously.

The Doctor glanced back and said calmly "You die"

. Everyone took the Doctor's warning to heart and they kept their guard up.

The group continued down the path for several minutes with no problem at all. As they trudged down the path, Nick saw a shape move in the corner of his eye. He turned his head and saw nothing but headstones and crypts for miles.

Nick frowned and trudged on. A chilly wind blew through the graveyard, brining a thick grey mist.

The Doctor's eyes widened a little and he turned to the others "Everybody, stay closely together and keep an eye out for the Weeping Angels!" They obeyed. The group formed a tight protective circle and started scanning their surroundings. The mist grew thicker and thicker.

Slowly, their vision became clouded and they couldn't see more than four feet away from them. The heartbeat of everybody in the group began to quicken.

In the mist, they heard hissing and movement. They even heard a few giggles and tiny footsteps. The Doctor's eyes almost popped out of his skull "Oh no"

"What is it?" asked Aqualad

"Baby Weeping Angels" breathed Jack "They're just as bad as fully grown ones and twice as creepy" "Don't forget fast" added The Doctor.

The Doctor drew his sonic screwdriver and Jack drew his revolver. The group's pace slowed down until they were inching down the path. Nick saw a large shape move in the mist and he suddenly bumped into something. He spun around and he found himself staring into the eyes of a Weeping Angel. The angel stood in the dead center of the group's protective circle and it had an eerie smile on its face.

Before Nick could scream or warn the others, he vanished in a swirl of mist.

Seth heard some giggling coming from behind. He glanced back and saw a gap in the group's circle. His eyes widened in horror "Nick's gone!"

Everybody stopped and looked to where the blond once was. The Doctor breathed "No, no, no" he glanced around at the encroaching mist. The time lord scowled "They got him"

"What did they do to him?" asked Superbo

y "I-Is he dead?" whimpered Seth.

The Doctor nodded grimly "I am sorry".

Seth began trembling "Oh God". Martha placed a comforting hand on his shoulder and the group continued on cautiously. The Doctor eyed the mist warily, keeping his screwdriver leveled like a weapon.

As they traveled through the mist, they heard more giggling and footsteps. Wally shivered "These things are seriously going to be in my nightmares"

"That makes two of us" muttered Superboy.

Seth's eyes scanned the mist around them and he froze in place. A short distance away stood a stone mausoleum with its doors wide open. Lying unconscious in the doorway he saw Nick. Seth's expression brightened a little and he exclaimed "Nick!" everyone stopped and they looked towards the mausoleum.

They were all surprised to see him alive. The Doctor frowned and he scanned the mausoleum with this screwdrive. Analyzing the readings, the time lord muttered, "That can't be right". Seth took off running towards the mausoleum.

The Doctor's eyes widened in realization and he yelled, "Wait, no! Don't go in there!" But it was too late. Seth reached the mausoleum and Nick's unconscious form moved, suddenly grabbing Seth by the throat.

The mist drifted around the mausoleum and blocked the group's view. They heard Seth screaming in agony and it abruptly went silent.

The Doctor clenched his jaw and he gripped his sonic screwdriver tightly. Suddenly Miss Martian yelped.

Everyone turned and they saw standing just inches away from her, a stone angel with large fangs bared and an ugly scowl on its face.

"Don't blink" warned the Doctor "It can't touch you if you don't blink" "Ok" said Miss Martian

"And don't look into its eyes" added The Doctor.

Everyone kept their eyes on the Weeping Angel. Superboy heard something and he quickly turned and came face to face with another Weeping Angel.

The same thing happened to Robin, Jack and Martha.

Pretty soon the group found themselves surrounded on all sides by Weeping Angels. The Time Lord's hearts thumped away. He quickly came up with a plan. The Doctor told his companions "When I give the signal, run in any direction. Run as far as you can and quickly head for the exit. Got it?" everyone nodded.

The Doctor raised his sonic screwdriver to the sky and he clicked the button. A loud high-pitched tone emitted from the screwdriver. Everyone covered their ears as the tone pierced their eardrums.

The mist rolled through the group and before everyone lost sight of each other, they saw the Doctor mouth "Run!"

Once the mist shrouded them all, each member of the group took off running.

As they all ran, they heard low growls and snarls of pain and annoyance.

