Missing Signals

When Emma helps two orphaned children find their father she starts to wonder about her own, even more after an interesting conversation with Mary Margaret.


"You do kind of have my chin" Mary Margaret said jokingly. But was she joking? She had never paid enough attention to Emma's features but she kind of reminded her of someone she knew. After Emma had left she returned to her bed and laid down. And then there was that blanket, the only thing Emma had from her parents, she had sensed something oddly familiar, a smell? Of what she didn't know, but it was clearly of something she had once been in contact with. And then again how was it that the blanket still managed to retain the scent after 28 years and a lot of boxes?

She and Emma saw each other the next morning, but only briefly as Emma had to leave for work and since it was Saturday she just figured she would go and buy groceries. Maybe she'd cook something.

There was something clearly bothering her, but Emma Swan wouldn't let it get the best in her, she had made those kids a promise and she had kept it. Their father had taken them back, and she knew they were going to be okay. So why hadn't her parents made sure she was alight? She was just a baby when a boy found her by the side of the road with nothing but a blanket. A blanket she still kept, in spite of the pain. It still smelled of something more than just dust and she had sworn that it had only gotten stronger when she had moved into town. It wasn't like a nasty, disgusting scent; it just had never gotten off the dam thing.

"Miss Blanchard?" Henry encountered his teacher as she was about to enter the store.

"Hi Henry" She said nicely "What are you doing here in a beautiful morning like this one? Where is your mother?" Henry shrugged.

"Are you okay?" He asked her "You seem worried"

She forced herself to leave the train of thought that was about to crush her. "Of course I'm fine. And how about you?"

"Well I just went to visit Nicolas and Ava" Henry said proudly "I know it's too soon, because they just found their dad, but I just wanted to make sure they were okay"

"That's very sweet Henry" Mary said "Very mature"

"Maybe I could help you?" Henry said "I'm a good listener"

"Yes, that I know, but don't worry about me, it's nothing really" Mary Margaret said grabbing some milk and putting it on her cart. "I am perfectly fine"

"Usually when people say that" Henry stated "It's because they are not fine, they just want to be" As hard as it was for her to accept it, Henry was right. Maybe too right…

"You are too smart" She gave in "I could never fool you, could I? Okay, I'll tell you only if you let me buy you a hot dog"

She was too distracted to even notice where her feet were going. The next thing she knew she felt a sudden obstacle "Oh, sorry"

"Emma? Hi" David Nolan stared at her right in the eye "Don't worry" Then it happened. She hadn't sensed it before. That familiarity.

"No, its fine" Emma said nervously, but not too much "I am sorry"

"How you've been?" David asked casually. Emma smiled. She knew that he was just being nice because he felt ashamed for what he had done to Mary Margaret. Men, couldn't they just make their minds for once?

"Fine" Emma said simply "Listen" There it was again. The blanket flashed in her mind for less than what seemed a second "I have to go, I am sorry about your foot" And then she left. Not wanting to look back.

"So?" Mary Margaret said "Henry. Remember that you said that I was Snow White and…"

"Emma told you?" Henry said surprised "She told you that I said David is Prince Charming, didn't she?"

"How do you know?" The woman asked a little amused; she couldn't catch a break with this kid.

"That's what you are upset about right?" Henry inquired "Tell me I'm wrong"

"Well not exactly" Mary Margaret smiled "We were actually talking about the…"

"The what?" Henry asked. Then it happened once more. That feeling chilled her but she couldn't move until she saw him.

"Hey David" Henry said at the man. He was just looking at her with those bright blue eyes.

"I actually have to go, David, nice seeing you again" Mary said when she came back from being lost in his eyes "I have to get this home, come on Henry, I'll take you back home"

"Mary Margaret" She heard him say but she buried herself in the paper bags, there was only so much of his eyes she could take "Yeah, it was great seeing you"

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