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Ive lately been thinking about the suffering that Roxas has been through. The feelings only intensified when I played through dream drop distance again.

So to put more details into this, Roxas is his own self now. He's not a nobody any more yet he has his own name still. He is currently coexisting with his former somebody, Sora, and he has a satisfied life now that he has been saved and rescued from the depths of Sora's heart.

Forever: Reedited
Chapter 1: Something To Find


That's all Roxas saw after suddenly vanishing from destiny islands to this place.

I'm falling. Falling to the depths.

I feel as if it's just a dream. Nothing feels real. It's as if this whole thing is just an illusion. But the first thing I noticed was that I was back in my organization cloak. Then to my surprise, I feel my feet touch a hard surface. Then I heard a voice.

Someone dear to you lies here

I kept quiet and listened with curiosity and apprehension.

Perhaps that someone resides deep in your heart, locked away in the darkness of your heart…

"None of this is making any sense! What do you mean?" I shouted out into the darkness with my patience growing thin.

Things don't appear as they always are.

I was silent once more and shook my head. This voice was just going to get me nowhere.

Would you like a hint?

A hint? I almost eagerly took the chance. But I gave myself a few seconds to think. I had no one else to put my trust on anyways. So I lunged at the change.

This journey will decide whom you care for the most.

That officially felt like the most random thing an intangible speaker could say,

"What now…?"

Then a flash of light appears, revealing a visible, ebony wood door before me.

Point the key towards truth and understanding. But I warn you, this door will lead to painful and sorrowful remembrances

I felt like some child who always needed to be warned and treated like some baby. And not only was this 'voice' confusing, it was pissing me off as well.

"I don't care. Open it."

As you wish...

My keyblade appeared in my hand without my command and a bright light shot out of the key targeting the door. The light shot into a keyhole in the door causing it to slowly creak open slowly. And when it did, I remained standing there for a moment hesitating just in case something else happened. Noticing that nothing did appear, I entered the doorway with caution.

As I walked through, a bright light shone and almost blinded me. I shielded myself from the sudden brightness and felt myself fade into the light. I couldn't see anything and was blinded by pure light. Still, despite this, I felt somewhat...Comforted. I smiled slightly as I closed my eyes as my body seemed to float away into the brightness.

The light instantly faded almost as soon as it came and I found myself standing on a large, wide and circular station of stained glass. There was a stained glass figure of me in slumber with my keyblades Oathkeeper and Oblivion in my hands. In the center was a circle with pictures of people's faces within even smaller circles.

There was Sora of course, Kairi, Axel and Namine. I smiled as I thought of Namine. Naminè was always so nice and gentle, but sometimes I felt a sparkle of feelings towards her.

But perhaps that was just friendship like all of my other relationships with people.

My eyes wandered, staring at all of them. Then I felt my eyes being drawn to another face.

The unfamiliar face startled me a little and I stared at it for a while. She had Kairi's younger features with her bangs falling to place in the middle of her face. Unlike Kairi the girl had onyx-black hair with her bangs turned the other way. She had deep blue eyes and her face had a very gentle quality like Namine's but only with a more sincere and caring look. The girl's face had a beautiful gentle smile painted on her lips but her face just seemed to be drowning in sorrow. Just looking at her took my breath away. But still, I was questioning her presence in my station.

Warmth sparked in my chest and my eyes widened. I know her. I knew she was important to me but…I didn't know what to believe.

Then out of the blue, I felt tears slide down my face. My chest felt a pang of sorrow and I shuddered, touching my face in disbelief.

As the first tear fell, it glistened and then dissipated on the stained glass cheek of the black haired girl's face. A small, glowing shard rose from where the tear fell and I backed away in surprise. It emitted a bright purple aura and then the whole scenery around me changed completely. I was back at Destiny Islands, or I thought I was. But I expected Sora, Kairi, Namine and Riku to pop out running towards me any second now.

Instead, I was still in my Organization Cloak, near the on the bridge facing the sunset. On the paopu tree, sitting on its trunk, I saw two figures talking to each other and watching the sunset. Curious, I walked a little closer and saw that one of the figures was me! I cried out in confusion and shock but the two didn't notice me. I approached the two and tried to touch my other self's back but my hand just went through his body. I backed away in fear then decided to watch the conversation from a distance.

I had a better view now and I noticed that the other person next to the 'other' me was, to my utter amazement, the same onyx-haired girl I saw on the stained glass.

The girl's looked even more beautiful than when I saw her in the station. Her blue eyes shined in the sunlight with a lonely smile like she had in the station. She had an appearance that put Namine and Kairi to shame. I felt myself stop breathing and my heart skipped a beat. Still, her presence puzzled me. What was this girl doing in an Organization Cloak and why was she sitting beside the other me? I watched and noticed that the pair began to talk.

"Roxas?" the girl murmured softly.

"What is it?" the other me replied in the same tone of voice.

"I feel...scared," she murmured with fear in her voice. "Roxas, I'm scared that soon, we won't be able to see each other anymore and-and that I'll never be able to see-" she was interrupted.

I saw my other self grin and put his hand on hers.

"Don't worry! We will always be together no matter what," he said to the girl. "Just remember that as long as we remember each other, we will always be together. Just like that cheesy thing Axel said!"

The girl began to laugh softly and that made me and my other self smile. She then leaned her head on my other self's shoulder and sighed softly.

"Roxas, thanks for being my best friend. You always were there for me when I needed you the most. I-I hope that we will always be like this..."

I felt comforted by this heartfelt scene and I suddenly felt sad. I felt that something bad, really bad, was going to happen to them. A strange apprehension of future pain and suffering cut through my heart like a million daggers piercing my chest. But, my heart knew. It knew something.

The pain resonated throughout my body, paralyzing it and I gritted my teeth in the sudden strike of hurt.

Then the scene around me plunged into darkness….