Wally zigzagged through the graveyard, Superboy, Artemis and Martha ran as fast as they could. Robin, the man in brown, Aqualad and Jack ran and they quickly hid in a small mausoleum.

The Doctor and Miss Martian ran past a large obelisk and they ducked behind a large stone cube.

The time lord and the Martian paused to catch their breath.

Miss Martian connected with the rest of the team through telepathy. So far they all managed to escape from the Weeping Angels safely.

Miss Martian glanced to the Doctor "What did you do to them?"

"I merely bombarded their senses and temporarily blinded them in both sight and sound" explained the Doctor

"Great, but now where do we go?" asked Wally

"We can't keep this up forever" said Aqualad.

"This mist is getting thicker, its going to be pretty hard to find the exit soon and the Weeping Angels are going to be pretty ticked" added Jack "If we don't get out soon, we're dead meat".

The Doctor frowned and thought for a moment. So far nothing came to mind.

"…Doc…Doctor" hissed a voice. The time lord frowned "What?"

"I didn't say anything" said Miss Martian.

"…Doctor…Doctor" hissed the voice. The Doctor looked to Miss Martian than he glanced around him.

He got up and glanced around at the graveyard until he spotted the source of the voice. Standing there in a crimson and gold cloak was a blond woman. She had fair features, light eyes and thin lips. Her hair and cloak flapped lazily in the wind. She had a solemn look on her face. The woman raised a hand and gestured the Doctor to follow.

The Doctor frowned and muttered "Who are you?"

the woman didn't answer. She only gestured for him to follow.

The Doctor nudged Miss Martian and she got up. She saw the woman as well "Who is she?"

"I don't know" said The Doctor "But I think we should follow her".

He approached the woman but she turned and began walking away at a brisk pace. The Doctor and Miss Martian picked up their pace.

The woman walked continued ahead of them for a few minutes until she walked behind a tree. The Doctor ran and he went around the tree, expecting to find the woman but he saw that the woman had vanished.

Instead, there stood a stone arch that led out of the graveyard.

The time lord frowned in confusion as to where the woman could have gone and who she may have been. A few ideas came to mind but each was as ridiculous as the next

. Miss Martian caught up with the doctor and she saw the arch "The exit?"

The Doctor nodded "Yes, it seems that we made it" "How?" asked Miss Martian.

The time lord shook his head "I don't know".

They heard footsteps and saw a pair of shapes emerging from the mist. It was Jack and Aqualad. Soon other shapes began emerging from the thick mist, each of them looking confused and bewildered.

Jack looked to the Doctor "How'd you get here?"

The Doctor explained how they followed the woman and asked Jack how he found the exit. Jack nodded slowly "Same here"

"Same for all of us" said Robin.

The Doctor was deep in thought when Martha asked, "Who is she?"

The Doctor blinked "I'm sorry?" "The woman, who is she?" asked Martha.

The Doctor shook his head "I don't know, but she seems very familiar". His eyes narrowed a little and he muttered something under his breath.

The Doctor clapped his hands together "Never mind about her, I'm sure we'll figure it out later. First, lets leave this dreadful place". The time lord and his companions marched out of the graveyard together.

On the other side of the arch was a vast, rolling field of green with a shining sun rising from beyond the horizon.

Locutus watched as the Doctor and his companions leave the graveyard.

His master jumped out of his seat and grabbed the crystal orb he was watching them with "No!" he screamed "No! That's not how its supposed to be!"

He chucked the crystal ball to the obsidian floor. It landed with a loud crack and it shattered into a million pieces.

Locutus watched as his master jump up and down on the crystal shards screaming "No fair! No fair! They cheated!"

Locutus asked his master "My lord, what happened?"

"The Doctor and his little gang escaped the Weeping Angels!" spat his master "With her help!"

Locutus frowned "I thought she was trapped in the pod"

"She is" said his master as he scowled at the large crystal casket that sat next to his throne "I don't know how but no psychic thought should've been able to break through its barrier" "Then how did she help the Doctor?" asked Locutus.

His master frowned "I don't know" he approached the casket.

Encased in glimmering crystal was a blond woman dressed in scarlet and gold robes. The edges of her robes were singed and her blond hair was frozen in a wild mess.

Locutus's master placed a hand on the cool, crystal lid of the casket and muttered, "Even after all this time, she is still trying to return to her doctor" he smiled a little and shook his head "I expected nothing less from the former Lady President of Gallifrey".

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