Felicity's summer had passed her by with ease. She was happy, keeping herself occupied with prep for a new school year. It was the fifteenth of July when she had received word for her Uncle Remus. He was taking her to see her father, he was taking her to her old home. Her first home, she was more than ready when he arrived on the seventeenth of July for her.

"Hello Felicity." He put his hand on her shoulder, "You've grown since I saw you last."

"Hello Uncle Remus." She smiled at the dingy looking man,

"Felicity!" The boys crowded her, giving her hugs and kisses saying all the things they would do when she returned.

When she finally made it out with her uncle she was in need of fresh air.

"You seem to be quite popular."

"That tends to happen when you grow fond of people." She laughed tucking some hair behind her ear. He had rented a small silver car that seemed to be in okay condition. Her trunk barely fit in the back, and the front seat was more like a bench with no seat belts. It was cool when she squeezed into the compressed vehicle.

The ride from there was awkward. Neither of them were very social until one point came up in the stiff air.

"So Felicity, I... what happened to you? I mean after, your um... Dad was. Taken?" Remus asked very lightly wording what he said.

"I was sent to live with Aunt Bellatrix" She said he sighed at her words.

"Why would he send you there? I knew he was irresponsible but she's... Crazy"

"He never go5t the chance to make a will. He just inherited his parents. They appointed Aunt Bella to take care of any Black children."

"... It was supposed to be me." He mumbled.

"What?" She breathed unsure.

"Once James had died he... asked me to be your guardian. I didn't acknowledge the letter of course thinking he had killed, Lilly and James. As well as..."

"You're a werewolf."
"Yeah..." The air was solid and it seem that there was no ventilation in the petite car. When they arrived on the street Felicity was ecstatic. She saw the identical line of houses, the concrete she had played on. Even her old neighbors hadn't changed only their ages and sizes.

"Felicity!" She turned and saw an old lady but not just any old lady. It was, Mrs. Garnett, she had been the one to take Felicity out into the world. She was like a grandmother to her.

"Hi Mrs. Garnett." She waved.

"My dear." She crossed the street. "I almost didn't recognize you! You're all grown up, your hair is still the same. You're eyes there as bright as ever." She moved some of her hair and hugged her. "You must come over to my house while you're visiting, how long are you staying?"

" All summer."


"Well reminiscing. Gather old belongings to take back to school."

"Oh are you going to college already!"

"No, I go to privet school."

"Yes very exclusive" her uncle Remus got out her things.

"Brilliant all of my children are extraordinarily intellectual. Out of the six I have raised including Felicity I have a brain surgeon, a lawyer, an ambassador of the ING Group, a Mammalogist she's in Africa right now, and a mother. Now a student at a prestigious boarding school, I always knew you were destined for greatness Felicity. Now tell me how old are you and what is your class rank?"

"I'm going to turn fifteen this august, and the last I checked I was ranked number one in my class"

"Good girl, barley a sophomore and already on top."

"Felicity!" Her Uncle Remus motioned to her home.

"I've got to go Mrs. Garnett I'll see you soon!" She waved running toward her uncle.

"Goodbye dear!"

Felicity entered the house seeing the wood work the artistry of her home. It was musty and rather old but it was just perfection.


She looked up and saw her father, cleaner than from the last time she had seen him, walk in to the sitting room.

"Daddy!" She dropped the only bag she had been holding and ran to his arms. He picked her up and twirled her around. She could have cried, maybe even died at that exact moment and she wouldn't care her life was complete and full in that one moment.

He placed her feet on the ground before kissing her forehead, and pulling her back into an embrace. He rocked her back and forth, she giggled like a little girl. He pulled away from her and smiled proudly at his daughter.

"Sirius." Remus planted her things on the floor.

"Remus!" He smiled going over to his friend. Felicity smiled at the friends being reunited. After a good while of remembrance Remus turned to her.

"Felicity we should take these to your room."

"I've got it." Felicity picked up her trunk, putting her bag on the side table. She smiled and walked up the stairs.

When she reached her door it still had a flowery sign on it. She laughed and when she entered she laughed harder.

"Yep this was the flowers faze" She laughed the room was bright yellow and covered with pink, purple, and blue cartoon flowers. Her dresser was white, it had assorted hair pins a brush, and some pictures of her and her dad.

Her closet had a multitude of little dresses, shirts, pants, and skirts. It contained her only and favorite stuffed animal. Her stuffed Pegasus, it was silver with a golden mane.

She looked to her bed, it had a princess curtain, flower bed spread, and assorted flower pillows. Her bedside table held a round clock, with a flower in the middle and butterflies on the hands.

On the walls were diverse framed pictures. One in particular made her stare. It was... a party... a birthday party... she was there with her father, but it wasn't her birthday. There was another couple their baby was blowing out some candles. It was Harry, his first birthday and she was there.

She set down her things, took the picture off the wall, and looked at it. Until the door opened.

"Clean the room he says..." Felicity heard a familiar scratchy voice

"Kreacher " Felicity put down the picture.

"Mistress?" The house elf looked up at her. She got down on the flowered rug and hugged him.

"Kreacher I missed you." She laughed now she was going to cry.

"Mistress it's been so long." he stepped out of her hold and bowed to her.

"It's been too long."

"Mistress is all grown now, she must be attending Hoggywarts." She nodded, "Is no doubt in Ravenclaw or Gryffindor like her father."

"Kreacher will you do something for me?"

"Mistress still asks," he whispered to himself, "Mistress need not ask." he bowed again.

"Will you," she went to her bed and grabbed the photo, " wrap this for someone special?"

"Yes mistress. Yes." He almost smiled at her and apperated from the room. Felicity would give it to Harry for his birthday.

"Felicity could you come down here for a second!" Sirius had called for her. She came down the perilous stairs, "The Weasley's will be arriving tomorrow, and the rest of the order as well. Just be prepared for visitors."

Felicity's happiness depleted a bit, thinking about her last encounter with Mrs. Weasley "Will Hermione be coming too?"

"I presume so."

"Why don't you two catch up a bit, Sirius, I'll be in the kitchen getting some food prepared." Her uncle left the sitting room.

Felicity took a seat, " So baby girl, how was your year at Hogwarts?" He asked taking a seat next to her on the couch.

She leaned on his shoulder and told him about her studies, her friends, and she was approaching the topic of her boyfriend.

" and I went to the Yule Ball, daddy. I had a lot of fun, dressing up and all with Hermione and Ginny." she bit her lip thinking about that mystical night.

"Did you get asked?" He asked smiling at her.

"I did, and now were... going out." She smiled.

"Well who is he?"

"You know him..."

"Is it that Ron? Because I think you and I both know you could trample him."

"No Daddy. It's Harry." She smiled sitting up.

"Harry? As in my godson, Harry?"

"Yes, he just knows how to make things simple, he lets me be free, and respects me. He cares, he really cares. "

"How far have you... gotten with him?" He asked almost scared

"We've kissed but that's about it."

"Alright." He sighed relieved,

"Daddy, I'll be fine you look like your scared we did something."

"Well if he's his father's son..."

"Daddy!" She laughed.

"You know I'm going to say what all fathers say. I don't want to lose my baby girl. I haven't been there for you, being locked up and all."

"But daddy that's made me happier. Getting the chance to see you. Having that to fall back on it's made me stronger."

"You have never needed help being stronger Felicity. When you were little, you were with Mrs. Garnett and wandered right on into the street I saw the whole thing. " She laughed at her father's words.

"I really like him daddy. I might even say I love him."

" That's good, that you like him. If James and Lilly were here. Well Lilly would roll her eyes and make sure he treated you right. James would high - five him, and encourage him to make it work. I can promise you we would all just pray that you would someday get married."

"Daddy." She laughed.

"What I'm being honest."

"Foods ready." Remus shouted.

" One more thing dad. At the end of the year, Professor McGonagall, she gave me this." She pulled out the necklace she had been given the year before. It was a silver star pendent, and when someone touched it an inscription would tell what their hearts truly wanted. Right at that moment while on Felicity's neck it read some choices we live not only once but a thousand times over, remembering them for the rest of our lives. "My mum left it for me, she enchanted it to read your heart."

He looked at it before touching the star a son is a so till he takes him a wife, a daughter is a daughter all her life "That is just like your mother to do something like that Felicity. I don't know why she was a Hufflepuff. Let's go eat." He put his arm around her shoulders and led her to the kitchen.

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